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  1. would, present conditional maker
    Antonym: -singe-
    Ningefanya tofauti.I would do it differently.
    • 1952, Biblio [Swahili Union Version Bible], United Bible Societies, 2 Wakorintho 12:6:
      Maana kama ningetaka kujisifu singekuwa mpumbavu, kwa sababu nitasema kweli.
      Because if I wanted to brag, I would not be a fool, because I would tell the truth.

Usage notes[edit]

The negative conditional can be expressed by using positive subject concords and inserting -si- immediately before -nge-, or by using negative subject concords.


See also[edit]

Swahili TAM markers
Positive infinitive ku-/kw-1
Negative infinitive kuto-
Habitual hu-1
Telegrammic ka-1
General (positive indicative) -a
Positive subjunctive -e
Negative present -i
Second person plural -ni
Infix position
positive subject concord
Positive past -li-
Positive present -na-
Positive future -ta-
Negative subjunctive -si-1
Positive present conditional -nge-
Negative present conditional -singe-
Positive past conditional -ngali-
Negative past conditional -singali-
Gnomic -a-1
Perfect -me-
"Already" past -lisha-
"Already" present -mesha-/-sha-
"If/When" -ki-1
"If not" -sipo-
Consecutive -ka-1
Infix position
negative subject concord
Negative past -ku-1
Negative future -ta-
"Not yet" -ja-1
Negative present conditional -nge-
Negative past conditional -ngali-
Past -li-
Present -na-
Future -taka-
Negative -si-
1 Can take stress and therefore does not require -ku-/-kw- in monosyllabic verbs.