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Viļņi (1)
Vilnis (2)

Alternative forms[edit]


From a more recent yo-stem variant *wil-nyo- of *wil-na (compare the Slavic cognates), from Proto-Baltic *wil- with an extra suffix -na, from Proto-Indo-European *wel-, *wl̥- ‎(to turn, to roll, to curl). Some researchers suggest that this stem is related to, or the same as, the stem of vilna ‎(wool) (q.v.). Cognates include Lithuanian vilnìs, Old Church Slavonic вльна ‎(vlĭna), Old East Slavic вълна ‎(vŭlna), Russian волна ‎(volná), Ukrainian вовна ‎(vovná), Bulgarian вълна ‎(vǎlná), Czech vlna, Polish welna, Proto-Germanic *welnan ‎(to curl, to scroll) (Old High German wellan ‎(to curl, to scroll), wella ‎(source), German Welle ‎(wave)), Sanskrit ऊर्मि ‎(ūrmí, wave) (< *wl̥H-mi-).[1]


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vilnis m (2nd declension)

  1. wave (elevation of water surface due to a disturbance)
    jūras, okeāna viļņi‎ ― see, ocean waves
    liels vilnis‎ ― large wave
    augsti viļņi‎ ― high waves
    paisuma viļņi‎ ― tidal waves
    viļņa mugura‎ ― back of the wave
    viļņi sitas, skalojas pret krastu‎ ― the waves pound, lap against the shore
    nirt viļņos‎ ― to dive into the waves
  2. (physics) wave (oscillatory motion in a medium, e.g., air)
    gaismas viļņu teorija‎ ― the wave theory of light
    viļņa garums‎ ― wavelength
    elektromagnētiskie, seismiskie, skaņu viļņi'‎ ― electromagnetic, seismic, sound waves
    garie, vidējie, īsie, ultraīsie viļņi‎ ― long, medium, short, VHF waves
    mikroviļņi, mikroviļņu krāsns‎ ― microwaves, microwave oven
  3. wave (elevation of something in a way similar to, or reminiscent of, water waves)
    zaļos viļņos sašūpojas rudzu lauks te blakus‎ ― the rye fields were rocking in green waves near here
    viņai bija tumši mati, kas viļņiem krita uz pleciem‎ ― she had dark hair, which fell like waves on (her) shoulders
  4. wave (group (of living beings) which moves, usually behind another such group)
    otrais uzbrucēju vilnis‎ ― second wave of attackers
    turistu vilnis‎ ― a wave of tourists
    melnais vārnu vilnis‎ ― a black wave' of crows (birds)
  5. wave (amplification or strong expression of an action, activity, process, feeling)
    protesta vilnis‎ ― a protest wave
    streiku vilnis‎ ― a wave of strikes
    jauns baumu vilnis'‎ ― a new wave of rumors
    sajūsmas, sašutuma vilins‎ ― delight, indignation wave
    aplausu vilnis‎ ― a wave of applause
    jauns aukstuma vilnis‎ ― a new cold wave
    Andri pārņem prieka vilnis‎ ― Andris was overwhelmed by a wave of joy
    'pēkšņi viņu pārvarēja maiguma vilnis‎ ― suddenly he was overcome by a wave of tenderness


Derived terms[edit]


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vilnìs f ‎(plural vĩlnys) stress pattern 4

  1. wave