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s- +‎ montare



  1. (transitive) to disassemble; to dismantle
    Synonyms: scomporre, separare, dividere, sezionare, disfare, distruggere, scindere, smembrare, fare a pezzi
  2. (transitive) to remove or transport away furnishings
    smontare una casato hollow out a house
  3. (transitive) to unframe
    Synonym: asportare
    smontare una pietra preziosa
    to unframe a gem[1]
  4. (transitive) to remove from a programming; to unschedule (a film, TV show, etc.)
    smontare un filmto unschedule a film
  5. (ergative) to deflate (a whisked food)
    Synonyms: sgonfiare, afflosciare, sgonfiarsi, afflosciarsi
  6. (transitive) to deprive of enthusiasm or confidence; to demoralize; to discourage
    Synonyms: scoraggiare, sfiduciare; see also Thesaurus:abbattere
  7. (transitive) to demonstrate the groundlessness (of an argument, accusation, etc.) by analyzing it; to tear down; to shoot down; to break apart
    Synonyms: demolire, ridimensionare, ridurre, sgonfiare, smantellare
  8. (transitive) to deflate or demagnify (an exaggerated story, joke, etc.)
    Synonym: ridimensionare
  9. (ergative, familiar) to get off of a vehicle; to drop off
    smontami al prossimo incrocio
    drop me off at the next intersection
    mi smonto al prossimo incrocioI'll get off at the next intersection
  10. (intransitive, or transitive with di or da) (takes essere as auxiliary) to dismount (from); to get off (of)
    smontare di biciclettato get off the bike
  11. (familiar) (intransitive, or transitive with di or da) (takes essere as auxiliary) to finish a work shift
    Synonyms: finire il turno, staccare, finire, terminare, smettere
    smonterà alle settehe will finish work at seven
    smontare dal turnoto finish a work shift
  12. (intransitive, rare) (of a color) to fade
    Synonyms: sbiadire, stingere, scolorire, impallidire, schiarire
  13. (intransitive, archaic) (takes essere as auxiliary) to stay at (a place)


Derived terms[edit]


  1. ^ e.g. from a ring, necklace, encasing, etc.