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Viļņi (1)
Vilnis (2)

Alternative forms[edit]


From a more recent yo-stem variant *wil-nyo- of *wil-na (compare the Slavic cognates), from Proto-Baltic *wil- with an extra suffix -na, from Proto-Indo-European *wel-, *wl̥-(to turn, to roll, to curl). Some researchers suggest that this stem is related to, or the same as, the stem of vilna(wool) (q.v.). Cognates include Lithuanian vilnìs, Old Church Slavonic вльна(vlĭna), Old East Slavic вълна(vŭlna), Russian волна(volná), Ukrainian вовна(vovná), Bulgarian вълна(vǎlná), Czech vlna, Polish welna, Proto-Germanic *welnan(to curl, to scroll) (Old High German wellan(to curl, to scroll), wella(source), German Welle(wave)), Sanskrit ऊर्मि(ūrmí, wave) (< *wl̥H-mi-).[1]


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vilnis m (2nd declension)

  1. wave (elevation of water surface due to a disturbance)
    jūras, okeāna viļņi‎ ― see, ocean waves
    liels vilnis‎ ― large wave
    augsti viļņi‎ ― high waves
    paisuma viļņi‎ ― tidal waves
    viļņa mugura‎ ― back of the wave
    viļņi sitas, skalojas pret krastu‎ ― the waves pound, lap against the shore
    nirt viļņos‎ ― to dive into the waves
  2. (physics) wave (oscillatory motion in a medium, e.g., air)
    gaismas viļņu teorija‎ ― the wave theory of light
    viļņa garums‎ ― wavelength
    elektromagnētiskie, seismiskie, skaņu viļņi'‎ ― electromagnetic, seismic, sound waves
    garie, vidējie, īsie, ultraīsie viļņi‎ ― long, medium, short, VHF waves
    mikroviļņi, mikroviļņu krāsns‎ ― microwaves, microwave oven
  3. wave (elevation of something in a way similar to, or reminiscent of, water waves)
    zaļos viļņos sašūpojas rudzu lauks te blakus‎ ― the rye fields were rocking in green waves near here
    viņai bija tumši mati, kas viļņiem krita uz pleciem‎ ― she had dark hair, which fell like waves on (her) shoulders
  4. wave (group (of living beings) which moves, usually behind another such group)
    otrais uzbrucēju vilnis‎ ― second wave of attackers
    turistu vilnis‎ ― a wave of tourists
    melnais vārnu vilnis‎ ― a black wave' of crows (birds)
  5. wave (amplification or strong expression of an action, activity, process, feeling)
    protesta vilnis‎ ― a protest wave
    streiku vilnis‎ ― a wave of strikes
    jauns baumu vilnis'‎ ― a new wave of rumors
    sajūsmas, sašutuma vilins‎ ― delight, indignation wave
    aplausu vilnis‎ ― a wave of applause
    jauns aukstuma vilnis‎ ― a new cold wave
    Andri pārņem prieka vilnis‎ ― Andris was overwhelmed by a wave of joy
    'pēkšņi viņu pārvarēja maiguma vilnis‎ ― suddenly he was overcome by a wave of tenderness


Derived terms[edit]


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vilnìs f ‎(plural vĩlnys) stress pattern 4

  1. wave