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aprontar ‎(Latin spelling)

  1. to prepare



A- ‎(ready) +‎ pronto +‎ -ar.



aprontar ‎(first-person singular present indicative apronto, past participle aprontado)

  1. to prepare (to make ready for a specific future purpose)
    Apronta o tabuleiro para podermos jogar.
    Prepare the board to we can play.
  2. (specifically) to prepare for a trip
    Apronte-se, vamos a Berlim.
    Prepare yourself, we’re going to Berlin.
    Aprontamos o navio para a expedição.
    We prepared to ship for the expedition.
  3. to prepare (to make something for eating or drinking)
    Aprontei um jantar e um café.
    I prepared dinner and coffee.
  4. to dress someone up (wear fancy dress)
    Ela aprontou seu filho para a festa dele.
    She dressed up her son for his party.
  5. to finish doing something (especially writing a document, report, etc.)
    Finalmente aprontei o relatório.
    I finally finished the report.
  6. (Brazil) to do something mischievous
    Pirralhos gostam de aprontar.
    Brats like to do mischievous things.
  7. (Brazil, in gerund) to be up to something
    Ele está aprontando.
    He is up to something.



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