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Perhaps modelled after the hell, short for in the hell as in "What in the hell, ...".


the fuck

  1. (vulgar, slang) Used after interrogative pronouns as an intensifier to express anger, frustration, incredulity, or other strong emotion.
    • 2011, Tim Jonze, The Guardian, 29 Apr 2011:
      "Look at this!" she says, mock-appalled at the scene. "Seriously, what the fuck is this about?"
  2. (vulgar, slang) Used after verbs forming a part of a phrasal verb as an intensifier to imply aggressive emphasis.
    • 2004, Pun Plamondon, Lost from the Ottawa, p. 84:
      “Get the fuck out of my house!” Sinclair bellowed, his face red, eyes bulging.
  3. (vulgar, slang) Used as a shortened form of the common interrogative phrases.
    The fuck was that? (What the fuck was that?)
    The fuck you think you are?! (Who the fuck do you think you are?)
    The fuck? (said incredulously; also as what the fuck?)
  4. (vulgar, slang) Used to emphatically express that something isn't true.
    • 1997, Robert Stone, Dog Soldiers, p. 88:
      ‘You're not a self-respecting person.’
      The fuck I ain't,’ the kid said.

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Terms derived from the phrase (what) the fuck

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