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Zachariah {prop} (Zechariah) SEE: Zechariah  ::
Zacharias {prop} (Zechariah) SEE: Zechariah  ::
Zagreb {prop} (capital of Croatia)  :: Zagreb
Zagrebian {adj} (from Zagreb)  :: Zagrebse
Zagrebian {n} (someone from Zagreb)  :: Zagrebber {m}, Zagrebse {f}
Zambia {prop} (country in Southern Africa)  :: Zambia
Zanclean {prop} (A subdivision of the Pliocene epoch.)  :: Zanclien
Zealand {prop} (Dutch province) SEE: Zeeland  ::
Zealand {prop} (Danish island)  :: Seeland {n}
Zealandic {prop} (language)  :: Zeeuws {n}
Zebedee {prop} (biblical character)  :: Zebedeüs
Zebulun {prop} (ninth son of Jacob)  :: Zebulon {m}
Zebulun {prop} (one of the Israelite tribes)  :: Zebulon
Zebulun {prop} (male given name)  :: Zebulon {m}
Zechariah {prop} (king of Israel)  :: Zecharja {m}
Zechariah {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Zecharja {m}
Zechariah {prop} (Hebrew prophet traditionally considered the author of the Book of Zechariah)  :: Zecharja {m}
Zechariah {prop} (father of John the Baptist)  :: Zacharias
Zeeland {prop} (province)  :: Zeeland {n}
Zemfira {prop} (transliteration of Земфи́ра)  :: Zemfira
Zephaniah {prop} (book of the Bible)  :: Sefanja
Zeus {prop} (supreme ruler of all Greek gods)  :: Zeus {m}
Zhuang {prop} (language)  :: Zhuang {n}
Zimbabwe {prop} (Republic of Zimbabwe)  :: Zimbabwe
Zionism {n} (Jewish national liberation movement)  :: zionisme {n}
Zionist {n} (advocate of Zionism)  :: zionist {m}, zioniste {f}
Zoroastrianism {prop} (religion and philosophy ascribed to Zoroaster)  :: zoroastrisme
Zouave {n} (Kabyle or French soldiers in Kabyle dress)  :: zoeaaf {m}
Zürich {prop} (city)  :: Zurich {n}
Zürich {prop} (canton)  :: (kanton) Zurich {n}
Zulu {adj} (pertaining to the Zulu people, culture, or language)  :: Zoeloe
Zulu {n} (member of the Zulu people)  :: Zoeloe {m}
Zulu {prop} (African ethnic group)  :: Zoeloes {p}
Zulu {prop} (language)  :: Zoeloe {n}
za {n} (pizza) SEE: pizza  ::
zabaglione {n} (custard-like dessert made with egg yolks, sugar and Marsala wine)  :: zabaglione {m}, sabayon {m}
zander {n} (Sander lucioperca)  :: snoekbaars
zap {v} (change channels repeatedly)  :: zappen
zeal {n} (fervor or devotion)  :: ijver {m}, geestdrift {m}
zealot {n} (zealous person)  :: fanatiekeling
zealot {n} (member of the Zealot movement in Judea)  :: zeloot
zealous {adj} (full of zeal; ardent)  :: ijverig, vlijtig
zealously {adv} (with zealotry)  :: naijverig
zebra {n} (African animal)  :: zebra {m}
zebra crossing {n} (pedestrian crossing featuring broad white stripes)  :: zebrapad {n}
zebra finch {n} (bird)  :: zebravink {m} {f}
zebra mongoose {n} (banded mongoose) SEE: banded mongoose  ::
zebra mussel {n} (Dreissena polymorpha)  :: driehoeksmossel {m} {f}
zebra shark {n} (Stegostoma fasciatum)  :: zebrahaai
zebu {n} (domesticated ox native to Asia and Africa)  :: zeboe {m}
zed {n} (name of the letter Z, z) SEE: zee  ::
zee {n} (name of the letter Z, z)  :: zet
zeitgeist {n} (the spirit of the age)  :: tijdgeest {m}
zelkova {n} (kind of tree in the elm family)  :: zelkova {m}
