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From vital, by replacement of initial syllable by i-


ital (not comparable)

  1. (Jamaica, Iyaric) Inexpensive, salt-free, one-pot, pure, natural food, as developed and eaten by Rastafarians.
    • 1987 January 11, Gloria Levitas, “Fare of the Country; Jamaica's Ackee and Callaloo”, in New York Times:
      Asked to describe Ital food, Jamaicans usually say that they are the foods eaten by members of the Rastafarian sect of Jamaica. Robert Josephs, executive chef of the Sea Winds hotel near Montego Bay defined Ital food as a one-pot meal made without meat, salt or other preservatives. / "Basically," Mr. Josephs said, "it is typical Jamaican food, but while Jamaicans generally use a good deal of salt, Rastafarians avoid salt completely." Enid Donaldson, cuisine consultant for the Jamaican Tourist Board commented: "Ital food is Jamaican food that is designed to oppose British or Western eating habits. It is fresh, rather than processed, mixed instead of separately served, and makes efficient use of whatever food is available." To Jerry Craig, a Jamaican artist and currently an importer of a line of herbs and spices labeled "Ital", the word means pure or natural.

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iszik +‎ -tal


  • IPA(key): [ˈitɒl]
  • Hyphenation: ital


ital (plural italok)

  1. drink


Inflection (stem in -o-, back harmony)
singular plural
nominative ital italok
accusative italt italokat
dative italnak italoknak
instrumental itallal italokkal
causal-final italért italokért
translative itallá italokká
terminative italig italokig
essive-formal italként italokként
inessive italban italokban
superessive italon italokon
adessive italnál italoknál
illative italba italokba
sublative italra italokra
allative italhoz italokhoz
elative italból italokból
delative italról italokról
ablative italtól italoktól
Possessive forms of ital
possessor single possession multiple possessions
1st person sing. italom italaim
2nd person sing. italod italaid
3rd person sing. itala italai
1st person plural italunk italaink
2nd person plural italotok italaitok
3rd person plural italuk italaik


Derived terms[edit]

Old High German[edit]


From Proto-Germanic *īdal-. Akin to Old English īdel.



  1. empty
  2. useless