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  1. inflection of mollir:
    1. first/second-person singular present indicative
    2. first/second-person singular past historic
    3. second-person singular imperative


mollis m pl

  1. masculine plural of molli



From earlier *molduis, from Proto-Italic *molduis, from Proto-Indo-European *ml̥dus (soft, weak), from Proto-Indo-European *(s)meld- (to soften, melt).[1]

Cognates include Latin mola, blandus, mortārium, Old Prussian maldai (boys), Welsh blydd (soft), Old Church Slavonic младъ (mladŭ, young), Sanskrit मृदु (mṛdú, soft, mild, weak), Old Armenian մեղկ (mełk, soft, weak), Ancient Greek βλαδύς (bladús, weak) and ἀμαλδύνω (amaldúnō, to weaken, destroy). More at mild.

An alternative hypothesis derives it from the Proto-Indo-European root *melh₂- (to grind, crush, pulverize, mill) via *mol-n-is; more at malleus.



mollis (neuter molle, comparative mollior, superlative mollissimus, adverb molliter); third-declension two-termination adjective

  1. soft, delicate to the touch
    • 405 CE, Jerome, Vulgate Matthaeus.11.8:
      Sed quid existis videre hominem mollibus vestitum ecce qui mollibus vestiuntur in domibus regum sunt.
      But what went ye out for to see? A man clothed in soft raiment? behold, they that wear soft clothing are in kings' houses.
  2. pliant, flexible, supple
  3. mild, tender
    Synonyms: placidus, mītis, clēmēns, lēnis
    • 405 CE, Jerome, Vulgate Proverbia.15.1:
      Responsio mollis frangit iram sermo durus suscitat furorem.
      A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.
  4. tender, weak
    Synonyms: dēbilis, languidus, fractus, tenuis, fessus, aeger, īnfirmus, inops, obnoxius
    Antonyms: praevalēns, fortis, potis, potēns, validus, strēnuus, compos


Third-declension two-termination adjective.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masc./Fem. Neuter Masc./Fem. Neuter
Nominative mollis molle mollēs mollia
Genitive mollis mollium
Dative mollī mollibus
Accusative mollem molle mollēs
Ablative mollī mollibus
Vocative mollis molle mollēs mollia



  • (antonym(s) of soft): dūrus
  • (antonym(s) of pliant): rigidus

Derived terms[edit]


  • Balkan Romance:
    • Aromanian: moali, moli
    • Istro-Romanian: mole
    • Romanian: moale
  • Italo-Romance:
  • North Italian:
  • Gallo-Romance:
  • Ibero-Romance:
  • Insular Romance:
  • Vulgar Latin: *molliāre (see there for further descendants)
  • Borrowings:
    • German: Moll
      • Norwegian Bokmål: moll


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  1. plural of molli