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Etymology 1[edit]

From Middle English axle, eaxle, from Old English eaxl(shoulder, armpit), from Proto-Germanic *ahslō(shoulder), from Proto-Indo-European *aḱs-(armpit). Cognate with East Frisian acsle(shoulder), Dutch oksel(armpit), German Achsel(armpit), Swedish axel(shoulder), Latin axilla(armpit), Latin axis(axle), Greek άξονας(áxonas, axle), Sanskrit अक्ष(ákṣa, axle), Sanskrit कक्ष(kakṣá, room, armpit), Russian ось(osʹ, axle).


axle ‎(plural axles)

  1. (obsolete) Shoulder.

Etymology 2[edit]

A combination of Old English eax and Old Norse öxull.


axle ‎(plural axles)

  1. The pin or spindle on which a wheel revolves, or which revolves with a wheel.
  2. A transverse bar or shaft connecting the opposite wheels of a car or carriage; an axletree.
  3. An axis; as, the Sun’s axle.
Derived terms[edit]
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