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Several well-established Italian words show voicing of Latin /p t k/ to /b d ɡ/ between vowels, after a vowel and before /r/, and occasionally in other environments as well. (If this produces an intervocalic /b/, it subsequently turns to /v/.) Some of them are verifiable borrowings from Western Romance varieties, especially those spoken in northern Italy, where this sort of voicing is regular. There are, however, counterexamples such as fegato, where voicing only applied to one of the possible segments; or lattuga, where a geminate consonant is preserved; or codesto, which lacks cognates out of Tuscan. This suggests that many of the words in question were simply taken from peripheral Tuscan dialects which do show such voicing—but not degemination of Latin /pp tt kk/—including ones with a preference for leniting /k/ rather than /p t/ (Oxford guide to the Romance languages, p. 212).