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вы́- (vý-) +‎ вести́ (vestí)


  • IPA(key): [ˈvɨvʲɪsʲtʲɪ]
  • (file)
  • Homophones: вы́везти (vývezti)


вы́вести (vývestipf (imperfective выводи́ть)

  1. to take out, to lead out, to bring out, to move out; to help out (help somebody to get off)
    вы́вести на чи́стую во́дуvývesti na čístuju vóduto bring out into the open, to expose, to unmask, to show up
  2. to withdraw, to call off (troops)
  3. to derive, to conclude, to infer, to deduce
    вы́вести фо́рмулуvývesti fórmuluto deduce / derive a formula
  4. to remove
    вы́вести из соста́ва прези́диумаvývesti iz sostáva prezídiumato remove from the presidium
    вы́вести из себя́vývesti iz sebjáto drive smb. out of his wits, to drive smb. to distraction; to drive smb. crazy (literally, “to remove (someone) from himself/herself”)
    вы́вести из терпе́нияvývesti iz terpénijato make smb. lose patience, to exasperate smb. (literally, “to remove (someone) from patience”)
    вы́вести из стро́яvývesti iz strójato put out of action / operation / commission, to disable, to wreck (literally, “to remove from the order”)
  5. to extirpate, to destroy; to exterminate (pests); to remove (stains, pimples)