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Gong is a highly endangered Sino-Tibetan language of Thailand. This appendix compiles Gong lexical data from Thawornpat (2006), Bradley (1993), Rujjanavet (1986), and Kerr (1927).

Sources and locations[edit]

  • Gong (Uthai Thani): spoken in Khok Khwai village (คอกควาย), Thong Lang Subdistrict (ทองหลาง), Huai Khot District, Uthai Thani Province, Thailand. Source: Rujjanavet, Pusit. 1986. The Phonology of Ugong in Uthaithani Province. M.A. dissertation, Mahidol University. Data cited from word list appendix in pages 78-102.
  • Gong (Suphanburi): spoken in Kok Chiang village, Huai Khamin Subdistrict (ห้วยขมิ้น), Dan Chang District, Suphanburi Province, Thailand. Source: Thawornpat, Mayuree. 2006. Gong: An endangered language of Thailand. Ph.D. dissertation, Mahidol University. Data cited from "Appendix B: Kok Chiang Gong Wordlist" in pages 179-188 and "Appendix C: Kok Chiang Gong lexical data spoken by speakers of different age groups" in pages 189-198.
    • Note: Some forms are given for older generation speakers as opposed to younger generation speakers; these are from Appendix C in Thawornpat (2006). These forms are labeled as Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation and Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation. Otherwise, forms labeled only as Gong (Suphanburi) are from Appendix B in Thawornpat (2006).
  • Ugong: spoken in Kok Chiang village, Huai Khamin Subdistrict (ห้วยขมิ้น), Dan Chang District, Suphanburi Province, Thailand. Source: Bradley, David. 1993. Body Parts Questionnaire (Ugong). (unpublished ms. contributed to STEDT).
  • Lawa: Kwê Yai and Kwê Noi dialects, spoken in Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand along the Khwae Yai River and Khwae Noi River, respectively. Source: Kerr, A. F. G. 1927. "Two 'Lawā' vocabularies: the Lawā of the Baw Lūang plateau; Lawā of Kanburi Province." Journal of the Siam Society 21: 53-63.


Gloss Form Language
a bamboo for carrying corpse on the shoulders of two persons tʰaŋ⁴tiaŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a basket for tɔŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a basket made of rattan strips with a long handle for picking fruits from a tree joʔ¹kʰa²koŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a big, long banana dok¹kɔŋ⁴ʔɛ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a cast-off skin kəʔ¹ba² Gong (Uthai Thani)
a closely woven bamboo basket, clf. for 15 kilos of rice baŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a comb of cock wωʔ¹ɲɔʔ¹la² Gong (Uthai Thani)
a cylinder of water ti³dɔŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
a fish look like serpent-head but its head is bigger luŋ⁴tʰoŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a fly maŋ cʰe ~ maŋ se Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
a fly maŋ se Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
a fruit of rattan wiŋ¹ʔɛ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of animal raps, a kind of wasp giɛŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of ants giɛ³blɔŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of bamboo pʰɔʔ¹pi¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of bamboo boŋ¹pi² Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of bark of tree used for eating with areca nut cʰɛk¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of big tree kɨŋ⁴cʰiŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of bird ma²cəŋ³hɔʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of bird tuŋ⁴duk¹kʰu³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of bird cʰɨ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of bird kaŋ⁴ku² Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of bird hɔʔ¹ti¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of bird ʔɛŋ²klɛi⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of birds ku³lɔŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of black ant cʰaŋ¹kʰo³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of black birds bɯ³baŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of Caladium laŋ³tʰaŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of eggplant ʔa²kʰa³cʰeŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of fish trap buŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of fish trap cu¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of fish trap klɛŋ⁴buŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of green insect leŋ⁴tʰeŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of green insect ʔɔ⁴lɔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of grub lɔŋ³lɯk¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of leaf bi³ca² Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of monitor lizard cʰə³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of monkey wuŋ³ɲok² Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of mushroom mu³cʰe² Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of mushroom kωŋ³mω⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of mushrooms ka²bak²mω⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of muskmelon tʰaŋ³tʰoŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of onion plant ku⁴ca³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of plants that has pointed leaves kuŋ²juŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of red flower wiŋ⁴piaʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of rice cʰu³maŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of shell pu²kəʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of snake tʰɔŋ³juʔ¹cʰɛi¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of snake ʔɛŋ³ʔe³pɯŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of tree with red fruit ma²pʰla²cʰiŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of tuberous plant (which has green rounded leaves and fragrant smell) di⁴hiŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of vegetable li³ca² Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of vegetables mok¹kʰɔŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of wasp ɲɔʔ¹mω³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a kind of wood luŋ³cʰiŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
a leaf of coconut kωʔ²ʔɛ³lɔʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a long-handled knife ta²meŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a rod of cogon grass used for roofing cʰì Gong (Suphanburi)
a rod of cogon grass used for roofing cʰi²tiaŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a section of bamboo stem, about a foot long, with one joint at the bottom dɔŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a sheath of knife ta²meŋ⁴jiŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a small basket for putting glutinous rice ʔɛʔ¹tʰək² Gong (Uthai Thani)
a small brown frog kʰɔʔ¹ba¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a small cup cɔʔ¹peʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
a small mouth jar cu⁴pɛʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a small, broken [piece] of milled rice cʰe³kɯŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
a spoutless kettle with holes in the bottom for steaming food puŋ⁴koŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a spoutless kettle with holes in the bottom for steaming food puŋ⁴ʔa¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
a trap of ground lizard dɔŋ²luʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
abdomen bɔŋpʰɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
abdomen bɔŋpʰɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
able to, get, obtain pʰo Gong (Suphanburi)
abscess / ulcer / open wound phlɯ́ŋ  Ugong
abundant, much ɲa⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
accurate, to be ripe meŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
achilles tendon phɔʔ tɔ̌ŋ  Ugong
acne mɨŋ⁴ Gong (Uthai Thani)
Adam's apple ku²ʔɔŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
adam's apple / larynx yɯ̌ŋ sɯ̂ŋ ʔalɛ / khɔ̌ŋ ʔa  Ugong
afraid Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
afraid Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
alike ta²dək¹jə¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
all tʰuŋ tʰe Gong (Suphanburi)
all kʰɔʔ kʰɨ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
all kʰɔ̀ʔ kʰɨ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
almost bɛʔ¹jə¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
aloe-resin tʰɔŋ¹ʔeŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
already tʰeŋ⁴doʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
already kʰeŋ tʰe Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
already kʰeŋ tʰe Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
already, already done tʰe Gong (Suphanburi)
alter, to untie pʰəŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
amniotic fluid na²pu³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
and kʰe³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
and kʰe Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
and he Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
and, with, take away kʰe Gong (Suphanburi)
angry ɲik Gong (Suphanburi)
animal pʰuduɔŋ pʰǎŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
ankle khɪ̀ khlə̣k  Ugong
ant wɛ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
ant giɛ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
ant-bill wuʔ¹pʰuk² Gong (Uthai Thani)
ant-bill joŋ⁴tʰɔŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
anus ʔɛi³gɔŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
anus / rectum ʔé̩ŋ kɔŋ  Ugong
apple of the eye ɲɔʔ¹kʰɔːŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
areca ʔɛ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
areca ʔɛ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
areca nut ʔɛ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
areca palm Lawa (Kwê Yai)
areca palm Lawa (Kwê Noi)
arm lɔʔ¹pɯŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
arm lɔ̌ʔ phᴜ̵̂ŋ  Ugong
armpit lɔʔ¹kʰlɛʔ²kɔŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
around (fly), plague, swarm pʰɛŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
arrow di ma Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
arrow di ma Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
ashamed kɔʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
ashes plaʔ¹ʔa³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
ashes pʰìʔʔâ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
ashes pʰìʔʔâ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
ask ɲi⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
astringent (with resin) pʰàŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
at tʰɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
at tʰɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
at present, now, at, place, area tʰɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi)
attach ʔɯŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
aunt pa²ti¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
aunt, uncle (woman) ni²jɛʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
awaken lok¹da²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
axe pi²tʰɔŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
back kʰuŋ³pu² Gong (Uthai Thani)
back wúŋpʰùŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
back wúŋpʰùŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
back bone kʰuŋ³pu²mu¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
back of neck yɯ̌ŋ sɯ̂ŋ bǒ̩ŋ  Ugong
backbone / spine wᴜ̌ŋ phûŋ wú/ᴜ  Ugong
bad tɔŋʔɔ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
bad tɔŋʔɔ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
bad-smelling nàŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
baht baʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
baht (Thai currency) bǎʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
bake ɲeŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
balance ceŋ¹ʔa² Gong (Uthai Thani)
bald dədo Gong (Suphanburi)
bamboo pa²cʰɔ²pi¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
bamboo basket for containing fish, to correct, to hit, to strike tɔ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
bamboo mat tʰɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
bamboo rat tʰɔ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
bamboo shavings tʰaŋ⁴cʰi³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
bamboo sheet pʰɛi¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
bamboo shoot pi³cʰɔ²kωŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
bamboo shoot pʰu²kωŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
bamboo stick dɔʔ¹pi¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
bamboo stick used for stirring when boiling rice ʔɛi³meŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
bamboo stick using for stabbing the hole jɔŋ⁴wu¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
bamboo strip for tying or weaving pə²naŋ⁴ Gong (Uthai Thani)
bamboo tree (a kind of) kʰù pʰe Gong (Suphanburi)
banana hɔʔ¹ʔɛ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
banana kʰɔ́ʔ ʔɛ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
banana kʰɔ́ʔ ʔɛ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
banana ha lê Lawa (Kwê Yai)
banana ha lê Lawa (Kwê Noi)
banana (a kind of) kʰaʔ ʔɛ kə̂ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
banana (fruit) kʰà ʔɛ̀ Gong (Suphanburi)
banana flower bud hɔʔ¹cʰɔŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
banana flower stalk hɔʔ¹nəʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
banana seed kʰà ʔɛ̀ kʰɔ̂ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
banana stem hɔʔ¹cʰiŋ²kʰɔŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
bandit, thief ku³mω⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
banyan tree joŋ³cʰiŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
barb (of fish) ŋa²ʔa³kʰω⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
bark ʔə̌k goèʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
bark ʔə́k goèʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
bark hang kô Lawa (Kwê Yai)
bark of a tree ʔak¹kəʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
barking deer ci Gong (Suphanburi)
barking deer ci³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
basil ŋa²ʔa²piaʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
basin lûŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
basin luŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
basket koŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
basket roughly plaited for carrying things koŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
bat cʰiŋ³pi³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
be able to tiaʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
be ashamed kɔʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
be bold, fierce, skillful dɔ³ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
be caught in a trap ɲi³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
be damaged ga Gong (Suphanburi)
be disjointed (torn) kliŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
be dizzy, to be giddy ɲɔʔ¹wiŋ³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
be drunk wiŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
be dry, dried ʔek¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
be finished kɨ⁴doʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
be finished kɯŋ⁴doʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
be frightened tɯŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
be full (from eating), satiated, to be enough ʔɔŋ⁴doʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
be good ʔaŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
be hungry maʔ¹na²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
be ill, catch a fever bi²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
be in a hurry loèŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
be in debt tʰa⁴blɛʔ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
be lost pɯ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
be pretty, beautiful laŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
be quick taŋ³taŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
be red bluŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
be smooth daŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
be soiled kək¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
be thirsty ʔek¹na²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
be tight taŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
be torn bəʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
be torn giɛʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
be wearied, to be tired ɲuŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
be, as blɛ̌ʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
be, to turn up blɛʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
beam kʰɔŋ⁴pʰɔŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
bear waŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
bear waŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
beard pʰuŋ⁴mɯŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
beard nà phyŋ mó̵̩ŋ  Ugong
beat, strike Gong (Suphanburi)
beautiful, handsome dɨaŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
become rotten cʰɯ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
bed ŋəŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
bedbug tuŋ⁴pu¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
bee, child, grandmother cʰɨ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
bees dung (not yet boiled) ʔɔŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
beg tuŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
behind dɨŋ dɨ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
behind nuŋ⁴naŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
bell co Gong (Suphanburi)
belly bɔŋ⁴pʰɔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
belly / abdomen (external bulg bɔ́ŋphɔ́ (kǒ̵̩ˌʔ)  Ugong
belonging to ʔě Gong (Suphanburi)
belonging to ʔe¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
bend cʰə̌k Gong (Suphanburi)
bend down kʰòŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
bent, roundabout ka²tɔ³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
beriberi, numb ceŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
beside naʔ¹tʰɔŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
betel chew ʔə́k koèʔ cʰǔɔ ~ ʔə́k koèʔ sǔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
betel chew ʔə́k koèʔ sǔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
big ti Gong (Suphanburi)
big tǐa Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
big Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
big bird ha dang Lawa (Kwê Yai)
big toe phɔmâ  Ugong
bile hoŋ kɪ̌/klɪ̌  Ugong
bird hɔʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
bird hɔ̌ʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
