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From Medieval Latin demarcāre, from Medieval Latin marco, frequent in local documents since the 9th century together with its derivatives marcar and demarcar. Given its early local documentation it is not a borrowing from Italian, but from Gothic or Suevic.[1] Ultimately from Proto-Germanic *markō (boundary, region), from Proto-Indo-European *merǵ- (boundary, border).



demarcar (first-person singular present demarco, first-person singular preterite demarquei, past participle demarcado)

  1. to demarcate, to delimit
    • 1275, Emilio Duro Peña (ed.), Documentos da catedral de Ourense. Santiago de Compostela: Consello da Cultura Galega, page 347:
      a que leyra iaz a par cum outra leyra de nos meesmo da una parte e o camino que vay para Moreyras da outra e demarca da outra parte cuna leyra de meus sobrinos
      and this strip of land is side by side with another of our own, and with the way that goes to Moreiras on other side, and limits on the other side with a strip of land of my nephews
    Synonyms: derregar, deslindar, estremar
  2. to divide and allot a terrain


Derived terms[edit]


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demarcar (first-person singular present indicative demarco, past participle demarcado)

  1. to demarcate




demarcar (first-person singular present demarco, first-person singular preterite demarqué, past participle demarcado)

  1. Mark the bounds of; define; delimit.