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Contracted form of sithen.


syne ‎(comparative more syne, superlative most syne)

  1. (Scotland, Northern England) Subsequently; then. [from 14th c.]
    • 1932, Lewis Grassic Gibbon, Sunset Song, Polygon 2006 (A Scots Quair), p. 38:
      Yet in two-three years they'd chaved and saved enough for gear and furnishings, and were married at last, and syne Will was born, and syne Chris herself was born, and the Guthries rented a farm in Echt [...].
  2. (Scotland, Northern England) Before now; ago. [from 16th c.]
    (Can we find and add a quotation of R. of Brunne to this entry?)
  3. (Scotland, Northern England) late
    • W. Hamilton (Life of Wallace)
      [Each rogue] shall be discovered either soon or syne.



From Dutch [Term?] (de) zijne.



  1. his (that or those of him)
    Hy het my hemp aangehad en ek syne.
    He wore my shirt and I wore his.



From Old Norse sýna ‎(show).


  • IPA(key): /syːnə/, [ˈsyːnə]


syne ‎(imperative syn, infinitive at syne, present tense syner, past tense synede, perfect tense har synet)

  1. (of a car or other vehicle) inspect, so as to determine whether a vehicle is fit for use
    Bilen er netop synet.
    The car has just been inspected.
  2. examine
    • 2012, Frans G. Bengtsson, Røde Orm I + II:
      Orm havde lagt mærke til, at Sigtrygg en tid havde stirret mørkt på ham og Toke, og et par gange havde det set ud, som om han ville sige noget; og da nu sværdene kom tilbage, synede han dem nøje og nikkede, og det så ud til, at han havde svært ved at give dem fra sig.
      Orm had noticed that Sigtrygg had, for a while, stared darkly at him and Toke, and a couple of times it had seemed as though he would say something; and now, as the swords returned, he examined them closely, nodded and seemed reluctant to give them away.
  3. appraise
  4. look
  5. appear; seem to have a certain quality
    Det syner ikke godt.
    It does not bode well.
    Jeg synes, hunden er stor.
    It seems to me that the dog is large.
    • 2013, Steen Rossau, chapter 8, in Landsknægtens Daggert:
      Men de tilbageværende skavanker synede af mindre, fordi Sidsel holdt møblerne pænt rene
      But the remaining faults seemed smaller, because Sidsel kept the furniture nicely clean
  6. (intransitive) be visible
    • 2010, Ole Feldbæk, Danmarks historie, page 59:
      Byernes borgere var stolte af deres kirker, hvis tårne synede milevidt ud over det omgivende landskab.
      The citizens were proud of their churches, whose towers could be seen from miles away in the surrounding landscape.

Norwegian Bokmål[edit]


syne n

  1. genitive form of syn



Old English siþþan.



syne ‎(not comparable)

  1. afterwards, thereupon
  2. thus, hence
  3. since, ago

Derived terms[edit]