bird kʰɔ̌ʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
bird ha Lawa (Kwê Yai)
bird trap, village pʰè Gong (Suphanburi)
birth mark wó̩ʔ só̩ʔ ʔalɛ//sɪsá n  Ugong
bite gɨʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
bite kʰǐʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
bite gɯʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
bite goèʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
bite goèʔʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
bite and not release (like a dog), comb (small, partial) goěʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
bite, to shave, to hold in the mouth, to scrape kɯʔ¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
bitter kʰa⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
black cʰak¹cʰak² Gong (Uthai Thani)
black cʰək cʰək ~ sə̀k sə̀k Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
black sə̀k sə̀k Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
black tûk chak Lawa (Kwê Yai)
black ants giɛ³tɕʰak² Gong (Uthai Thani)
black bird ka³wωŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
black mark mɪŋ sɤ̩́k  Ugong
black tiger la⁴cʰak¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
bladder ji⁴doŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
blanket gaʔ¹cʰu¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
blemish on skin mɪŋ  Ugong
blood ʔɯ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
blood ʔɨ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
blood ʔɨ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
blood ʔọ̵́ / ho̩ŋ ʔọ̵́  Ugong
blood vessel / vein / artery ʔọ̵́ sɛ̂n  Ugong
bloody pus phɯ̌ŋ ʔû̵  Ugong
blow tʰɔ̀ʔʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
blow tʰɔ̀ʔʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
blow the flute bo Gong (Suphanburi)
blow, to squirt bɔ³ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
boa leŋ⁴daŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
boat Lawa (Kwê Yai)
boat, ship bu Gong (Suphanburi)
bob up and down ŋuŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
body dùŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
body luŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
body ho̩ŋ dúŋ / ʔǒ̩dûŋ  Ugong
body hair, sound, noise, fall off, release mɨŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
body of shirt, shirt jøŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
boil pɯŋ¹ʔɯ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
boil (of water) ʔə³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
boil in the pot with the lid covering mǔk Gong (Suphanburi)
bone wu Gong (Suphanburi)
bone wu Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
bone wu Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
bone wú wᴜ́  Ugong
bone wu¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
book nɔŋ³ʔi² Gong (Uthai Thani)
border, zone kǒk Gong (Suphanburi)
bore (solids) kɛʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
bore, pick (fruit, wood) kʰwɛʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
bottle dɛ̌ʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
bottle gourd ti³puŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
bottom, rear (of a person) la²kʰa¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
boundary kok¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
bowl ciaŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
bowl cʰiaŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
box, to sting cʰok¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
braid, plait, whittle to make curve, chip off the tip of the wood until it is even tʰàk Gong (Suphanburi)
brain (= 2.5 ) khu nǒ̵̩k  Ugong
brain (= 9.1 ) khu nǒ̵̩k  Ugong
branch hāng kala Lawa (Kwê Yai)
branch of a tree ʔak¹lɔʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
break cʰiʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
break kʰlɯ³ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
break off, to slip, slip away, get broken off, to get loose, loosened ʔəʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
break wind, flatus jɛ¹dɔʔ²ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
break, get broken off cʰèʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
breast nᴜ̀  Ugong
breasts nu¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
breath ʔɔʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
breath ʔɔʔ¹tʰək²ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
breathe ʔɔ́ʔtʰɨ̀kʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
breathe ʔɔ́ʔtʰɨ̀kʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
breathe ʔɔ́ʔ  Ugong
brittle klǒʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
brittle klɔʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
brittle eggplant ʔa²kʰa³klɔʔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
brook, canal lɔŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
broom jiŋ³cʰɯk² Gong (Uthai Thani)
brother jǒʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
brother jóʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
bruise / swelling mó̵̩kyó̵̩ŋ  Ugong
bubble, foam pə²tuk¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
buffalo lə²wω¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
buffalo dawóʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
buffalo dawóʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
buffalo dā wō Lawa (Kwê Yai)
build (a house) cɛʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
bulbul ca²klə¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
bulbul (a kind of bird) cʰǐkalu Gong (Suphanburi)
bull-frog ba²ʔɯŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
bunch (of bananas) ɲɔŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
burn pʰɨ̀k Gong (Suphanburi)
burn kʰûk Gong (Suphanburi)
burn pʰɨ̀kʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
burn pʰɨ̀kʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
burn (rice) cʰak²ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
burn and scrape out pig's hair kʰik Gong (Suphanburi)
burn wood cʰàk Gong (Suphanburi)
burnt klɔʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
burnt refuse of a torch ta⁴ʔɛi¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
burnt refuse of a torch, lamp ta Gong (Suphanburi)
bury də⁴kʰa²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
butterfly də²bω³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
buttocks nɪ́ kha  Ugong
button jɯŋ⁴ʔɛ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
buy Gong (Suphanburi)
buy wi³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
buy wia Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
buy wia Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
Caladium pɯŋ⁴dɔʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
calf kɔ́ŋ kʰɔ̀ŋ ʔadø Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
calf kɔ́ŋkʰɔ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
calf bɪ̌nɔŋ  Ugong
call ki³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
call loudly huɔ Gong (Suphanburi)
call, put on kʰo Gong (Suphanburi)
call, sings (cricket), announce (to the people) kʰuɔ Gong (Suphanburi)
can phɔ⁴doʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
candle ʔɔŋ⁴ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cap ŋa²ʔa²do¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
care for dǒk Gong (Suphanburi)
carpenter bee pu³nω⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
carry child (in sling), embrace, hug mùk Gong (Suphanburi)
carry on the shoulder tʰaŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
carry something on one's ear nìŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
carry, to embrace, to boil mok¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cartilage / grist wú yó̵̩ʔ ʔɔ  Ugong
cassava ʔak¹mɯŋ³cʰu⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
castanets cʰeŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cat ʔa³ɲɔŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cat mio Lawa (Kwê Yai)
catch, to perch tiʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
caterpillar tɯŋ⁴kɯŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
catfish jɯk¹jɯk² Gong (Uthai Thani)
cave tʰâm Gong (Suphanburi)
cavilla fruit ki²kuŋ²ʔɛ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
ceiba, java cotton, or silk-cotton tree, genus Ceiba yielding nun Gong (Suphanburi)
cemetery lǔk Gong (Suphanburi)
cemetery luk¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cemetry dùk Gong (Suphanburi)
centipede ma²ʔa³lak¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cereal kuk¹dɔʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
chaff pʰə¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
chameleon kə̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
chameleon cʰωŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
chamois dɔŋ¹wa² Gong (Uthai Thani)
chapped skin (winter) cʰeʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
charm, shadow kek¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
chase away wə̀k Gong (Suphanburi)
cheap cʰuŋ³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cheat dʌ̌k Gong (Suphanburi)
cheek nə²pɨ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cheek nà phjê̩ / phlê̩  Ugong
chest wuŋ³puŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
chest wúŋkʰè Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
chest wúŋkʰè Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
chest wᴜ̌ŋ khjê̩  Ugong
chest hair wᴜ̌ŋ khje̩ mọ̵́ŋ  Ugong
chew ga⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
chew (cow, buffalo, goat), bison wa Gong (Suphanburi)
chicken wǒʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
chicken wωʔ¹cʰɨ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
chicken wǒʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
chicken wǒʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
chicken lice wωʔ¹ʔe² Gong (Uthai Thani)
child cʰè Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
child cʰe Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
child law pê Lawa (Kwê Yai)
child, children ʔɔ³pɛʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
child, milled rice cʰe Gong (Suphanburi)
chili cǐŋ cɛ Gong (Suphanburi)
chili ciŋ⁴cɛ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
chin mɯŋ⁴kɨ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
chin mɪŋ khyɪ̂ŋ / khlɪ̂ŋ  Ugong
chin hair mɪŋ khyɪ̂ŋ mọ̵́ŋ  Ugong
Chinese ceŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
chipmunk naŋ³ʔɔʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
chloasma (a skin disease) Gong (Suphanburi)
choke (water) nɔŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
choke on (hard object) ʔək Gong (Suphanburi)
choose cʰǎŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
choose, to hate, to get angry cʰaŋ³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
chop cʰəŋ³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
chopping block tʰaŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cicada, edge ɲɛi³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cigarette bɔʔ¹wɨ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
classifier for leaf kuŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
claw dɔ́ʔʔəŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
claw lə́ʔʔəŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
claws lɔʔ¹mɨŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
clear cʰě Gong (Suphanburi)
clench, to catch, to carry cʰuŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
clf for a bunch of long stems, hear, feel ʔe Gong (Suphanburi)
clf for a cluster of fruit luk Gong (Suphanburi)
clf for a couple or a pair nâŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
clf for a heap of pieces of meat tied together like a garland cǔk Gong (Suphanburi)
clf for a human being jǔk Gong (Suphanburi)
clf for a knife dɔʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
clf for a spade or other utensils, catch, to perch, chisel, make a house to stay in the field, clf for a spade or other utensils cʰuŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
clf for a speech, language, wipe cʰò Gong (Suphanburi)
clf for an oblong object such as trunk of a tree, bamboo stem, tooth etc, cart pʰe Gong (Suphanburi)
clf for bucket kǐŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
clf for finger, pencil, insects, sun, star, bird etc kʰɔ̂ Gong (Suphanburi)
clf for tooth, post, tree, cigarette; on dɔ̌ʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
clf of fish, prawn, rice kernel duŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
clf of leg or shoe blɔŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
clf. for a group of small animals tʰɨŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
clf. for a thing which must be used in pairs naŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
clf. for a time, dish, plate (important thing in marriage ceremony) cʰaŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
clf. for bamboo shoot klək¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
clf. for basket, satchel kuŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
clf. for bucket kɨŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
clf. for cluster of banana, comb kaŋ⁴ Gong (Uthai Thani)
clf. for com puk¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
clf. for finger, pencil, insects, sun, star, bird etc. kʰɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
clf. for flower kʰləŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
clf. for hoe, spade, knife lɔʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
clf. for lion cloth, shirt, cloth, trousers pʰla³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
clf. for person juk¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
clf. for reptile, land animal, fruit etc. luŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
clf. for step of ladder klɛi¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
clf. for step, wing tuŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
clf. for tooth, post, tree, cigarette; on dɔʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
clf. of bamboo or loin cloth tʰoŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
clf. of leaf, paper ca³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
clf. of leg or shoe blɔŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
clf. of rung laʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
clf. of tamarind kaŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
climb bɛʔ¹kʰɔʔ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
clitoris sɛŋ ʔa lɛ  Ugong
cloth cʰu⁴ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cloth, cotton, hold with fingers cʰu Gong (Suphanburi)
clothe gaʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
clothing cʰu ʔa jøŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
clothing jøŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
cloud blò Gong (Suphanburi)
cloud blɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cloud blò ~ bò Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
cloud Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
clump pωŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cob web cʰa²maŋ⁴bəŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cobra tuŋ⁴ʔok¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cock wωʔ¹pʰa⁴ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cock or hen wωʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cockroach puʔ¹ba⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
coconut kʰuʔ ʔɛ Gong (Suphanburi)
coconut kωʔ¹ʔɛ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
coconut kʰúʔ ʔɛ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
coconut kʰúʔ ʔɛ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
coconut kū dê Lawa (Kwê Yai)
coconut kū lê Lawa (Kwê Noi)
cogon grass, resin cʰi¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
coil kʰoŋ³dɛ³ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cold cɔʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
cold kluʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cold cʰaʔlu tʰe ~ salu tʰe Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
cold salu tʰe Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
cold, to feel cold kʰoʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
collar bone kiaʔ¹wu¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
collar bone / clavicle wᴜ̌ŋ khjê̩ wú/ᴜ  Ugong
comb kaŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
comb (n) kàŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
come die Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
come dieʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
come off (not stick to the flesh), denuded ləŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
come, to mould le³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
complain bɯŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
complain, grumble, bless bɛʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
complete, all, rich, stay nia Gong (Suphanburi)
condiments maŋ⁴cʰa²ʔa³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
conjuctivitis ɲɔʔ kɔŋ bǒ̩ŋ na  Ugong
cooked (rice or meat) mìŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
cooked glutinous rice maŋ⁴mok¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cooked rice maŋ mîŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
cooked rice maŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
cool cɔʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cord loěŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
cord loěŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
corn ku³mɛʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
corn kʰumɛ̌ʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
corn kʰumɛ́ʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
corpse ʔi³mɔŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cough ʔǔ Gong (Suphanburi)
cough, clear throat, write ʔuɔ Gong (Suphanburi)
cough, rancid ʔu⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
count lia Gong (Suphanburi)
count lìaʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
count lìaʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
count, to fondle, to tease li³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cover up koŋ³dɛ³ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cow mɨ̌k Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
cow mɨ̌k Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
cowpea tuʔ¹tiaŋ²ʔɛ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
crab puʔ¹kʰa³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cradle Gong (Suphanburi)
cradle bə³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
crane ti³wωʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
crazy makʌ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
creeping snail pu²liaʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cremate pʰɯk²ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cricket na²pa²ʔɯ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
