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From Middle High German spenden, from Old High German spentōn (to consume, use, spend), from Proto-West Germanic *spendōn (to spend), borrowed from Latin expendō (I weigh; I pay out). Compare English spend.


  • IPA(key): /ˈʃpɛndən/
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: spen‧den


spenden (weak, third-person singular present spendet, past tense spendete, past participle gespendet, auxiliary haben)

  1. (intransitive, transitive, ditransitive) to donate, to give as charity
    Er spendete seiner Schwester eine Niere.
    He donated a kidney to his sister.
    Der Erlös des Benefizkonzerts wird einem Kinderhilfswerk gespendet.
    The proceeds of the benefit concert will be donated to a children's charity.
  2. (transitive, ditransitive, figuratively, with certain nouns, otherwise poetic) To cause the action implied by a noun to take place.
    Beifall, Applaus spendento applaud, to give applause
    Trost spendento console, to give consolation
    Lob spendento praise, to give praise
  3. (transitive, ditransitive) to provide
    Der Baum spendet Schatten.
    The tree provides shade.
    Die Sonne spendet der Erde Licht und Wärme.
    The sun provides light and warmth to the earth.
  4. (transitive, Christianity) to administer (a sacrament)
    Der Priester spendet die Taufe.
    The priest performs the baptism.
    Der Erzbischof spendete den Segen.
    The archbishop gave the blessing.
  5. (transitive or intransitive, archaic) to spend generously; to treat to

Usage notes[edit]

  • The corresponding noun is Spende in the sense of “donation”, Spendung in other other senses (e.g. the Christian one).



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Further reading[edit]

  • spenden” in Duden online
  • spenden” in Digitales Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache

Middle English[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


From Old English spendan, from Proto-West Germanic *spendōn.



  1. to spend



  • English: spend
  • Scots: spend
  • Yola: zpeen, speen