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Alternative forms[edit]


From Old Irish fo, from Proto-Celtic *wo, from *uφo, from Proto-Indo-European *upo; compare Greek ὑπό (hupó), Middle Welsh go.



faoi (triggers lenition)

  1. (standard, Connacht, Ulster) under
  2. (standard, Connacht) about, concerning

Usage notes[edit]

The standard Irish and Connacht form faoi (Munster ) means both ‘under’ and ‘about, concerning’. In Ulster, these two meanings are split: faoi means ‘under’, while means ‘about, concerning’.


Person Normal Emphatic
1st person sing. fúm fúmsa
2d person sing. fút fútsa
3d sing. masc. faoi faoisean
3d sing. fem. fúithi fúithise
1st person pl. fúinn fúinne
2d person pl. fúibh fúibhse
3d person pl. fúthu fúthusan

Derived terms[edit]

  • faoi choinne (intended for)
  • faoi chosc (forbidden)
  • faoin – contraction with the definite article an
  • faoina – contraction with the possessive pronoun or relative particle a
  • faoinar – contraction with the relative particle ar
  • faoinár – contraction with the possessive pronoun ár