Crinum bok¹cʰiŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
crocodile kɔŋkʰlǐ Gong (Suphanburi)
cross bow di Gong (Suphanburi)
cross over kʰaŋ³waʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
crossbow li¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
crossbow di Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
crossbow di Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
crow la²ʔɔʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
crow tu³ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
crow pheasant bɔŋ⁴pʰaŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cry (a child) ŋuɔ Gong (Suphanburi)
cry out, shout, add, increase ho Gong (Suphanburi)
cry, weep ŋo Gong (Suphanburi)
cry, weep ŋo³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cub, bowl cʰiaŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cucumber tʰaŋ³tʰoŋ²klɔʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
cultivation clearing ye Lawa (Kwê Yai)
cultivation clearing ye Lawa (Kwê Noi)
curry ku²ʔɔʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
curse lok¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
curse kʰlɯ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
custard apple nuŋ²nuŋ⁴ʔɛ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cut tik¹ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
cut tʰə̀k-ʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
cut tʰə̀kʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
cut (nail or rope) tʰɨak Gong (Suphanburi)
cut large planks of wood (for building house) ʔə̌k tʰə̌k Gong (Suphanburi)
cut off bɯk¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
cut open the skin or rind kʰwik Gong (Suphanburi)
cut, get cut pʰəŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
cylinder, long, touch dɔ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
cymbal cʰeŋ⁴pɛʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
dance tʰidəŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
dance kʰoeŋʔɔ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
dance fɔn Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
dance, to jump cəŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
dandruff khu phɔ́ khlɪ́  Ugong
dark, night cek¹doʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
daughter cʰɨ³ɲi¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
daughter-in-law kʰi³ma⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
dawn naʔ¹cʰɔŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
day nigɔŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
day nigɔ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
day (time) ni⁴tu⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
day, sun Gong (Suphanburi)
day, sun ni³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
dead body thúŋ  Ugong
dead, put out (fire), extinguish ʔi Gong (Suphanburi)
deaf, to be hard of hearing pωŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
debt tʰà Gong (Suphanburi)
deep nɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi)
deep nɔʔ¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
deer ʔa³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
deer ʔa Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
deer ʔa Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
delicious kʰi²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
delicious, tasty, broken kʰlìa Gong (Suphanburi)
diarrhea ʔé̩ŋ pá(ʔ)pláʔ / ʔé̩ŋ  Ugong
die ʔi³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
die ʔí tʰe Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
die ʔí tʰe Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
different ma tʰi dʌk Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
different ma dʌk Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
difficult jɔʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
dig də⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
dig doʔɔ̌ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
dig doʔɔ̌ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
dig (with a hoe) do Gong (Suphanburi)
dig with a hoe Gong (Suphanburi)
diminish, to crush pa²nɛʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
dip in (curry or chili paste) ʔaʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
dip in and scoop out kʰwɛ̀ʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
dip in and take out (curry or chili paste) kɔ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
dip into tʰok¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
dip up tʰoŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
Dipterocarpus alatus tʰɔʔ¹ʔak² Gong (Uthai Thani)
dirty ʔokcʰalù Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
dirty salù Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
disordered, desolate kɛʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
distill, coarse, rough, rude ʔɔʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
divide bɛŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
divide, split out jɛʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
do kʰɨaŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
do ke³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
doctor, question particle for yes/no question mɔ̌ Gong (Suphanburi)
dog kʰɨ̌ Gong (Suphanburi)
dog kʰɯ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
dog kʰɨ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
dog kʰɨ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
dog Lawa (Kwê Yai)
door pʰôŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
door pωŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
door panel, to tell, accuse, narrate stories pʰoŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
dove duk¹kʰu³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
drag, iron, grind, whet (as in sharpening scissors or knife), deligent ʔɛ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
dragonfly buŋ²lə²woŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
draw, well, most, thank, healthy, happy, comfortable ʔàŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
dregs, chaff na²ʔɯŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
dregs, refuse (of sugarcane) kʰa²lɛ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
dress, to repair tɛŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
dried up feces ʔé̩ŋ kalo̩  Ugong
drink dɛ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
drink dɛŋ³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
drink dɛ̀ŋʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
drink dɛ̀ŋʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
drum cʰiŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
drum, overflow cʰɨŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
drunk mɔʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
drunk Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
dry ka²lɔ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
dry kalo tʰe Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
dry kaló Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
dry in sun laʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
duck ba³ti² Gong (Uthai Thani)
duck bàtʰê Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
duck bàtʰê Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
duck bā ti Lawa (Kwê Yai)
duck tail naŋ phᴜ́ yǔ̵ nɪ́ thǒ̩ŋ  Ugong
dull tʰɔʔ-ʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
dull tʰɔ̀ʔʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
dull (pointed things) kʰɨ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
dum cʰɨ́ŋ ~ sɨ́ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
dum sɨ́ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
dust la²ʔɔŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
dust dihǒk Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
ear ni²ca¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
ear nidɔ́ʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
ear nidɔ́ʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
ear nàdɔ̌ʔ / nàca  Ugong
ear of paddy rice kʰuk sòŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
eardrum nà câ (nàkɔŋkó̵̩ˌʔ)  Ugong
ears of corn kuk¹naŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
earth nìtʰə̂ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
earth pʰitʰə̂ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
earth mi tang Lawa (Kwê Yai)
earth mi tang Lawa (Kwê Noi)
earthworms pu²tiɛ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
earwax nàkɔŋkhlɪ́  Ugong
easy ma²jɔʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
eat cʰǔə Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
eat sǔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
eat wuk Lawa (Kwê Yai)
eat, sweet cʰuɔ Gong (Suphanburi)
economize je¹ko²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
edge kɔʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
edge, ashamed and fearful kɔ̌ʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
edge, rim jeŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
egg ku³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
egg wóʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
egg kʰù kʰù Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
eight hɛʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
eight hɛʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
eight hɛ́ʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
eight Lawa (Kwê Yai)
eight Lawa (Kwê Noi)
elbow lɔʔ¹tuŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
elbow lɔ̌ʔ thúŋ  Ugong
elder brother mɔŋ⁴cʰi²jωʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
elder brother (sister) jωʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
elder brother- in-law jωʔ¹daŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
elder sibling jǒʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
elder sister cʰi²cʰi²jωʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
elder sister or elder brother yo Lawa (Kwê Yai)
elder sister-in- law cʰa²naŋ⁴ Gong (Uthai Thani)
elephant ʔɔ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
elephant ʔɔŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
elephant ʔɔ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
elephant ʔɔ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
elephant thang Lawa (Kwê Yai)
eleven sētī Lawa (Kwê Yai)
empty mɛ⁴mlɛ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
endure tʰəŋ¹ju³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
enough ɲa⁴doʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
enter ʔɔŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
enter ʔɔŋʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
enter to the sty kʰàŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
enter, to go in (enter going) ʔɔŋ³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
entertainment luɔ Gong (Suphanburi)
envy kɛŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
equally tʰa²lak¹jə¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
evening ɲa⁴tu⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
evil ʔàŋʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
evil ʔaŋʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
excrement ʔɛ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
explode, to shoot cʰik¹ja²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
expose to the fire, bald, to curse laŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
extinguish, to put out the fire dɔŋ¹ʔa²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
eye ɲɔʔ¹kɔŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
eye ɲɔ́ʔkɔŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
eye ɲɔ́ʔkɔŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
eye ɲɔʔ kɔŋ  Ugong
eye ya klông Lawa (Kwê Yai)
eye lashes ɲɔʔcʰek²mɯŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
eye sand ɲɔʔ khlɪ́  Ugong
eyeball ɲɔʔ khlóŋ  Ugong
eyebrow ɲɔʔ khé̩ŋ (mọ̵́ŋ)  Ugong
eye-brow ɲɔʔ¹kʰeŋ¹mɯŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
eyelash ɲɔʔ sə̩́kméŋ  Ugong
eyelid ɲɔʔ kó̵̩ˌʔ (kɔŋ)  Ugong
eyetooth / canine tooth / fang ka sǐ  Ugong
eye-wax ɲɔʔ¹kʰli¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
face pʰɔ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
face pʰlɔŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
face phlɔŋ  Ugong
fall duk¹ku²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
fall tʰìʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
fall tʰì kʰleʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
fall (rain) tuk¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
fall down (a tree or big things, steep dɛŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
fall down, roll over doeŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
fall off, to release mɯŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
fall to the ground, torn down (house) cʰoʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
fall, to capsize lɛ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
fan, blow pʰat Gong (Suphanburi)
far waŋʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
far waŋʔɔ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
farmers hat ŋɔk⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
fat nok¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
fat ʔěŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
fat ʔěŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
father jɨ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
father jɯŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
father ʔajɨ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
father ʔajɨ̂ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
father yûng Lawa (Kwê Yai)
fear, to descend, to decrease kla²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
fear, worry Gong (Suphanburi)
feather hɔʔ¹mɯŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
feather mɨŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
feather mɨŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
feces / shit ʔé̩ŋ  Ugong
feed ʔəŋ¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
feel a stinging pain ʔu²glɔŋ³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
feel bad, upset ɲǐk Gong (Suphanburi)
feel pain, to ache, painful na²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
fell tik¹lɛŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
female pubic hair sɛŋ mọ̵́ŋ  Ugong
female wasp kʰɨaŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
female; clf. of fish, prawn, rice kernel ma³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
fever, sickness bìa Gong (Suphanburi)
few ʔanɛʔ cʰɛ ~ ʔanɛ́ʔ sɛ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
few ʔanɛ́ʔ sɛ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
field (rice) naw Lawa (Kwê Yai)
field (rice) naw Lawa (Kwê Noi)
field rice cʰě ~ sě Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
field rice Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
field small green frog kok¹ba¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
field, plantation Gong (Suphanburi)
fig lɔŋ⁴wa⁴ʔɛ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
fight cʰɔŋ cʰuɔ ~ sɔŋ suɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
fight sɔŋ bâʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
final particle mɛʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
final particle ʔo¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
final particle for emphasizing what is said ʔǒ Gong (Suphanburi)
final particle, quite so, mood particle jə¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
fine, pound up məʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
finger lɔ̌ʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
finger lɔʔ¹pʰɔʔ²ʔe¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
finger lɔ̌ʔ nᴜ / lɔ̌ʔʔé̩  Ugong
fingernail lɔ̌ʔʔɤ̩́ŋ  Ugong
fire tʰǒŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
fire ni²tʰoŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
fire jitʰoŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
fire tʰoŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
fire nī tong Lawa (Kwê Yai)
firefly tuŋ⁴ma²ɲek¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
firewood ʔak¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
firewood ʔə́k Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
firewood ʔə́k jale Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
first time, want, desire, wish to duɔ Gong (Suphanburi)
fish ŋa²ʔa¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
fish ɲa⁴tʰeŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
fish ɲàʔa Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
fish ɲáʔa Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
fish nga tha Lawa (Kwê Yai)
fish bone ŋa²ʔa²wu¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
fish trap (a kind of) bòŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
fish trap (a kind of) dûŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
fishhook ɲa⁴ Gong (Uthai Thani)
fish-hook ɲa Gong (Suphanburi)
fishing net wǐk Gong (Suphanburi)
fishing rod ɲa⁴kɔʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
fist lɔ̌ʔ ʂuk  Ugong
five ŋɔ̌ Gong (Suphanburi)
five ŋɔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
five ŋɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
five ŋɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
five ngaw Lawa (Kwê Yai)
five ngaw Lawa (Kwê Noi)
flap (wings) bɔŋ³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
flat in taste bək Gong (Suphanburi)
flea kʰɯ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
flesh ʔa¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
flesh ʔa Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
flesh ʔama Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
flesh / meat ʔa  Ugong
flies swarm on, around (fly) pʰɛ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
float dòŋ kɔ́ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
float dóŋkɔ́ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
flooring, catch up tʰaŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
flour for cooking, crushed fried rice mɨŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
flow tʰi wàjʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
flow tʰi wàjʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
flow, to wash cʰɨ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
flower ʔə̌k pʰɨ̀aʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
flower ʔə́k fàʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
flower pia Lawa (Kwê Yai)
flower hāng pia Lawa (Kwê Noi)
flower of Crinum bok¹piaʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
flower, cotton piaʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
flower, cotton thread pʰɨ̀aʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
fluid, damp, liquid plaʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
