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From Late Latin justitiarius and justiciarius (justiciar, judge, justice [of the peace]; judiciary, related to justice), from Latin iūstitia (justice) + -āria (-ary). As a translation of various Continental European offices, via Middle French justicier, Spanish justiciero, justicia mayor, &c.


justiciar (plural justiciars)

  1. (historical) One who administers justice, particularly:
    1. (historical) A high-ranking judicial officer of medieval England or Scotland.
    2. (historical) A justice: a high-ranking judge.
    3. (historical) A Chief Justiciar: the highest political and judicial officer of the Kingdom of England in the 12th and 13th centuries.
    4. (historical) Various equivalent medieval offices elsewhere in Europe.
  2. (Christian, theology, rare) A justiciary: a believer in the doctrine (or heresy) that adherence to religious law redeems mankind before God.


Derived terms[edit]


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