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From Old High German abageban, from Proto-Germanic *abagebaną; equivalent to ab- (from) +‎ geben (give).


  • IPA(key): [ˈapɡeːbn]
  • Hyphenation: ab‧ge‧ben
  • (file)


abgeben (class 5 strong, third-person singular simple present gibt ab, past tense gab ab, past participle abgegeben, auxiliary haben)

  1. to hand in
  2. to deliver
  3. to deposit
  4. to give away
    • (to die) den Löffel abgeben
      to sell the farm, to peg out, to pip out
  5. to sell
  6. to hand over
  7. to pass on
  8. to concede
  9. (sports, transitive) to pass a ball
  10. (shoot) to fire
  11. (declaration) to give
  12. (vote) to cast
  13. (stuff, plot, background, frame) to provide
  14. (to act like someone) to make
    • den Clown abgeben
      to make the clown
  15. (sports, intransitive) to pass
  16. (reflexive) to bother oneself with somebody/something, to associate with somebody/something, to mess around with somebody.


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