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An airplane taking off from a runway (sense 1) at Umbu Mehang Kunda Airport in Sumba, Indonesia
Models on a runway (sense 2) at the Michon Schur Fall 2007 show during New York Fashion Week

run +‎ way.


  • IPA(key): /ˈɹʌnweɪ/
  • IPA(key): /ˈɹʌnˌweɪ/, /ˈɹən-/
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: run‧way


runway (plural runways)

  1. A defined, usually paved, section of land for airplanes to land on or take off from.
    • 1945, Robert Lee Scott, Runway to the Sun, page 135:
      Down at the end of the field when ready for the take-off, I'd taxi the ship off the runway and tell him why I did that— "so as not to block incoming ships," and I'd tell him at the same time why the incoming ship was supposed to land in the first third of the field and why in the take-off we were going all the way to the end of the runway and not try to take off up the middle of the runway.
  2. A narrow walkway (often on a platform) extending from a stage on which people walk, especially one used by models during fashion shows.
    • 1921 May 1, Forest and Stream, volume 91, page 210:
      A very handy adjunct to the camp of a canoeist is a runway that can be taken apart and transported easily.
  3. The usual path taken by deer or other wild animals, such as from a forest to a water source.
    • 1892, “Burrows of the American Marmot”, in The Journal of the Cincinnati Society of Natural History, page 108:
      The runways rapidly narrow in both diameters, and as they reach that portion of the way which is substantially horizontal, they are of a size to allow an adult marmot to readily pass through.
    • 1922 November 25, A[rthur] M[urray] Chisholm, “A Thousand a Plate”, in Western Story Magazine, volume XXX, number 4, New York, N.Y.: Street & Smith Corporation, OCLC 11910542, chapter I, page 86, column 2:
      In the mornings hoar-frost lay thick upon the ground, and thin ice formed in currentless shallows and overlay the muskrat runways.
  4. A stream bed.
  5. (athletics) In javelin, long jump, and similar events: a short track along which athletes can accelerate themselves for their jumps or throws.
    • 1969, Virginia Parker, Track and field for girls and women, page 84:
      Proper footwear is a must for javelin throwing. To some degree the surface of the runway will dictate the type of shoe.
    • 1984, Robert Fong Sing, The Dynamics of the Javelin Throw, page 44:
      The main goal of the approach run is to attain the maximum controllable running speed on the runway immediately prior to the throw.
  6. (slang) The number of months that a startup company can operate on its cash reserves.
    • 2014, Paul Paetz, Disruption by Design, page 235:
      So, if you have $1.8M in the bank and monthly burn rate of $150,000, you have a runway of 12 months.


  • (walkway extending from a stage): catwalk



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English runway.


runway f

  1. runway (section for landing or take-off)


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