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Alternative forms[edit]


From Sanskrit दण्ड ‎(daṇḍa).


दण्ड ‎(daṇḍm ‎(Urdu spelling دنڈ)

  1. punishment, penalty, fine, chastisement
    चोर को एक वर्ष का दण्ड दिया गया।
    The thief was given a punishment of (sentenced to) one year.
  2. stick, staff, rod, pole
  3. (rare) assault, attack, violence


Derived terms[edit]




Could be a derivative of Proto-Indo-European *drew- ‎(tree), and hence cognate with दारु ‎(dā́ru) and दृणाति ‎(dṛṇāti) (compare इक्षुदण्ड ‎(ikṣu-daṇḍa) g. अर्धर्चादि ‎(ardharcā*di)), and thus cognate with Ancient Greek δένδρεον ‎(déndreon, tree).

However, Kuiper argues for a substratum loanword from Para-Munda; compare Mundari dāṇḍi ‎(small stick), Santali daṇṭa ‎(thick stick, club), daṇṭiṭit ‎(stem of mushrooms), daṇḍi ‎(stick, staff, stalk).


दण्ड ‎(daṇḍám

  1. stick, staff, rod, pole, cudgel, club
    1. staff given at investiture with the sacred thread
    2. penis (with वैतस ‎(vaitasá)
    3. trunk » शुण्डादण्ड ‎(śuṇḍā-daṇḍa)
    4. "arm" or "leg" » दोर्दण्ड ‎(dor-daṇḍa), बाहुदण्ड ‎(bāhu-daṇḍa)
    5. "tusk" » दंष्ट्रादण्ड ‎(daṃṣṭrā-daṇḍa)
  2. penis
  3. a stalk, stem (of a tree; compare इक्षुदण्ड ‎(ikṣu-daṇḍa), उद्दण्ड ‎(ud-daṇḍa), खरदण्ड ‎(khara-daṇḍa))
  4. the staff of a banner
  5. the handle (of a ladle, sauce-pan, fly-flap , parasol etc.)
  6. the steam of a plough
  7. "a mast" » महादण्डधर ‎(mahādaṇḍa-dhara)
  8. the crossbar of a lute which holds the strings
  9. the stick with which a lute is played
  10. a churning-stick (compare दण्डाहत ‎(daṇḍā*hata))
  11. a pole as a measure of length (= 4 hastas)
  12. name of a measure of time (= 60 विकला ‎(vi-kalā)s)
  13. name of a staff-like appearance in the sky ("Name of a planet" L.; compare दण्डभास ‎(daṇḍa-bhāsa))
  14. name of a constellation
  15. a form of military array (compare दण्डव्युह ‎(daṇḍa-vyuha))
  16. line
  17. staff or sceptre as a symbol of power and sovereignty, application of power, violence
  18. power over (genitive or in compound), control, restraint (compare वाग्दण्ड ‎(vāg-daṇḍa), मनोदण्ड ‎(mano-daṇḍa), कायदण्ड ‎(kāya-daṇḍa) [कर्मदण्ड ‎(karma-daṇḍa)]; त्रिदण्डिन् ‎(tri-daṇḍin))
  19. the rod as a symbol of judicial authority and punishment, punishment (corporal, verbal, and fiscal; chastisement and imprisonment, reprimand, fine)
  20. pride
  21. horse
  22. Punishment (son of Dharma and Kriyā)
  23. Yama
  24. Shiva
  25. name of an attendant of the Sun
  26. (g. शिवादि ‎(śivā*di) and शौनकादि ‎(śaunakā*di)) name of a man with the patronymic औपर ‎(aupara)
  27. name of a prince slain by Arjuna (brother of दण्डधर ‎(daṇḍa-dhara), identified with the asura क्रोधहन्तृ ‎(krodha-hantṛ))
  28. name of a rakṣas


Related terms[edit]