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My profile on, nothing much at the moment. lol

Words to know[edit]

Some advanced words for me to know. abash (Synonyms (S) Atnonyms (A). S. embarrass, humiliate

abate S.Nullify, diminish

abdicate aberration abet, abhor, abide, abject, abjure, ablution, abnegate, aboriginal, abortive, abrade, abrogate, abscond, absolve, abstemious, abstruse, a capella, accede, accentuate, accolade, accrue, acquiescence, acrid, acrimonious, acronym, acrophobiaacumenacuteadageadamantaddendumadeptad hoc, ad infinitum, adjudicate, adroit, aesthetic, affinity, aggrandize, akin, alacrity, allay, allude, altruism, amalgamate, ambiance,

It goes on and on...