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w A1

 sg 1. enclitic (‘dependent’) pronoun

  1. I, me (see usage notes)

Usage notes[edit]

This form of pronoun is an enclitic that must directly follow the word it modifies. Its meaning depends on its context:

  • When it follows a verb, it indicates the object of the verb.
  • In the second and third person when it follows an adjective, it forms the subject of an adjectival sentence.
  • When it follows a relative adjective, such as ntj, ntt, or jsṯ, it indicates the subject of the relative clause (usually only in the first person singular and third person common).
  • When it follows an imperative, it indicates the object of the verb.
  • When it follows a particle like m.k, it indicates the subject of the clause.
  • When attached to a preposition, it indicates the object of the preposition.


Alternative forms[edit]

This pronoun can also optionally be varied to indicate the identity of the antecedent — a distinction which would not have been indicated in speech, e.g.:


w y
  1. An admirative particle: How wonderful!


G43 M17 A53


  1. The meaning of this term is uncertain. Possibilities include:
    1. An item of the inner coffin, possibly a mummy covering