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From Sanskrit श्याल (śyāla).


साला (sālām (Urdu spelling سالا)

  1. brother-in-law, wife's brother
    मेरे साले ने अपनी बहन को लिखा।
    My brother-in-law wrote to his sister.
  2. (colloquially) a term of abuse, swear word
    अबे साले, तू इधर आ!
    Hey ****, get over here!

Usage notes[edit]

Commonly, साला (sālā) is used as an insult, with the implication being that you are sleeping with the insulted person's sister. Can be substituted as a generally insulting term for any person.


Declension of साला
Singular Plural
Direct साला (sālā) साले (sāle)
Oblique साले (sāle) सालों (sālõ)
Vocative साले (sāle) सालो (sālo)


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