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Anas crecca, the common teal

Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English tele, probably from an unrecorded Old English *tǣle, cognate with West Frisian tjilling (teal), Middle Dutch teling ("teal"; Modern Dutch taling), Middle Low German telink, from Proto-Germanic *tailijaz. As the name of a shade of dark greenish-blue like the color patterns on the fowl's head and wings, it is attested from 1923.



teal (countable and uncountable, plural teals)

  1. (countable) Any of various small freshwater ducks of the genus Anas that are brightly coloured and have short necks.
  2. (countable and uncountable) A dark, somewhat bluish-green colour; a dark cyan.
    teal colour:  


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teal (comparative more teal, superlative most teal)

  1. Having a bluish-green colour


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