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From Vulgar Latin *sapēre, from Latin sapere, present active infinitive of sapiō (I taste; I am wise), from Proto-Italic *sapiō, from Proto-Indo-European *sh₁p-i- (to notice), from *seh₁p- (to try, to research).


  • IPA(key): /saˈ
  • (file)
  • Rhymes: -ere
  • Hyphenation: sa‧pé‧re


sapére (first-person singular present (with following syntactic gemination) , first-person singular past historic sèppi, past participle sapùto, first-person singular future saprò, first-person singular present subjunctive sàppia, second-person singular imperative sàppi, auxiliary avere or (as an auxiliary, with main verbs taking essere) essere)

  1. (transitive, intransitive) to know (information) [auxiliary avere]
    sa l'indirizzohe knows the address
    sapete che giudicheremo gli angeli?
    do you know that we will judge angels?
  2. (transitive, auxiliary) to be able to, can, could (to know how to)
    Synonyms: potere, essere in grado
    so nuotareI can swim
  3. (intransitive) to taste or smell [+ di (object) = like] [auxiliary avere]
    questo pollo sa di rosmarino
    this chicken tastes like rosemary
  4. (intransitive, by extension) to create the impression, to smack [+ di (object) = of] [auxiliary avere]
    questa richiesta sa di ricatto
    this request smacks of blackmail
  5. (transitive) to think or know that (someone) is in a certain place or condition
    ti sapevo all'estero
    I thought you were abroad
    sono felice di saperti sposata
    I'm happy to know you're married
  6. (transitive) to come to know, to become informed of, to find out
    ho saputo che hai avviato un'attività
    I found out you started a business
  7. (intransitive, impersonal) (with a, di, or [che + ind.]) to have a certain impression; to appear; to guess
    mi sa che questo non è di giusto
    it appears that this is not correct
    mi sa che ho sbagliato a parlargliene
    I guess that I was wrong to talk to him about it


Related terms[edit]


sapere m (plural saperi)

  1. knowledge, learning
    Synonym: sapienza






  1. present active infinitive of sapiō