fly cʰi²maŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
fly cʰɨ³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
fly cʰeŋ ~ seŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
fly sèŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
fly, flow cʰeŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
fog Gong (Suphanburi)
fold, to be on top of dense, to feel tight tʰɛʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
folded knife kʰøʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
follow, to find, to seek ʔu²gɔʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
fontanel (soft spots in baby s khu mɔ́ŋ  Ugong
foot kʰɔʔ¹kʰi³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
foot kʰɔ́ʔkʰì Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
foot kʰɔ́ʔkʰì Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
foot khǒʔ khɪ̂  Ugong
foot ki klûak Lawa (Kwê Yai)
foot dirt khɔ̌ʔ khɪ̂ khɪ́  Ugong
foot print kʰɔʔ¹kʰi²wi³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
for a moment ta²ʔɔʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
fore finger lɔʔ¹nu⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
forehead ŋɔ⁴kʰɔŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
forehead / brow nɔ khɔ̌ŋ  Ugong
forest pʰuduɔŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
forest pʰu²lɔŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
forest pʰiduɔ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
forest pʰudɔ́ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
forest pi lang Lawa (Kwê Yai)
forest ping lang Lawa (Kwê Noi)
forget ɲi¹ʔa²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
forget, careless waŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
forty pli-sê Lawa (Kwê Yai)
four pi¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
four pʰi Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
four pʰi Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
four pli Lawa (Kwê Yai)
four plī Lawa (Kwê Noi)
four corners pʰi kʰɔ̌ʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
fourteen sē-plī Lawa (Kwê Yai)
fowl wo Lawa (Kwê Yai)
fragment, clf for crockery, reptile, frog, insect, etc luŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
fragment, clf. for crockery, tray, frog, insect, etc. kʰlɛʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
freckle mɪŋ nɔ́ʔ//khu khlɪ́/khɪ̂  Ugong
fresh mǒk Gong (Suphanburi)
friend kə̀ Gong (Suphanburi)
friend klə³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
frog ba¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
front sole lɔ̌ʔ phyé̩ / phɔʔ phyé( Ugong
fruit ʔak¹ʔɛ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
fruit ʔə̌k ʔɛ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
fruit ʔə́k ʔɛ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
fruit lak lê Lawa (Kwê Yai)
fruit Lawa (Kwê Noi)
fruitful ʔɔ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
fry pʰàt Gong (Suphanburi)
full piŋ³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
full (container) kʰɨŋ tʰe Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
full (container) tem Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
fully, completely kʰok¹doʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
furbish, to rub pɯʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
galangal cʰɔŋ⁴kɔŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
gall ki Gong (Suphanburi)
gall bladder ki Gong (Suphanburi)
gall bladder (?) ho̩ŋ cé̩  Ugong
gasp for breath hɔk Gong (Suphanburi)
gather (fruits) from a tree by using a long stick du¹ləʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
gather up, to dig wuk¹ju²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
gecko tak¹tə⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
get angry ɲǐk Gong (Suphanburi)
get angry, to be indignant ɲiŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
get angry, to be indignant ɲek¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
get well tiŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
ghost liʔ¹ʔi³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
ghost, salt, lime pli³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
gibbon ɲok¹tʰɔŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
ginger, each other, run (chicken) cʰɔŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
give cʰia Gong (Suphanburi)
give tʰeŋʔɔ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
give tʰeŋ kʰáʔɔ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
gizzard (fowl) mik Gong (Suphanburi)
glad ŋàŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
glutinous rice ɲɔŋ⁴ Gong (Uthai Thani)
glutinous rice yā māngse Lawa (Kwê Yai)
glutinous rice yāng māng Lawa (Kwê Noi)
glutinous rice in bamboo dɔŋ⁴bɔʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
gnat, scoop up paddy rice with both hands wǔk Gong (Suphanburi)
gnaw glə̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
gnaw gləŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
go kɔ³ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
go kɔ́ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
go kɔ́ʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
go out dɔʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
go through, pierce, penetrate bɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi)
goat pʰɛ̌ʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
goiter khɔ̌ŋ bǒ̩k  Ugong
goitre kʰɔŋ⁴bok¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
gold hǐŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
gold hǐŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
gold tʰɔŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
gold carp ŋa²ʔa²bluŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
Gong language gɔ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
good dɨkdɛŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
good dɛŋʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
good, appropriate, pretty dɨ̀aŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
gorge, climb, ascend, coconut kʰǒʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
gourd tʰɔŋ³kʰa²pi⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
grand father, value pʰu¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
grandchildren, nephew, niece, four, blow out water, to slip, to spit pʰi Gong (Suphanburi)
grandfather pʰû Gong (Suphanburi)
grandmother, ride, wash, year cʰi Gong (Suphanburi)
grasp də̀k Gong (Suphanburi)
grass tʰɨaŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
grass ki²kɛʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
grass ki³la⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
grass kʰikɛ̌ʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
grass kikɛ́ʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
grass kī la Lawa (Kwê Yai)
grass snake pɯŋ³cʰiŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
grasshopper nǎŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
grasshopper bɔʔ¹kʰɔŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
great grandfather pʰu³daŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
great grandmother cʰɨ³daŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
green cʰɨŋ cʰɨŋ ~ sɨŋ sɨŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
green sɨ̀ŋ sɨ́ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
green, sky blue, raw cʰiŋ⁴cʰiŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
grey, old colour mok¹cʰa²lu³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
groan kɯŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
ground pi²tʰəŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
ground pa²tʰaŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
ground tʰu⁴cʰa³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
ground lizard cʰa Gong (Suphanburi)
ground lizard cʰa³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
ground nut ma²pʰuk¹ʔɛ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
ground wood pecker kʰɔʔ¹loŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
grow, to eat cʰu⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
grub pi²jɯk¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
guava pʰa¹laŋ⁴ʔɛ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
gum ɲɨŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
gum (of teeth) ɲiŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
gums ɲɪ̂ŋ  Ugong
gun ji²jɛʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
hail wíʔ ʔɛŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
hail wìʔ ʔɛ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
hail-stone wɨ¹ʔɛ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
hair ku²cʰaŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
hair kùcʰǎŋ ~ kùsǎŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
hair kùsǎŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
hair below mouth khukǒ̵̩ˌʔmọ̵́ŋ  Ugong
hair of head (= 8.1.1) khu sǎŋ (mé̩ŋ)  Ugong
hair of porcupine kɔ³mɯŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
hair which grows on the body mɯŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
half coconut shell ku²lω¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
hand lɔʔ¹pʰɔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
hand láʔ pʰɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
hand láʔ pʰɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
hand lɔ̌ʔ phɔ́  Ugong
hand la paw Lawa (Kwê Yai)
handle cʰuŋ⁴ Gong (Uthai Thani)
hang cʰe⁴dɛ³ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
hang, to snare with a loop kaʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
happy, delightful kàŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
hard feces ʔé̩ŋkhlɔʔ / ʔé̩ŋ kalò̩  Ugong
harrow the field ʔɛŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
hat kʰuduɔŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
hat ku²lɔŋ⁴ Gong (Uthai Thani)
hatchet pu tā Lawa (Kwê Yai)
hate cʰaŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
have nìa Gong (Suphanburi)
have asthma hɔk Gong (Suphanburi)
have, to live ni²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
hawk, lover cʰu³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
he, she nɔŋ mɔ̀ jɔ́ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
he, she nɔ̀ŋ pʰɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
head kàpʰɔ Gong (Suphanburi)
head ka²pʰɔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
head kʰùʔpʰɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
head kùpʰɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
head khu phɔ́  Ugong
head ū paw Lawa (Kwê Yai)
head skin ku²kəʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
heap (of fire) puŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
hear kω³ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
hear kʰǒʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
hear kʰǔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
heart kʰɔ⁴nak¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
heart kʰɔ̌ŋ nɨ́k Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
heart hɔŋ kʰɔŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
heart khɔ̌ŋ nɤ̩̌k  Ugong
heavy li⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
heavy duŋʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
heavy dùŋʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
heel / rear sole phɔʔ thɤ̩́ŋ / lɔ̌ʔ thɤ̩́ŋ  Ugong
hen wωʔ¹ma² Gong (Uthai Thani)
here he³tʰɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
here tʰi tʰɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
here hi tʰɔ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
heron tu⁴pʰlɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
hiccup, fall dək Gong (Suphanburi)
hide puʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
hipbone na/nɪ́ kha wú/ᴜ  Ugong
hire cɔŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
hit Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
hit Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
hoarse hɛʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
hold (the breath) ni²jaŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
hole kɔŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
hole kɔŋ⁴ Gong (Uthai Thani)
hole for dropping the paddy rice grain kʰuk tʰǔŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
hook, hitch kʰwêŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
horn kʰω³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
horn kʰu Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
horn kʰu Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
horn, teacher, egg kʰu Gong (Suphanburi)
horse ʔu²gɔŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
horse kāng Lawa (Kwê Yai)
horse fly, blood sucker mɔ̌ʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
horse, to roast gɔŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
horse-fly mɔʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
hot dòŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
hot ʔacʰɔʔ ~ ʔasɔ́ʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
hot sɔ́ʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
hot (chili), numb cèŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
hot water ti³luŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
hot, to burn, to hold close to a fire, to bark luŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
house jɨ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
house jiŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
house jɨ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
house jɨ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
house yûng Lawa (Kwê Yai)
house rat pʰidɔʔ wuk Gong (Suphanburi)
housepost pə²cʰiŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
howl luŋ³cʰɛi³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
hunt bɨk jɛ̀ʔʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
hurry, hastily ləŋ³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
hurt, ill, sick, painful Gong (Suphanburi)
husband mloŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
husband mǔŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
husband mʊ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
husband mawng Lawa (Kwê Yai)
husked rice Lawa (Kwê Yai)
husked rice Lawa (Kwê Noi)
hut kɯ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
hut in the field cʰǔŋ pɛ̀ʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
hyena pω³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
I ŋa Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
I ŋa Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
I, the first person singular pronoun ŋa Gong (Suphanburi)
in front of kɨ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
in front of the house ka³baŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
in the morning naʔ¹tuŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
incisor ka sɯ̂ŋ  Ugong
index finger lɔ̌ʔ nᴜ/nᴜ̂  Ugong
indignant jik Gong (Suphanburi)
insect egg that has developed into larva dôw Gong (Suphanburi)
insert, to tickle du¹klɛʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
intercept, to obstruct ka²lak¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
intestine pu³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
intestine pʰu Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
intestine pʰu Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
intoxicated, sick, retouch with color mɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi)
iris ɲɔʔkɔŋ sɤ̩́k/nɔʔ  Ugong
iron ʔɛi³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
itch tu⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
itchy tʰuɔ Gong (Suphanburi)
itchy ʔɔ̌ʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
jack-fruit kʰa²nɯŋ⁴ʔɛ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
jar, thread, string something ʔùŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
jaw (general) mɪŋkhjɪ̩̂ŋ wú/ᴜ  Ugong
joist gaŋ²pɨ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
jump cʰe³kʰɔʔ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
just a moment ago kʰɔŋ³puŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
Karen ka²liaŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
keep dɛ³ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
keep in mouth, to snap at mu⁴dɛ³ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
keep in the mouth, suck nɨk Gong (Suphanburi)
kick, to spurn, to stamp tʰɛi²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
kidney mlek⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
kidney ho̩ŋ mɪ́k  Ugong
kill baʔʔaʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
kill jɛ́ʔʔàʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
kill, to stroke, to touch ʔaʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
kiss, to be fragrant ŋǎŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
kiss, to be fragrant ʔɔŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
kitchen mortar bǒk Gong (Suphanburi)
knee pʰluʔ¹cʰɛi¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
knee pʰudǒʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
knee pʰudǒʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
knee phᴜ́ dᴜ́o̩ʔ  Ugong
knee cap / patella phú bâ / phᴜ́ dǔo̩ʔ wú  Ugong
knife nam mai Lawa (Kwê Yai)
knock many times (door), cucumber (small size), sew, stitch kʰǒk Gong (Suphanburi)
know ʔɛʔɔ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
know ʔɛʔɔ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
know (method), have hard life, poor people Gong (Suphanburi)
know, to be become acquainted with ʔɛ³ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
knuckle (joint of digit) lɔ̌ʔ sə̣̀k  Ugong
knuckle, wrist, ankle dɔ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
ladder cʰiaŋ³puŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
lake tʰi duŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
lake tʰi dôŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
land ti³pʰɔŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
langur ɲok¹nɔʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
large bamboo rat ɲɔʔ¹cʰi¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
large intestine phᴜ̌ dâŋ  Ugong
lash a rope kwɛ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
last year ɲa²cʰi³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
laugh wi⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
laugh wiaʔɔ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
laugh wia Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
launder jùɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
launder jùɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
lay pʰaŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
lay down kʰa⁴dɛ³ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
lay eggs ku³ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
lazy kʰlɛ³ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
lead (by hand) ʔɨŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
