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From Proto-Indo-European *ǵenh₁-. Cognates include Ancient Greek γένος (génos), Latin gener, Old Church Slavonic зѧть (zętĭ).


जाति (jātif

  1. birth, production
  2. rebirth
  3. the form of existence (as man, animal, etc.) fixed by birth
  4. position assigned by birth, rank, caste, family, race, lineage
  5. kind, genus (opposed to species), species (opposed to individual), class
  6. the generic properties (opposed to the specific ones)
  7. the character of a species, genuine or true state of anything
  8. reduction of fractions to a common denominator
  9. a self-confuting reply (founded merely on similarity or dissimilarity)
  10. a particular figure of speech
  11. a class of metres
  12. a manner of singing
  13. fireplace
  14. mace, nutmeg