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From Middle English reder, redar, redere, redare, from Old English rēdere, rǣdere (a reader; scholar; diviner), from Proto-Germanic *rēdārijaz, equivalent to read +‎ -er. Cognate with Dutch rader (advisor), German Rater (advisor).



reader (plural readers)

  1. A person who reads a publication.
  2. A person who recites literary works, usually to an audience.
  3. A proofreader.
  4. A person employed by a publisher to read works submitted for publication and determine their merits
  5. (chiefly Britain) A university lecturer below a professor.
  6. Any device that reads something.
    a card reader, a microfilm reader
  7. A book of exercises to accompany a textbook.
  8. An elementary textbook for those learning to read, especially for foreign languages.
  9. A literary anthology.
  10. A lay or minor cleric who reads lessons in a church service.
  11. A newspaper advertisement designed to look like a news article rather than a commercial solicitation.
  12. Reading glasses

Derived terms[edit]