lead by hand ʔɨŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
lead by the hand ʔɯŋ⁴kʰle²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
leaf bìʔca Gong (Suphanburi)
leaf baʔ¹ca³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
leaf bìʔca Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
leaf bíʔca Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
leaf cha Lawa (Kwê Yai)
leaf cha Lawa (Kwê Noi)
leaf of betel vine lə³pω³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
leaf of Caladium pɯŋ⁴ca¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
leaf stem ɲɔ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
leaf, clf of leaf ca Gong (Suphanburi)
leak bɔ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
leak, drop Gong (Suphanburi)
lean against hàŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
lean against haŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
leech gɔ̌ʔʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi)
leech gɔʔ¹ʔɔʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
leftside lɔʔ ɲa Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
leftside lɔʔ ɲa Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
leg pʰǔŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
leg pʰǔŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
leg, full, lid, cover (pot) pʰuŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
leg, thigh puŋ³tʰaŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
legumes, beans and peas tʰitʰɨ̀aŋ nìŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
lemongrass bɔŋ¹kω³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
leopard la⁴ʔu²gɔʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
lichen kʰəŋ⁴kʰli¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
lick juʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
lie dɨ̀aŋʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
lie daŋʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
lie down kɯŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
lift up bek¹koŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
light blɛŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
light dɛʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
lightning mǔlaba Gong (Suphanburi)
like dok Gong (Suphanburi)
lime pʰě Gong (Suphanburi)
lip (khu)thᴜ̌ŋ kó̵̩ˌ? / ɲɔ́ʔ  Ugong
lip up the eating tray Gong (Suphanburi)
liquid mucus nǎʔ  Ugong
liquid pus thᴜ́  Ugong
liquid, damp, fluid ɲaʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
liquor ji³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
liquor, rice wine Gong (Suphanburi)
listen maŋ⁴na²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
little pɛʔ¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
little bird ha pê Lawa (Kwê Yai)
little finger lɔʔ¹ʔe¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
little finger lɔ̌ʔ khé̩ŋ  Ugong
little, few dɛʔ¹cʰɛ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
little, small and long pɛʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
live jɔ̂ mà ʔí Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
live jɔ̂ mà ʔí Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
live as husband and wife, to be banded together in love lu⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
liver cʰəŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
liver cʰaŋ⁴ Gong (Uthai Thani)
liver cʰʌŋ ~ səŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
liver hɔŋ səŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
liver ho̩ŋ sɤ̩́ŋ  Ugong
lizard ciŋ³cɔʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
lizard (a kind of), cheap cʰoŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
log of a tree ʔak¹mɔŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
loin cloth tʰa³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
loincloth kʰutʰɛʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
loincloth kutʰoěʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
long kəŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
long kə̂ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
long kə̂ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
long ago lɔŋ⁴doʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
long eggplant ʔa²kʰa³kaŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
long jungle knife Gong (Suphanburi)
long, to dip up kaŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
look Gong (Suphanburi)
look wùɔ Gong (Suphanburi)
look wu³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
look after cʰeŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
look up, to lift, to raise eyebrows dəŋ¹kʰɔʔ²ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
look upwards lɯŋ⁴kʰɔʔ²ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
lose ones way woŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
loud maŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
louse ʔê Gong (Suphanburi)
louse ka²pʰɔ²ʔe⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
louse ʔe Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
louse ʔe Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
love hoěʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
love dok¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
low (height) jɨŋ cʰɛ ~ jɨŋ sɛ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
low (height) ɲɨŋ sɛ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
low, short jɯŋ⁴cʰɛ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
lower back sᴜ̌k  Ugong
lumbar, break up little by little (by a chisel), wear, put on skirt over the head, box, hit by fist cʰǔk Gong (Suphanburi)
lumber cʰuk¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
lung pɔt Gong (Suphanburi)
lung ho̩ŋ ʔǒ̵̩  Ugong
lung, blood ʔɨ̀ Gong (Suphanburi)
mad ma²gaŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
madman mɔŋ³ka¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
maize kū mê Lawa (Kwê Yai)
maize kū mê Lawa (Kwê Noi)
male (for all animal except fowl) ka²lɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
male (of fowl) pʰa⁴ Gong (Uthai Thani)
male (of fowl), dioscorehispid tuber pʰa Gong (Suphanburi)
male genitals, male sex organ, to have ni Gong (Suphanburi)
male pubic hair nɪ́ mọ̵́ŋ  Ugong
mammary glands, breast, to shake (tree) Gong (Suphanburi)
man mɔŋ⁴cʰi¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
man mɔŋ cʰi Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
man mɔŋ se Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
man mang si Lawa (Kwê Yai)
mango kôk lê Lawa (Kwê Yai)
Many ɲǎ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
many ɲá Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
many (length) ʔugɔŋʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
many (length) gɔ̂ŋʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
mark (red) mɪŋ blǒ̩ŋ  Ugong
marrow wúʔě̩ŋ  Ugong
marrow wúʔě̩ŋ  Ugong
marry bɔŋ³tɛi⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
mat bə²ʔaʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
maternal grandfather ā pū Lawa (Kwê Yai)
maternal grandmother ā sī Lawa (Kwê Yai)
mattress jɯk¹tʰɛi³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
mattress koŋ³pʰaŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
meat, deer, stroke (body) / stroke one's body, lean on ʔa Gong (Suphanburi)
medicine ʔə̌k kʰa Gong (Suphanburi)
medicine, eggplant, opium ʔa²kʰa⁴ Gong (Uthai Thani)
meet tiaŋ³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
mend, patch tʰɔʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
mend, repair tɛ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
men's loin cloth ku²tʰəʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
menstrual blood sɛŋ wɯ̌ŋ  Ugong
menstruation, menses cʰɛi⁴ʔɯ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
merit bɯŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
middle finger lɔʔ¹ʔu²gɔŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
middle finger lɔ̌ʔ gɔ̀ŋ  Ugong
middle, in the middle of gɔ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
middle, in the middle of ʔu²gɔŋ¹tu³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
milk nᴜ̀ wɯ̌ŋ  Ugong
milk tooth nᴜ̀ wɯ̌ŋ ka  Ugong
milled glutinous rice ɲɔŋ⁴cʰe³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
milled rice cʰe³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
millipede kuŋ¹kɔŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
mince lap Gong (Suphanburi)
mist cʰeŋ ~ seŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
mist seŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
mix by using hands cʰuʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
moan, groan kʰɨ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
moist, wet còk Gong (Suphanburi)
molar ka phᴜ̌ (dâŋ)  Ugong
mole tʰoŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
mole mɨŋ⁴cʰak¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
mole tʰɔŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
mole mɪŋ ʔɛ  Ugong
monastery waʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
money ŋə̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
money ŋəŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
monitor lizard gaŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
monk cu²ku³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
monkey ɲǔk Gong (Suphanburi)
monkey ɲok¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
monkey ɲǔk Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
monkey ɲǔk Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
monkey (ling) yuk Lawa (Kwê Yai)
month la² Gong (Uthai Thani)
month, moon dɨa Gong (Suphanburi)
moon ʔu³la⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
moon dɨ̀a Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
moon dɨ̀a Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
mortar ʔuŋ¹gɔŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
mortar bók Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
mortar bók Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
mosquito cʰɔŋ⁴kʰɔŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
mosquito cʰɔŋkʰɔ̂ŋ ~ sɔŋkʰɔ̂ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
mosquito sɔŋkʰɔ̂ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
mosquito net moŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
mosquito-net, husband muŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
mother ʔamɛ̌ʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
mother ʔamɛ́ʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
mother ʔamɛ́ʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
mother bak Lawa (Kwê Yai)
mountain puŋ³dɔʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
moustache mɨ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
moustache nà phyŋ mó̵̩ŋ  Ugong
mountain pʰúŋdɔ̀ʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
mountain pʰúŋdɔ̀ʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
mouth ku²tuŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
mouth katʰuŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
mouth kutʰuŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
mouth khu thᴜ́ŋ  Ugong
mouth kū tung Lawa (Kwê Yai)
mouthful kʰǒ Gong (Suphanburi)
mouthful kʰo¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
mucus na²kʰli³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
mud tʰu⁴kʰləŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
mud tʰikʰloěŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
mud, heap (of fire) puŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
mud, slush gəŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
muddy, turbid (water) gəŋ³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
mushroom Gong (Suphanburi)
mushroom mu³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
muskmelon cu²kʰok¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
mygale tuŋ²waŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
mynah gaŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
myrobalan jiŋ⁴cʰiŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
nail lɔ́ʔʔəŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
nail lɔ́ʔʔəŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
nail, claw ʔəŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
name ɲɨŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
name jɨŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
name ɲɨ́ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
nape of neck yɯ̌ŋ sɯ̂ŋ wᴜ́ sɔ́ŋ  Ugong
narrow kɛ́ŋ cʰɛ ~ kɛŋ sɛ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
narrow kɛŋ sɛ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
nasal mucus na Gong (Suphanburi)
nasal mucus nà wɨ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
naughty, make trouble (animal) Gong (Suphanburi)
navel cɔʔ¹kɔŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
navel cɔ̌ʔ  Ugong
navel lint cɔ̌ʔ ʔé̩ŋ/ cɔ̌ʔ khlɪ́  Ugong
near cʰɔʔ¹cʰɛ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
near cʰɔ́ʔ cʰɛ ~ sɔ́ʔ sɛ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
near sɔ́ʔ sɛ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
near, close to cʰɔʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
neck laŋ³cʰiŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
neck jɨ́ŋcʰɨ̀ŋ ~ jɨ́ŋsɨ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
neck jɨ́ŋsɨ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
neck yɯ̌ŋ sɯ̂ŋ / yɯ̌ŋ sɯ̩̂ŋ  Ugong
neck lang sûng Lawa (Kwê Yai)
needle kiaʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
nest hɔʔ¹kɯ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
new cʰɔʔ¹ʔɔʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
new ma tʰɔʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
new ma tʰɔ́ʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
nick pʰlɛʔ¹dɔʔ²ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
night ji³tu² Gong (Uthai Thani)
night nitʰuŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
night nitʰuŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
nine kʰǔ Gong (Suphanburi)
nine ku¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
nine kʰu Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
nine kʰu Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
nine Lawa (Kwê Yai)
nine Lawa (Kwê Noi)
nip off (using thumb and index finger), pick with pincers tʰoeʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
nip, to pick with pincers nek¹taʔ²ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
nipple nᴜ̀ ʔa lɛ  Ugong
no appetite and no sleep, fever bi Gong (Suphanburi)
nob joèʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
nose ni²tʰɛi³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
nose natʰɛ̂ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
nose natʰɛ̂ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
nose nà kɔŋ  Ugong
nose nà thɛ̂ŋ / nè thɛ̂ŋ  Ugong
nose nā tēng Lawa (Kwê Yai)
nose bleed dú̵ʔʔọ̵́ / nǎʔʔộ̵  Ugong
nose hair nà thɛ̂ŋ mọ̵́ŋ  Ugong
nostril nàthɛ̂ŋkɔŋ  Ugong
not ma Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
not ma Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
not so, incorrect ma²tɔŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
not well bìa Gong (Suphanburi)
not yet, still ma ta Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
not yet, still jɔ̂ ma kʰeŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
not, female animal, clf for a pill (medicine) ma Gong (Suphanburi)
noun prefix hɔŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
now dɔʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
now dɔʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
odor, scent, smell, ask (question) ɲǐ Gong (Suphanburi)
offspring si Lawa (Kwê Yai)
oil, fat ʔeŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
oil, fat, knead (large lump) ʔěŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
old cʰa²lu⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
old (age) mɔ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
old (object) ma ʔáŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
old (object) ma ʔǎŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
old (person) mɔŋ tʰe Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
old (person) mɔŋ tʰe Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
old, aged mɔŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
on the left lɔʔ¹wi¹naŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
one tʰi¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
one tʰi Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
one tʰi Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
one ti Lawa (Kwê Yai)
one ti Lawa (Kwê Noi)
one hundred tʰi²ca³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
one hundred lɔj nɨŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
one hundred lɔj nɨŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
one hundred cha Lawa (Kwê Yai)
one hundred and one cha-kātī Lawa (Kwê Yai)
one thousand cʰɛ³ca² Gong (Uthai Thani)
one, first, water, drag, pull heavy object or person tʰi Gong (Suphanburi)
open pʰɔŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
orchid tak¹tə²piaʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
other toes khɔ̌ʔkhɪ̂ (lɔ̌ʔma / lɔ̌ʔʔ  Ugong
otter kaŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
otter, clf of tamarind, clf of tamarind kaŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
outer covering, peel skin koèʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
outside the house pʰǔʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
over flow, to spill pʰa³cʰɯʔ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
overflow, to boil, to sink, nutty (coconut juice) cʰiŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
owl ku²kω³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
ox, cow mɨk Gong (Suphanburi)
ox, cow ʔoŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
oxcart kʰle³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
pace tuŋ⁴ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
pack, to stab du⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
paddy kuk¹kə⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
palm dɔʔ pʰe Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
palm lɔʔ pʰe Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
palm lɔ̌ʔ phyé̩  Ugong
palm civet pi²piɛ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
palm of the hand lɔʔ¹pi¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
pangolin tʰɔŋ⁴kʰɯ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
papaya ku²la⁴ʔɛ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
papaya takók ʔɛ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
papaya takók ʔɛ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
parrot kɛ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
partition pʰuŋ¹waŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
peacock kʰǒŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
peacock kʰoŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
