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Melophagus ovinus
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Alternative forms[edit]

  • kade (specifically Melophagus ovinus)


ked ‎(plural keds)

  1. Any of the family Hippoboscidae of obligate parasites, especially the sheep ked, Melophagus ovinus.
    • 1839, Rev. Dr Singer, Flies and other insects hurtful to live stock, &c., Transactions of the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland, page 132,
      Pouring with tobacco liquor is fatal to these insects, and also to the ked, Hippobosca ovina, and to the tick, Acarus reduvius, if it fairly reach them.
    • 2006, Philip R. Scott, Sheep Medicine, page 263,
      The common differential diagnoses include cutaneous myiasis, sheep scab and lice; however, keds are readily visible to the naked eye. [] Adult keds are 4-6 mm long, dark red and readily visible on the neck and forelimbs.
    • 2007, Carrie Gleason, The Biography of Wool, page 12,
      They watch the sheep for signs of insects or pests, such as sheep keds and sheep lice, that can irritate the sheep causing them to scratch their fleece against fences or troughs and damage or tear the wool.


Derived terms[edit]





ked ‎(plural kedek)

  1. (archaic) Alternative form of kedv

Derived terms[edit]