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वंश ‎(vaṃśan

  1. bamboo cane, cane (RV., etc.)
  2. sugar cane (L.)
  3. shala tree (L.)
  4. roofing beam, roofing lath or rafter (AV., etc.)
  5. joist, joint (VarBṛS.)
  6. reed pipe, flute (Kāv., Rājat.)
  7. spine (VarBṛS., BhP.)
  8. hollow bone (BhP.)
  9. nasal bone (L.)
  10. the curve of a curved sword such as a scimitar or sabre (VarBṛS.)
  11. lineage, stock, pedigree, of genealogical descent or otherwise (ŚBr.)
  12. offspring, son (BhP.)
  13. collection, multitude (MBh., Kāv., etc.)
  14. a measure of length (10 हस्त ‎(hasta)) (Līl.)
  15. (music) musical note (Śiś.)
  16. pride, hubris (Vās.)
  17. bamboo manna, substance found in the stem of bamboo (L.)
  18. name of Krishna (L.)




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