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Cinnabar mineral (1)


From Middle English cynabare [mid-15th c.], from Old French cinabre, from Latin cinnabaris, from Ancient Greek κιννάβαρι (kinnábari), from perhaps Arabic زِنْجَفْر(zinjafr), related to Persian شنگرف‎(šangarf) from Old Persian 𐎿𐎡𐎣𐎲𐎽𐎢𐏁 (s-i-k-b-ru-u-š /sinkabruš/, carnelian) , of unknown origin.



cinnabar (countable and uncountable, plural cinnabars)

  1. A deep red mineral, mercuric sulfide, HgS; the principal ore of mercury; such ore used as the pigment vermilion.
  2. A bright red colour tinted with orange.
    cinnabar colour:  
  3. (countable) A species of moth, Tyria jacobaeae, having red patches on its predominantly black wings.
    Synonym: cinnabar moth
    • 2015, Norman Maclean, A Less Green and Pleasant Land, page 223:
      There are a few day-flying exceptions such as hummingbird hawk-moths, silver Ys, cinnabars, scarlet tigers and burnets but, in general, knowledge of moths lags behind that of butterflies.
  4. "Cinnabar Panacea"; the Elixir of Life.



cinnabar (comparative more cinnabar, superlative most cinnabar)

  1. Of a bright red colour tinted with orange.

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