peacock kong Lawa (Kwê Yai)
peacock, pheasant gɛ̌ʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
peck at tʰəŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
peel cʰɛ̀ʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
peel blɛʔ¹dɔʔ²ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
pen (of animal) kʰaŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
penetrate blaʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
penis ni¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
penis nɪ́  Ugong
penis hole nɪ́ kɔŋ  Ugong
people, blow out water strongly, squirt, boiled ʔo Gong (Suphanburi)
pepper sauce ciŋ³cɛ²tʰɔŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
peppery hèk Gong (Suphanburi)
peppery, to weigh ceŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
person ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
person ʔo Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
person ʔo Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
persuade cʰɯŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
pester pʰəŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
pestle tʰɔŋ⁴cʰuŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
pestle bók cʰuŋ ~ bók suŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
pestle bók suŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
pestle for pounding rice di Gong (Suphanburi)
pestle for pounding rice glɨ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
pheasant giɛʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
phlegm khô̵̩ / khɔ̂  Ugong
pick (flower) bek¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
pick (vegetables), clf for a wrap, place on top of other, overlap tʰɛʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
pick out kɔŋ⁴dɔʔ²ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
pickle dɔŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
pierce tʰək¹ho²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
pig pʰǒʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
pig pωʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
pig pʰǒʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
pig pʰǒʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
pig Lawa (Kwê Yai)
pillow dòʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
pillow ku²kʰlɛi³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
pimple, acne miŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
pincers kʰîm Gong (Suphanburi)
pinch bek¹cʰak²ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
pinch, nip kalɛŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
pit tuŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
pit for trapping animals, ask for free labor tʰuŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
place tʰɛi³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
place for sleep, mattress goŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
place something under, to dip up, to catch water from a spout kʰaŋ³dɛ³ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
place, at tʰɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
placenta ḥoŋ-dǔŋ-yɛ́  Ugong
placenta lọ̵̌ŋ yɛ́ʔ  Ugong
plain, bright ja³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
plain, level wɛ²wɛ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
plait tuʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
plane, to furbish, to rub tʰu⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
plant cʰǔ Gong (Suphanburi)
plantation jɨ³dɔʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
plastic bottle kʰuat Gong (Suphanburi)
play lo⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
play lǒʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
play loɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
play (musical instrument), curse (oneself) dɛʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
pluck kʰlɛi²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
plump, stout, well-rounded, big, vigorous but still young (people, plants) noŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
plunder pləŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
point du³ma¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
point at, to tickle ci³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
poke tʰəŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
police, authorities tu³mɔŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
porcupine ko Gong (Suphanburi)
porcupine kɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
portion pʰlɛ̀ʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
portion pʰlɛʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
pot pu¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
pot, intestine, bowel pʰu Gong (Suphanburi)
potato mɯŋ⁴cʰu³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
pound down, to beat, to strike ba²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
pound, crush to a pulp, break tʰɔ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
pound, to punch by using elbow tʰɔŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
pound, to punch by using elbow tʰɔ̂ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
pounded rice kʰúk goèʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
pounded rice kʰúk koèʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
pour (water) cʰəʔ¹dɔŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
pour down, scissors cʰɛ̌ʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
pour in drop by drop kʰaʔ¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
pour in drop by drop (paddy in the hole for planting) cʰəŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
prawn cʰaŋ²kʰle³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
praying mantis kuk¹ca²leŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
press kɯ⁴kʰla²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
prick, pierce (by needle) dûɔ Gong (Suphanburi)
project (the tongue) cʰɛŋ⁴dɔʔ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
protruding doŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
pry and draw (as a bow) bèk Gong (Suphanburi)
pry open, to pick out kɛʔ¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
pull tʰi²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
pull lɔj Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
pull lɔj Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
pull a fishing rod jaʔ¹kʰɔʔ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
pull up tʰɔk¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
pull, to pull with force tʰi¹kʰle²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
pump juk¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
pumpkin tʰɔŋ⁴kʰa³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
pupil ɲɔʔkɔŋ sɤ̩́k/nɔʔ  Ugong
pus phǔ̵ŋ / plɯ̌ŋ  Ugong
push tu⁴jɔʔ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
push cʰeŋ jɔ́ ~ seŋʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
push tʰi seŋʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
put on cʰuk¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
put on, add, to cry, to shout ho³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
put some drop on, into kʰǎʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
put the hand in and take with force kuk¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
putting fish on yes toŋ⁴doʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
python dɨ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
quail Gong (Suphanburi)
quail mɛʔ¹mω¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
quarrel, to sing cʰi³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
question word Gong (Suphanburi)
quickly wɛ³wɛ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
quiet cɯk¹cɔʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
quite, doing nothing, reconcile ŋɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi)
rabbit pʰida Gong (Suphanburi)
rabbit pi²da¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
rabbit pʰida Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
rabbit pʰida Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
raft kʰù Gong (Suphanburi)
rags cʰu³ji²lɛi³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
rain wɨ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
rain Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
rain we Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
rainbow kuŋ³kɔŋ¹cʰaŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
rainbow cʰaŋkʰléʔkà ~ saŋkʰléʔkà Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
rainbow saŋlékà Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
rambeh ʔɛŋ³cʰɯʔ¹ʔɛ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
rash ji³daŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
rat wuk¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
rat wǔk Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
rat wǔk Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
rat, mouse wuk Gong (Suphanburi)
rattan wǐŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
rattan wiŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
rattan wǐŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
rattan wǐŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
razor kɯʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
reach blaʔ¹doʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
ready pʰlɔŋ³joʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
receive, to dry laʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
reconcile ŋɔ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
red buŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
red pu⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
red buŋ³bluŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
red boŋ boŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
red boŋ bòŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
red ants bə²cʰə³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
red pepper ciŋ cɛ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
red pepper cìŋ cɛ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
reed organ kʰɛŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
refrain from, to starve, to fast jaŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
refrain from, to starve, to fast tʰeŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
refrain from, to starve, to fast mo Gong (Suphanburi)
released (animal), come off easily, denuded bek Gong (Suphanburi)
return doŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
return dóŋ dìe Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
return dóŋ die Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
return, to come back doŋ¹lɛ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
rhizome ka²cʰɛ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
rib naʔ¹tʰɔŋ²wu¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
rib hǎŋ khɔ́ŋ wú/ᴜ  Ugong
rice sheaf kuk¹bak² Gong (Uthai Thani)
ride kʰɔʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
ride, to give cʰi³ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
ridge of the spine mɯŋ⁴ʔa³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
right (correct) dia Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
right (correct) dǐa Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
right, to hit tɔŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
rightside lɔʔ wi Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
rightside lɔʔ wi Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
ring lɔʔ¹cʰeŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
ring finger lɔʔ¹ka³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
ring finger lɔ̌ʔ kàʔ/klàʔ  Ugong
ring worm ʔu⁴lɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
ripe miŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
ripe paddy rice kʰuk sɨ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
rise, hard kʰɔʔ²ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
road bitʰî Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
road patʰî Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
roast, to be high, tall ʔu²gɔŋ²ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
robin te²tɛ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
rod wiŋ³tiɛŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
roll wɨ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
roll cigarette, to count li Gong (Suphanburi)
roll over dəŋ³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
roof jiŋ³kʰɔŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
roof kʰɔŋ pʰuŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
roof kʰɔ́ŋ pʰùŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
roof, to broad over mu³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
root kʰa¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
root ʔə̌k kʰa Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
root ʔə́k kʰa Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
root ka Lawa (Kwê Yai)
root hāng ka Lawa (Kwê Noi)
root, plant (chili) using seeds kʰa Gong (Suphanburi)
rope loěŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
rope ləŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
rotten cʰɨ tʰe Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
rotten sɨ tʰe Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
round lə²lə¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
round dɨ dø Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
round dɨ dø Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
ruak (Thyrsostachys siamensis) daw pī Lawa (Kwê Yai)
ruak (Thyrsostachys siamensis) daw pi Lawa (Kwê Noi)
rub jɛ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
rub bèʔʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
rub bènáʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
run, to move rapidly, to flee cʰɔŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
saliva wi³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
saliva, to laugh wi Gong (Suphanburi)
salt ʔapʰe Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
salt ʔapʰé Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
salty ɲìŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
salty ɲɨŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
same tʰi dʌk jɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
same tʰi dʌk ɲɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
sand wi²ʔɛi¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sand wíʔʔɛŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
sand wìʔʔɛŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
sand dê wēng Lawa (Kwê Yai)
satchel cʰi³jaŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
save, economize jěkò Gong (Suphanburi)
saw lɨaj Gong (Suphanburi)
scab phɯ́ŋ khlɛ̌ʔ  Ugong
scale kʰɛ̀ʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
scales (of fish) ŋa²ʔa³kʰlɛʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
scar phɯ́ŋ / fɯ́ŋ / phlɯ́ŋ  Ugong
scarab beetle ʔɛi³ka²ləŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
scatter, sprinkle wàn Gong (Suphanburi)
scissors cʰɛʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
scold, curse, abuse dɛ̀ʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
scoop (dry fried dish) kûɔ Gong (Suphanburi)
scorpion kʰɔŋ³lo³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
scorpion kʰɔ́ŋdò Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
scorpion kʰɔ́ŋdò Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
scrape fiber from plant, abrade kʰuʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
scrape the fiber from plant kʰwik Gong (Suphanburi)
scratch nìkʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
scratch nìkʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
scratch with claws kɔ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
scratch, to summon, to pare, to cut by using the scissors cʰɛʔ¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
scum mak¹nɔʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
scurf ku²kɨ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
second nɨŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
see cʰɛ³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
see cʰɛ̀ʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
see cʰɛ̀ʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
seed hɔŋ kʰɔ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
seed kʰɔ́ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
seed grain kʰuk su Gong (Suphanburi)
seed, mind kʰɔŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
seed, mind, heart kʰɔŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
segment of plant (bamboo or sugar-cane) hɔŋ sə̌k Gong (Suphanburi)
self kêŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
sell cʰɔ̌ʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
sell cʰɔʔ¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sell cʰɔ̂ʔʔɔ̂ ~ sɔ̂ʔʔɔ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
sell sɔ̂ʔʔɔ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
semen nɪ́ wɯ̌ŋ  Ugong
separate bek¹kaŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
septum nàthɛ̂ŋ khu khyɪ̂  Ugong
sesame, stink, rancid naŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
sesame, two naŋ⁴ Gong (Uthai Thani)
set, place, set up, erect, to settle, locate ŋoŋ³dɛ³ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
seven ʔi³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
seven ʔí Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
seven ʔí Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
seven thī Lawa (Kwê Yai)
seven Lawa (Kwê Noi)
seven, corpse ʔî Gong (Suphanburi)
sew kʰok¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sew kʰòkʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
sew kʰòkʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
shackle kʰɔʔ¹tuŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
shake lɯŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
shake (tree, things), to tremble (tree) nuɔ Gong (Suphanburi)
shake, clear cʰe⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
shallow ma²nɔʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sharp tʰɔ Gong (Suphanburi)
sharp (blade) naŋ-ʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
sharp (blade) naŋʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
sharp ended knife ku²cʰo¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sharp, to blow, to wound, to patch, to light (candle, incense) tʰɔʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sharpen ʔɛʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sharpen ʔɛi⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sharpen, pointed cʰo⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
shave koěʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
shell kʰlɛ̌ʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
shell kəʔ¹kɔŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
shell (of egg, shellfish) klaʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
