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A graveyard in China


From grave +‎ yard. Compare West Frisian begraafplak (graveyard), Dutch begraafplaats (graveyard), Norwegian gravplass (graveyard).



graveyard (plural graveyards)

  1. A tract of land in which the dead are buried.
  2. (figuratively, by extension) A final storage place for collections of things that are no longer useful or useable.
    1. (collectible card games) The discard pile, in some trading card games.
      • 2006, John Kaufeld & Jeremy Smith, Trading Card Games For Dummies, →ISBN, page 49:
        Certain cards place other cards here because such cards might have abilities deemed too strong if they sent them to the graveyard instead.
      • 2006, Michael J. Flores, Deckade: 10 Years of Decks, Thoughts, and Theory!, →ISBN, page 235:
        If you want to be tricky, though, Rapid Decay can be a flying elbow drop out of nowhere for a surprise win against graveyard manipulation decks; they will always see a Beetles coming, remember.
      • 2015, Kinetik Gaming, Magic the Gathering Game Guide (Unofficial), →ISBN:
        When a player does discard or use a card or when a creature also died or a spell gets destroyed, that card gets placed into the player's graveyard.
    2. (sports) A team where players are sent when they are not useful, or a team where players become useless if sent there.
  3. (US, slang) Synonym of suicide (beverage combining all available flavors at a soda fountain)


Derived terms[edit]