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U+AC08, 갈
Composition: + +
Dubeolsik input: r-k-f

Hangul Syllables


Etymology 1[edit]

→ 개



  1. A Hangul syllabic block made up of , , and .

Etymology 2[edit]



  1. : land
    (eumhun reading: 이름 (ttang ireum gal))
  2. : rebuke
    (eumhun reading: 꾸짖을 (kkujijeul gal))
  3. : how
    (eumhun reading: 어찌 갈 (eojji gal))
  4. : thirsty
    (eumhun reading: 목마를 (mongmareul gal))
  5. : stone tablet
    (eumhun reading: 비 갈 (bi gal))
  6. : exert
    (eumhun reading: 다할 (dahal gal))
  7. : arrowroot
    (eumhun reading: 칡 갈 (chik gal))
  8. : hemp clothing
    (eumhun reading: 베옷 갈 (be-ot gal))
  9. : message
    (eumhun reading: 전갈 갈 (jeon-gal gal))
  10. : Mohe
    (eumhun reading: 말갈 갈 (malgal gal))
  11. : rice straw
    (eumhun reading: 볏짚 갈 (byeotjip gal))
  12. : message
    (eumhun reading: 전갈 갈 (jeon-gal gal))
  13. : crossbill
  14. : onomatopoeic syllable
  15. : posted sign
  16. : castrated ram

Etymology 3[edit]

Inflected form



  1. Future adnominal form of 가다 (gada, “to go”), thus often "who/that will go"
    서울로 사람
    Seoul-lo gal saram
    someone who will go to Seoul
  2. Future adnominal form of 갈다 (galda, “to change, grind, or cultivate”)
    bat-eul gal ttae
    when plowing the field