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barony (plural baronies)

  1. The domain of a baron or baroness, usually as part of a larger kingdom or empire.
    1. (historical, Ireland) Synonym of hundred, an English administrative division originally reckoned as comprising 100 hides and in various numbers composing counties.
      • a. 1687, W. Petty, The Political Anatomy of Ireland, page 326:
        In Ireland... an head constable for each barony or hundred, being 252.
      • 1873, General Report on the Census of England, volume IV, page 181:
        The Baronies appear to have been formed successively on the submission of the Irish chiefs... the territory of each constituting a barony.
    2. (Scotland) Any large manor or estate, regardless of its owner's rank.
  2. (obsolete) The baronage: the body of barons in a realm.
  3. Baronship, the rank or position of a baron.
  4. (law) The legal tenure of a baron's land; military tenure.


  • (administrative division): See hundred


  • (administrative division): See carucate (1100 barony & for other subdivisions)