shell (of egg, shell-fish), razor kʰěʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
shin gǒŋ khòŋ  Ugong
shin bone / tibia gɔ̌ŋkhɔ̀ŋ wú/ᴜ  Ugong
shin, calf puŋ²ʔa²lə¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
shine tʰɛŋ¹ʔɔŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
shirt, coat jɯŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
shoe pa²tɨ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
shoot jɛʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
shoot jɛʔʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
shoot jɛ̀ʔʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
shoot, gun jɛ̌ʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
shore, bank of a river lɔŋ⁴pʰɔŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
short Gong (Suphanburi)
shoulder lɔʔ¹kʰlɛʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
shoulder lɔ́ʔkʰɛ̀ʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
shoulder láʔkʰɛ̀ʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
shoulder lɛ̌ʔ-khɛʔ(bǒ̩ŋ) / lɔ̌ʔ  Ugong
shoulder blade / scapula lɔ́ʔ khɛ́ʔ wú  Ugong
shoulder pole taŋ⁴ʔa¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
shrink kəŋ¹ʔɔŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
shut, to block pek¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sick Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
sick Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
sickle cʰi²wiʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sickness, disease bìa Gong (Suphanburi)
side burn khu sǎŋ nɪ thǒ̩ŋ  Ugong
side of body nǎŋ khɔ̀ʔ  Ugong
side of buttocks nà blɔ̂n  Ugong
side of waist sᴜ̌k kho̩ŋ  Ugong
sift dəŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sift or winnow the paddy to be in the mid of lə̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
silver ŋə̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
silver ŋɨ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
silver ŋə̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
similar to a dove partridge tuŋ⁴cʰɨ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sin baʔ¹tɯk²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
sinew ku³na¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sinew / tendon (muscle to bone ʔěn  Ugong
sing cʰìa Gong (Suphanburi)
sing pʰeŋ cʰia Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
sing feŋ cʰìa Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
sip, to taste klok¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sister jǒʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
sister jóʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
sit ŋòŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
sit ŋoŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
sit ŋòŋʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
sit ŋòŋʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
sitting (a manner of) ha Gong (Suphanburi)
six kʰɔʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
six kʰɔ̌ʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
six kʰɔ́ʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
six kaw Lawa (Kwê Yai)
six kaw Lawa (Kwê Noi)
six, bird kʰɔ̌ʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
skilled, good at lɔʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
skin koéʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
skin koéʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
skin kó̵̩ʔ̩  Ugong
skin, coir, bark kəʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
skin, leather koěʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
skink cɯŋ⁴klɯŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
skull khuphɔ́wú/ᴜ  Ugong
sky mu¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sky Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
sky mu Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
slap, to applaud blɛ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sleep jik¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sleep jɨ̀kʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
sleep jɨ̀kʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
sleep (polite), lie down jɨk Gong (Suphanburi)
sleep cramped with others neŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
sleep restlessly diŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
sleepy jɯk¹ŋə²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
slice off kʰəŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
slice, to cut kʰəŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
slip blaŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
slough, snake skin pʰɨŋ gɛ̌ʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
slow, long cʰa²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
small pɛʔ cʰɛ ~ pɛ́ʔ sɛ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
small papɛ́ʔ sɛ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
small beast flea, rain we Gong (Suphanburi)
small cup (for drinking Chinese tea) cʰɨaŋ pɛʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
small green frog, to whip ba Gong (Suphanburi)
small intestine phᴜ̌ pɛʔ  Ugong
smart Gong (Suphanburi)
smell nàŋ-ʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
smell nàŋŋɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
smell, name ɲi³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
smell, to kiss, to cleave (bamboo) naŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
smoke jikʰu Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
smoke jìkʰu Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
smoke of fire tʰoŋ⁴ʔe³kʰu¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
smoke,pump nɨk Gong (Suphanburi)
smooth blɛŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
smooth blɛŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
smooth blɛŋ samə Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
smooth, trim, sharpen ʔɛŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
snake pʰɨ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
snake pʰɨ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
snake, cobra pʰɨ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
snake, pus pɯŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
snare plɨ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
snare (a kind of trap) pʰli Gong (Suphanburi)
snare with a loop kʰɔŋ¹dɛ³ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sneeze ci⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
snore, to smear mω³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
soak tik²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
soak, bubbles, foam tʰɨk Gong (Suphanburi)
soaking wet (child) cok Gong (Suphanburi)
soft jɯʔ¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
soft (sound) tʰəʔ¹tʰəʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
soft-boiled rice maŋ⁴juk¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
soft-shelled turtle kɯ³kɨ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
soldier nàj Gong (Suphanburi)
solid mucus na khlɪ̂  Ugong
some ʔɔŋ nìa Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
son cʰɨ²juk¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
son-in-law cʰɨ²mɔʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sorrowful, worried, anxious tʰuk Gong (Suphanburi)
soul, guardian spirit kěk Gong (Suphanburi)
sound tʰoeŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
sound tʰəŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sound of wooden flute (big sound) luŋ ti Gong (Suphanburi)
sour cɨ̀a Gong (Suphanburi)
spade cəʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
spade sin la Lawa (Kwê Yai)
speak cʰuʔɔ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
speak soʔɔ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
speak , talk, say; to pull, draw, drag ʔɛi³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
spear bulɔŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
spend Gong (Suphanburi)
spend ko²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
spider baŋ²cʰa²lɔʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
spider waŋcʰalɔ́ʔ ~ waŋsalɔ́ʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
spider waŋsalɔ́ʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
spin poŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
spin klǎŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
spin pωŋ³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
spin klaŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
spine of fish-fin, barb of fish jəŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
spirit feeding on the entrails of a person it possesses baŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
spit pʰi⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
spit (v) pʰimu tʰeŋʔɔ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
spit (v) pʰia Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
spit out pʰa¹dɔʔ²ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
spit, to rinse mu²koŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
spittle wì  Ugong
spleen ce¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
spleen, to tie ce Gong (Suphanburi)
splinter pi²ŋɛi¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
split kʰə³ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
split cʰeʔɔ̂ ~ seʔɔ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
split seʔɔ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
spoon bɔʔ¹cʰe² Gong (Uthai Thani)
spray buɔ Gong (Suphanburi)
spread out (as mat) pʰaŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
spur (of cock) wωʔ¹kləʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
square pʰi baŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
squeeze Gong (Suphanburi)
squeeze nek¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
squeeze bíʔʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
squeeze bíkʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
squeeze, press (using finger nails) nik Gong (Suphanburi)
squeeze, press (using finger nails), lift də̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
squeeze, press (using fingers) nek Gong (Suphanburi)
squirm pu²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
squirrel pωʔ¹wωk² Gong (Uthai Thani)
stab dǔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
stab dǔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
stab (hole for planting rice) tʰəŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
stab (pig's throat) du Gong (Suphanburi)
stag beetle cʰaʔ¹wωʔ¹pi³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
stand jěʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
stand jiʔ¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
stand jèʔʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
stand jèʔʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
star cʰinû Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
star sinû Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
stare bɔ̌ʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
stare, to look bɔʔ¹wu²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
steal kɯ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
steam pʰǔŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
steam puŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
steamy breath (ka)thᴜ́ŋ ʔɔ́ʔ  Ugong
step, take a step tʰoŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
stick ʔə́k lɔ̀ʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
stick ʔə́k lɔ̀ʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
sting (wasp) daŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
sting (wasp) doj Gong (Suphanburi)
stinger(sting) cʰɨ³ʔe⁴jaŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
stingy dùɔ Gong (Suphanburi)
stingy ku²na²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
stink, bad-smelling naŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
stir ko³wa²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
stomach bɔ́ŋphɔ́ pɛʔ / bɔ́ŋphɔ́dˆ  Ugong
stone luʔ¹kʰω³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
stone dúkkʰu Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
stone dúʔkʰù Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
stone law kū Lawa (Kwê Yai)
stone law kū Lawa (Kwê Noi)
stoop, to crouch kʰoŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
stop, give way, evade pʰeŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
stop, to rest ɲuŋ³ɲa¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
straight koŋ³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
straight cɔʔ-ʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
straight cɔ̀ʔʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
strain, to pull up cʰaŋ⁴dɔʔ²ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
straw pʰəŋ⁴ʔa¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
strength li³pɛi² Gong (Uthai Thani)
strength, rapid, dry lɛŋ³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
stretch kʰɯŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
stretch out kʰlà Gong (Suphanburi)
stretch out kʰla²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
stretch out (something or part of the body), open pʰɔŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
stretch out (the leg) cʰɛi³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
stretched (muscle) tɨŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
stretched out (leg) cʰɛŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
string ʔə̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
string ʔɯŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
striped gok¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
stroke ʔaʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
stumble and trip, stagger Gong (Suphanburi)
stumble on a rope pʰeʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
stump of tree lak¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sty, pen, support against, shove with foot tʰɛŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
subside ʔěk Gong (Suphanburi)
suck nɨ̀kʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
suck nɨ̀kʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
suck (by tube) nùk Gong (Suphanburi)
suck, to cut (banana flower stalk) nəʔ¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sugar cane hɔʔ¹cʰu³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sugarcane ha sū Lawa (Kwê Yai)
sugarcane ha sū Lawa (Kwê Noi)
sun ni²kʰɔʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sun ni Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
sun ni Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
sunlight, hot, eight kʰɛ̌ʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
swallow gə̀k Gong (Suphanburi)
swallow ʔɛŋ³bɛŋ⁵tuŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
swallow lak¹kʰaʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
swamp tʰu Gong (Suphanburi)
sway, loose kʰlò Gong (Suphanburi)
sway, to loose kʰo²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
sweat keŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sweat / perspiration ké̩ŋ  Ugong
sweat, perspiration kěŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
sweep off tʰo Gong (Suphanburi)
sweep, to rub tɯ³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sweet basil tʰɔŋ²lu³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sweet basil leaf kʰɔ⁴nɔŋ⁴piaʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
sweet, to chop, to chip, to build, to fight cʰu³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
swell wàŋ tʰe Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
swell waŋʔɔ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
swell up, far waŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
swell, protruding, wound, pus pʰɨŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
sweltering, middle narrowed part of narrow object (such as in an hourglass) dòŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
swim wajʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
swim wajʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
swing nɯ³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
swollen waŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
sword waʔ¹lɔŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
tadpole ʔok¹tω³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
Taenia alba kɛ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
tail ni²tʰaŋ⁴ Gong (Uthai Thani)
tail nitʰəŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
tail nitʰəŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
take ju³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
take də́k kʰìa Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
take də́k kʰà Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
take a bath ʔu Gong (Suphanburi)
take care of cʰèŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
take off (shirt, shoes) kʰlɔŋ⁴dɔʔ²ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
take, receive, get ju Gong (Suphanburi)
tale, story cʰi²klɨ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
talking mina, grackle gaŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
tall balɛʔ cʰɛ ~ balɛʔ sɛ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
tall balɛ̀ʔ sɛ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
tall, high gɔ̂ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
tamarind ma²kaŋ⁴ʔɛ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
tapir cʰiŋ⁴ʔa²tiʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
taro pɯŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
taste (a kind of) cʰɨ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
tasteless, pale blak¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
tattoo cʰak Gong (Suphanburi)
teach ma⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
teak cʰuŋ³ʔak² Gong (Uthai Thani)
tear ɲɔʔ¹pli² Gong (Uthai Thani)
tear bek¹cʰɛʔ²ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
tear ɲɔʔ phɪ́k  Ugong
tear, pluck (flowers, tops of vegetable) běk Gong (Suphanburi)
tell a lie gɔʔ¹lɛʔ²ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
tell a lie, prevaricating lɔʔ¹lɛʔ²ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
tell, to talk pluŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
ten cʰɛ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
ten cʰɛ Gong (Suphanburi)
ten cʰɛ ~ sɛ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
ten Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
ten Lawa (Kwê Yai)
ten Lawa (Kwê Noi)
termite pi²ʔi¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
testicle nɪ́ khû  Ugong
testis ni¹ku³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
Thai, excrement ʔɛi¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
that hɛŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
that tu³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
that nɛʔ tʰɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
that nɛ̂ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
