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Language Resources[edit]


Users to Watch[edit]



This one would require a lot of new infrastructure: headword templates, conj tables, etc.



Terms to Maybe Add[edit]

NV colors: c.f. w:nv:Nidaashchʼąąʼígíí, Goossen, etc.

Back Burner[edit]

Stuff leftover from last hiatus (needs to be looked at, issues may already be resolved):

These are going to take a while. Also pending discussion with User:Bendono on my Talk page.
See Appendix:Mapudungun_conjugation as a possible formatting reference. Note use of "mood" in table heading. Possible launching-off point for talking about how Japanese volitional grew out of irrealis?
Wrong POS; needs etyl.
  • 訓読み
Possible / advisable to change template? Vertical listing is better when the list gets long.


Transclusion test for "{{#lst:User:Eirikr/Template Tests/Template:nv-verbconj-ref|test}}":

  • ""
I think the last colon in the path here is screwing things up somehow.

Transclusion test for "{{#lst:User:Eirikr/Template Tests|test}}":

  • "Testing grounds for template ideas."

Transclusion test for "{{#lst:w:User:Eirikr|me}}":

While it is possible to use this extension across namespaces, interwiki references are not resolved. It is not yet possible, for example, to include part of a Wikisource page into a remote MediaWiki installation.