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выводи́ть (vyvodítʹimpf (perfective вы́вести)

  1. to take out, lead out, bring out, move out; help out (help somebody to get off)
  2. to withdraw, call off (troops)
  3. to derive, conclude, infer, deduce
    выводи́ть фо́рмулуvyvodítʹ fórmulu ― to deduce / derive a formula
  4. to remove, take out
    выводи́ть из соста́ва прези́диумаvyvodítʹ iz sostáva prezídiuma ― to remove from the presidium
  5. to extirpate, destroy; exterminate (pests); remove (stains, pimples)
  6. (in expressions)
    выводи́ть из себя́vyvodítʹ iz sebjá ― to drive smb. out of his wits, to drive smb. to distraction; to drive smb. crazy
    выводи́ть из терпе́нияvyvodítʹ iz terpénija ― to make smb. lose patience, to exasperate smb.
    выводи́ть из стро́яvyvodítʹ iz strója ― to put out of action / operation / commission, to disable, to wreck
    выводи́ть на чи́стую во́дуvyvodítʹ na čístuju vódu ― to bring out into the open, to expose, to unmask, to show up