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Sino-Vietnamese word from .

Displaced inherited Vietic word trốc in most major dialects.


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(classifier cái) đầu

  1. (anatomy) a head
    Synonym: trốc
  2. (of an object) an end or extremity; compare mũi (tip)
    hai đầu cầuthe two ends of the bridge
    • (Can we date this quote?), Hoàng Hiệp (lyrics and music), “Trường Sơn Đông, Trường Sơn Tây [East Trường Sơn and West Trường Sơn]”:
      Cùng mắc võng trên rừng Trường Sơn,
      Hai đứa ở hai đầu xa thẳm.
      Đường ra trận mùa này đẹp lắm !
      Trường Sơn Đông nhớ Trường Sơn Tây.
      Hanging our hammocks in the woods of Trường Sơn
      Both of us are, at the farthest ends.
      The roads to the battlefield look so nice this season!
      Here I am in East Trường Sơn missing you in West Trường Sơn.



  1. first
    ngày đầuthe first day



  1. (of a period of time, an event, a story, a piece of writing, etc.) the beginning
    mở đầu câu chuyệnto preface or start this story
    bắt đầu cuộc họpto start this meeting
  2. a physical media player
    đầu đĩaa disc player
    đầu bănga VHS player

Usage notes[edit]

  • Similar to con mắt mày (literally an eye of yours), the phrase cái đầu mày (literally a head of yours) is used as a mild insult to call out someone's nonsense, like bullcrap or bollocks are in English. Replace mày with your second-person pronoun or kinship term of choice if it sounds too rough for you.

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