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Borrowed from Old French closure, from Late Latin clausura, from Latin claudere (to close); see clausure and cloture (etymological doublets) and close.



closure (plural closures)

  1. An event or occurrence that signifies an ending.
  2. A feeling of completeness; the experience of an emotional conclusion, usually to a difficult period.
  3. A device to facilitate temporary and repeatable opening and closing.
  4. (programming) An abstraction that represents a function within an environment, a context consisting of the variables that are both bound at a particular time during the execution of the program and that are within the function's scope.
  5. (mathematics) The smallest set that both includes a given subset and possesses some given property.
  6. (topology, of a set) The smallest closed set which contains the given set.
  7. The act of shutting; a closing.
    the closure of a door, or of a chink
  8. That which closes or shuts; that by which separate parts are fastened or closed.
    • Alexander Pope
      Without a seal, wafer, or any closure whatever.
  9. (obsolete) That which encloses or confines; an enclosure.
    • Shakespeare
      O thou bloody prison [] / Within the guilty closure of thy walls / Richard the Second here was hacked to death.
  10. A method of ending a parliamentary debate and securing an immediate vote upon a measure before a legislative body.



  • (computer science) thunk


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