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star +‎ dust.



stardust (usually uncountable, plural stardusts)

  1. (figuratively) a powder with supposedly magic or charismatic qualities.
    My sister's eyes were full of stardust, and she'd spend hours lazily planning her future life when she would make her big break in the movies.
  2. A type of cosmic dust that condensed from cooling ejected gases from individual presolar stars and incorporated into the cloud from which the Solar System condensed.
    • We are all made of stardust.
    • 2004, Ann N. Nguyen and Ernst Zinner, "Discovery of Ancient Silicate Stardust in a Meteorite", Science:
      Presolar grains were isolated in primitive meteorites only 15 years ago. These grains of stardust formed in the atmospheres of evolved stars and in nova and supernova ejecta.
  3. (informal, dated, astronomy) A distant cluster of stars, resembling a cloud, the individual stars of which cannot be resolved.