the area on the house which put up a partition jiŋ²kloŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
the area outside the house proper tʰɔŋ⁴kiɛŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
the cemetery dǔk Gong (Suphanburi)
the day after tomorrow cʰɔŋ⁴naʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
the first person singular pronoun ŋa³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
the flower of reed bɔŋ⁴pʰoŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
the middle area of the house jiŋ³gɔŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
the Northern Ugong puŋ³ʔu²gɔŋ⁵pʰɔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
the other person hɔŋ²pʰɔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
the second or third person pronouns nɔ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
the second or third person pronouns nɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
the Southern Ugong ti³ʔe⁵pʰɔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
the water getting from cooking rice maŋ⁴te³wiŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
then ŋɔʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
there tǔk Gong (Suphanburi)
there nɛʔ tʰɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
there túk tʰɔ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
there, yonder tu³tʰɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
thick dɔ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
thick do Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
thick dòʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
thick, scold, fierce dɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi)
thigh phùŋ bǎlǎŋ  Ugong
thigh bone / femur phùŋ bàlǎŋwú/ᴜ  Ugong
thin kʰuŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
thin pi⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
thin kuŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
thin pʰi pʰi Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
thin pʰìʔ pʰi sɛ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
thing pʰùŋbalǎŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
thing pʰùŋbalǎŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
things to be planted kʰa ʔa Gong (Suphanburi)
think kʰìkʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
think kʰìkʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
think of dok¹tiaŋ³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
think, refect kʰǐk Gong (Suphanburi)
think, to reflect kʰik¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
thirteen sē-dōng Lawa (Kwê Yai)
thirty dōng-se Lawa (Kwê Yai)
thirty one dōng-sê-kātī Lawa (Kwê Yai)
this he¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
this hi tʰɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
this hɛ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
this evening ɲuʔ¹ɲa² Gong (Uthai Thani)
this year he²cʰi³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
thorn cʰɔ⁴ Gong (Uthai Thani)
thorn, speech, that, say (what did he say), speak cʰo Gong (Suphanburi)
thread kʰə̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
thread kʰaŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
thread cʰik¹ʔə²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
thread up on cʰik¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
three ʔoŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
three ʔωŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
three ʔoŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
three ʔoŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
three dōng Lawa (Kwê Yai)
three dōng Lawa (Kwê Noi)
throat ku²ʔɔŋ²dɔŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
throat / gullet / pharynx khu ʔɔ̌ŋ  Ugong
throw tʰu dɔʔ kʰáʔʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
throw tʰu dɔʔʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
throw away, to discontinue wiŋ³tʰeŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
throw, to hurl tʰeŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
thumb lɔʔ¹ma² Gong (Uthai Thani)
thumb lɔ̌ʔ ma  Ugong
tick, clf. for cigarette wɨ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
tie cʰia ~ siaʔɔ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
tie siaʔɔ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
tie (up) be³taʔ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
tie up ce¹ta²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
tie, sour ce³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
tiger dɨ̀a Gong (Suphanburi)
tiger la¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
tiger dɨa Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
tiger dɨa Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
tiger kua tha Lawa (Kwê Yai)
tight nɛn Gong (Suphanburi)
tingle taste cʰà Gong (Suphanburi)
tip of nose nà thɛ̂ŋ / yɔŋ  Ugong
tired, worn out ɲuŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
to steam pʰuŋʔɔ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
to steam pʰuŋʔɔ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
toad ba²kʰu³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
tobacco cʰok¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
today juʔ¹ni³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
together cʰɔŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
tomato cʰaŋ²pω⁴ʔɛ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
tomorrow mωŋ⁴naʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
tongue laʔɛ Gong (Suphanburi)
tongue la³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
tongue lɛ́ʔʔɛ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
tongue lɛ̀ʔʔɛ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
tongue laʔʔɛ̂ / lɛʔʔɛ̂  Ugong
tooth ka Gong (Suphanburi)
tooth ka Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
tooth ka Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
tooth ka  Ugong
tooth dirt ka khlɪ́/ka sé̩ŋ  Ugong
tooth, canine tooth ka¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
top ɲu Gong (Suphanburi)
top ɲu¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
torn, to be disjointed kʰəŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
touch tɔŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
touch ʔaʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
trap tʰɔŋ³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
tray piɛŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
tree ʔak¹cʰiŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
tree ʔə̌k cʰɨ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
tree ʔə́k sɨ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
tree lak Lawa (Kwê Yai)
tree lak Lawa (Kwê Noi)
trunk ju³naŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
tube skirt, loin cloth tʰa Gong (Suphanburi)
tuberous plant pɯŋ⁴le³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
tumble down cʰuʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
turmeric ɲiŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
turmeric ɲɛʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
turn over, to turn wa²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
turn up an down (fish) dɨŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
turtle pu²ŋoŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
tusk ʔɔ̌ŋ cʰì ~ ʔɔ̌ŋ sì Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
tusk ʔɔ̌ŋ sì Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
twelve sē-nang Lawa (Kwê Yai)
twenty naŋ⁴ʔɛ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
twenty nɨŋ ʔɛ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
twenty nɨŋ ʔɛ́ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
twenty nang-sê Lawa (Kwê Yai)
twenty one nang-sê-kātī Lawa (Kwê Yai)
twisted, to reap, to twist wiʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
twitter blɛ³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
two nɨ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
two nɨŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
two nɨŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
two nang Lawa (Kwê Yai)
two nang Lawa (Kwê Noi)
two days after tomorrow dɯk¹naʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
typeat worm with fuzz/hair doʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
Ugong word ʔu²goŋ¹cʰɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
umbrella tuŋ¹mu² Gong (Uthai Thani)
uncle pu³ti³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
uncle (male) ku²jɛʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
under the floor of the house jiŋ²puk¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
under, below puk¹tʰɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
underarm / armpit náʔ phû/phᴜ́k kɔŋ lˇ  Ugong
underarm hair náʔphû/phᴜ́k kɔŋ mọ̵́ŋ  Ugong
understand, know, fruit ʔɛ Gong (Suphanburi)
up hold tuŋ⁴dɛ³ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
upper back wᴜ̌ŋphûŋ  Ugong
upper edge of a thing such as a pot pʰɔ̌ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
urinary bladder yɪ́ phó̩k / yɪ́dᴜ́ŋ / yˊ  Ugong
urine ji¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
urine yɪ́  Ugong
urine, urinate (polite) ji Gong (Suphanburi)
used after figures, like -th in forming ordinal numbers kʰɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
uvula laʔʔɛpɛʔ  Ugong
vagina cʰɛi⁴ Gong (Uthai Thani)
vagina sɛŋ kɔŋ  Ugong
vegetables mok¹ʔa¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
vehicles such as car, bicycle and etc lǒt Gong (Suphanburi)
vertical line du dø Gong (Suphanburi)
very kə̂n Gong (Suphanburi)
village nang pôo yûng Lawa (Kwê Yai)
vine nɯŋ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
vomit pʰaʔ¹pʰa²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
vomit pʰáʔ pʰàʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
vomit pʰáʔ dɔ̀ʔʔɔ̀ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
vomit phǎ pha khjé̩ / khlé̩  Ugong
vulva / labia sɛŋ  Ugong
waist cʰɛk¹kɛʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
waist só̩ kɛ́ʔ  Ugong
waist, carry a bag at the shoulder cʰuk Gong (Suphanburi)
wait for mɔ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
wake up da²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
wake up Gong (Suphanburi)
walk ka³wi²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
walk kɔ́ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
walk kɔ́ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
want pʰu dûɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
want pʰu lûɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
want, to desire pʰə³lω³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
warbler naŋ⁴ca²lɛʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
warm at fire, bake ɲèŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
wash cʰìʔɔ̂ ~ sìaʔɔ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
wash cʰía Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
wash (face) jak¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
wasp cʰǒʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
wasp cʰuʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
watch, to wait mɔŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
water ti³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
water tʰi Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
water tʰi Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
water ti Lawa (Kwê Yai)
water ti Lawa (Kwê Noi)
water lizard cʰø Gong (Suphanburi)
water lizard kǎŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
water melon ciŋ¹cɛ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
water tuberous plant li²lɔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
way pàtʰi Gong (Suphanburi)
way pa²ti³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
weak, no energy jiŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
wear wiŋ⁴ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
wear (skirt) kaʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
weave, plait tʰoʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
weep ŋùɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
weep ŋùɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
weevil pu²kʰɔʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
weight, kilo, to play lo Gong (Suphanburi)
well koʔ²kaʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
westerner pʰlaŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
wet cok²ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
wet cók tʰe Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
wet calòk Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
what kʰaŋ we Gong (Suphanburi)
what, how ʔa³kʰɛŋ³we³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
what? kʰɛŋ wè Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
what? kʰɛ̂ŋ we Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
wheel kǒŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
wheel koŋ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
when juʔ¹we² Gong (Uthai Thani)
when? joʔ we Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
when? ʔajóʔ we Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
where tʰɔ we Gong (Suphanburi)
where tʰɔ²we⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
where? tʰɔʔ we Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
where? tʰɔ̂ʔ we Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
whip jaʔ¹ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
whistle co³ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
white mɯŋ¹pʰɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
white pʰlɔ pʰlɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
white pʰlɔ pʰlɔ̂ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
white mûng plaw Lawa (Kwê Yai)
white mark mɪŋ phlɔ  Ugong
white mushroom mu³lɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
white of eye ɲɔʔ (kɔŋ)phlɔ/phɔ̌  Ugong
who ʔo wè Gong (Suphanburi)
who ʔo³we³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
who? ʔo we Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
who? ʔo we deŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
whole body ʔadúŋ ʔadúɔʔ  Ugong
wide kli²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
wide kʰî Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
wide kʰî Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
wide, vast kʰì Gong (Suphanburi)
wife ɲi Gong (Suphanburi)
wife ɲi¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
wife hɔŋ ɲi Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
wife ɲi Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
wife Lawa (Kwê Yai)
wild boar pʰu²lɔŋ²pωʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
wild cow ʔǒŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
wild fowl pʰu²lɔŋ²wωʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
will, two niŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
wilted (to be), bruised wrinkled jǒk Gong (Suphanburi)
wind Gong (Suphanburi)
wind li³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
wind Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
wind Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
wind Lawa (Kwê Yai)
wing tuŋdɔ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
wing tʰuŋdɔ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
winged bean hiŋ³cʰɛi⁴ʔɛ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
wink cʰek¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
winnow bɔŋ²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
winnow the paddy bɔ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
winnowing basket ku²lɔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
winter kluʔ¹cʰɔʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
wipe kʰøʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
wipe kʰø pʰɛ́ʔʔɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
wipe, to pour off slowly cʰo²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
wipe, to rub, to erase ɲɛ³ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
wipe, to rub, to erase tʰɨ Gong (Suphanburi)
with kʰe Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
with he Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
withered jok¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
wolf pɯŋ¹kʰɯ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
woman cʰi²cʰi¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
woman cʰi cʰe ~ sì se Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
woman sì se Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
women si si Lawa (Kwê Yai)
wood ʔə̌k Gong (Suphanburi)
wood pecker pu³ta²nɛi³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
wood with sharp iron at the end used for digging a hole for planting paddy kʰuk tʰəŋ ʔa Gong (Suphanburi)
word, language, bunch cʰɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
work kɔ³pu²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
work Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
work kɔ puɔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
work, go Gong (Suphanburi)
worm dǒʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
worm luʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
worm dǒʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
worm dóʔ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
worship dəŋ¹cʰa²ʔɔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
wound pliŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
wrap up, to cover, to coil tʰəʔ¹ʔɔ⁵ Gong (Uthai Thani)
wriggle deŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
wrist lɔʔ¹tɯŋ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
wrist lɔ̌ʔ sɔ́ʔ  Ugong
wrong pʰik Gong (Suphanburi)
yang (Dipterocarpus alatus) tawng lak Lawa (Kwê Yai)
yawn kʰa¹tʰɔʔ²ʔɔ³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
year cʰi³ Gong (Uthai Thani)
year cʰi Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
year si Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
yellow bɔŋ¹blɔŋ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
yellow bɔŋ bɔŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
yellow bɔŋ bɔ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
yellow plong plang Lawa (Kwê Yai)
yesterday ɲa⁴ni² Gong (Uthai Thani)
you nɔŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
you nɔ̀ŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
young cock wωʔ¹cʰɔʔ² Gong (Uthai Thani)
young plant (for replanting) pʰlɔʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
young, to be pale light (of color) jeʔ Gong (Suphanburi)
young, to be young, adolescent ʔu²cʰɔʔ¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
younger brother mɔŋ⁴cʰi²pɛi¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
younger brother (sister) pɛi¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)
younger sibling pɛŋ Gong (Suphanburi)
younger sibling pɛŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - older generation
younger sibling pɛŋ Gong (Suphanburi) - younger generation
younger sister cʰi²cʰi²pɛi¹ Gong (Uthai Thani)


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