zenith {n} (astronomy: highest point reached by a celestial body)  :: zenit {n}
zephyr {n} (light refreshing wind; a gentle breeze, see also: breeze)  :: briesje
zepto- {prefix} (10−21)  :: zepto-
zero {num} (cardinal number before 1, denoting nothing)  :: nul
zero {n} (nothing, or none)  :: nul
zero {n} (point of origin on a scale)  :: nul
zero {n} (person of little importance)  :: nul
zero {v} (to set to zero)  :: op nul zetten
zero-hour contract {n} (contract)  :: nuluurcontract {n}, nulurencontract {n}
zero-sum game {n} (system in which one player's winnings must equal losses of others)  :: nulsomspel {n}
zeta {n} (Sixth letter of the modern Greek alphabet (Ζ, ζ))  :: zèta {m} {f}
zeta {n} (Seventh letter of the ancient Greek alphabet)  :: zèta {m} {f}
zetta- {prefix} (SI prefix)  :: zetta-
zettaampere {n} (SI unit of electrical current equal to 1021 amperes)  :: zetta-ampère
ziggurat {n} (temple tower of the ancient Mesopotamian valley)  :: ziggoerat
zinc {n} (element)  :: zink {n}
zing {n} (zest or vitality)  :: pit {m}
zip {n} (zip fastener) SEE: zip fastener  ::
zip code {n} (postcode) SEE: postcode  ::
zip fastener {n} (a fastener used in clothing, bags)  :: rits {f}, ritssluiting {f}
zip file {n} (a compressed computer file)  :: zipfile {m}
zipper {n} (zip fastener) SEE: zip fastener  ::
zirconium {n} (chemical element)  :: zirkonium {n}, zirkoon {n}
zither {n} (musical instrument)  :: citer {c}
zodiac {n} (belt-like region in the sky)  :: dierenriem {m}, zodiak {m}
zodiac {n} (twelve signs in astrology)  :: dierenriem {m}, zodiak {m}
zodiac {n}  :: dierenriem {m}, zodiak {m}
zodiac sign {n} (star sign)  :: zodiacteken {m}
zombie {n} (the undead)  :: zombie
zone {n} (area distinguished on the basis of a particular characteristic etc)  :: zone {f}, gebied {n}
zone {n}  :: zone {m}
zonk {n} (unfavorable card or token)  :: schijtkaart {f} [Flemish, colloquial]
zonk out {v} (fall suddenly into a very deep sleep)  :: het bewustzijn verliezen, in diepe slaap verzinken
zonked {adj} (drunk) SEE: drunk  ::
zonked {adj} (slang: extremely fatigued)  :: uitgeput, afgemat, op
zoo {n} (park where live animals are exhibited)  :: dierentuin, zoo
zoogeography {n} (the scientific study of the geographical distribution of animal species)  :: zoögeografie {f}
zoology {n} (science that studies the animal kingdom)  :: zoölogie, dierkunde
zoom {n}  :: zoem {m} , zoom
zoom {v}  :: zoeven , zoemen
zoophilia {n} (sexual attraction to or interaction with animals)  :: zoöfilie {f}
zootomy {n} (dissection or anatomy of animals)  :: zoötomie
zubr {n} (zubr) SEE: wisent  ::
zucchetto {n} (small skullcap worn by Roman Catholic clergy)  :: solideo {n}, pileolus {m}, zucchetto {n}, solideetje {n}, kalot {m} {f}
zucchini {n} (courgette) SEE: courgette  ::
zugzwang {n} (lack of choice in what to do)  :: zetdwang {m}
zygoma {n} (cheekbone) SEE: cheekbone  ::
zygomatic bone {n} (cheekbone) SEE: cheekbone  ::
zythologist {n} (beer connoisseur)  :: bierkenner {m}, zytoloog {m}
zythology {n} (the study of beer and beer-brewing)  :: bierkunde {f}, zytologie {f}