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sinal m (plural sinais)

  1. sign, portent
  2. signal
  3. mole (skin blemish)

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From Old Portuguese sinal, synal, from Late Latin signālis, from Latin signum. Corresponds to sino +‎ -al and signo +‎ -al.



sinal m (plural sinais)

  1. sign; mark; trace (a visible or otherwise perceivable indication of something)
    Isso é um sinal claro dos problemas que virão.
    This is a clear sign of coming problems.
    Esta ruína é um dos poucos sinais que restaram da guerra.
    These ruins are one of the few remaining traces of the war.
    Synonyms: marca, vestígio, indício, traço
    1. mark (a blemish, stain, scratch, scar or similar on a surface, especially on the skin)
      Ele voltou da guerra com o rosto cheio de sinais.
      He returned from the war with his face full of scars.
  2. signal (a visual or audible indication made to give notice of some occurrence, command or danger)
    Espere pelo meu sinal para atacar.
    Wait for my signal to attack.
    1. sign; gesture (a motion of the hands or body used to express something)
      Faça o sinal da cruz.
      Make the sign of the cross.
      Synonyms: gesto
      1. (linguistics) sign (a linguistic unit of a sign language)
        O sinal IGREJA é composto dos sinais CASA e CRUZ.
        The sign for ‘church’ is a compound of the signs for ‘house’ and ‘cross’.
      2. (deaf culture) name sign; sign name (a sign-language sign that identifies a person)
        Você tem sinal?
        Do you have a name sign?
    2. school bell (bell or siren used to announce the beginning and end of classes in schools)
    3. traffic light (set of lights indicating when it is safe to cross a street)
      O sinal está aberto, pode ir.
      The light is green, you can go.
      Synonyms: semáforo, sinaleiro, sinaleira, farol
    4. (telephony) beep (tone played by an answering machine before it starts recording)
      Deixe sua mensagem após o sinal.
      Leave your message after the beep.
  3. (telecommunications) signal (physical impulse used to convey data)
    O sinal de rádio não pega do outro lado da montanha.
    The radio signal does not reach the other side of the mountain.
  4. (finance) deposit; down payment (initial payment of a purchase)
    Synonyms: entrada
  5. (mathematics) sign (a symbol that represents a mathematical operation or relationship)
    O sinal de igual e o sinal de mais.
    The equals sign and the plus sign.
    Synonyms: operador


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