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K2 {prop} (the world’s second highest mountain, located in the Tibetan Himalayas)  :: К2
Kaaba {prop} (cubical stone building in Mecca)  :: Кааба
kai-lan {n} (kailan) SEE: kailan  ::
kakke {n} (beriberi) SEE: beriberi  ::
kakorrhaphiophobia {n} (atychiphobia) SEE: atychiphobia  ::
Kali {prop} (goddess)  :: Кали
Kaliningrad {prop} (Kaliningrad, see also: Königsberg)  :: Калининград {m} /Kaliningrad/
Kaluga {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Калуга {f} /Kalúga/
Kamchatka {prop} (peninsula in the Russian Far East)  :: Камчатка {f} /Kamčatka/
kana {n} (Japanese syllabaries)  :: кана {f} /kána/
kangaroo {n} (marsupial)  :: кенгуру {m} /'kenguru/
Kanji {prop} (kanji) SEE: kanji  ::
Kantianism {prop} (philosophical system)  :: кантианство /kantiánstvo/
Karachi {prop} (the capital of the province of Sindh, Pakistan)  :: Карачи {m} /Karáči/
Karafuto {prop} (Sakhalin) SEE: Sakhalin  ::
karaoke {n} (a form of entertainment)  :: карао́ке {n}
Karl {prop} (cognates) SEE: Charles  ::
Karl {prop} (transliterations) SEE: Carl  ::
Karnataka {prop} (state in southern India)  :: Карнатака {f} /Karnátaka/
karst {n} (type of land formation)  :: карст /karst/
Kartvelian {adj} (Georgian) SEE: Georgian  ::
Kartvelian {n} (Georgian) SEE: Georgian  ::
Kartvelian {prop} (Georgian) SEE: Georgian  ::
Kartvelology {n} (Kartvelian studies) SEE: Kartvelian studies  ::
Kashi {prop} (Kashgar) SEE: Kashgar  ::
katakana {n} (Japanese syllabary)  :: катакана {f} /katakana/
Kathleen {prop} (Catherine) SEE: Catherine  ::
Kathmandu {prop} (Kathmandu)  :: Катманду {m} /Katmandu/
katorga {n} (penal servitude in a Russian or Soviet labour camp)  :: каторга {f} /kátorga/
Katyusha {n} (rocket launcher)  :: катю́ша {f}
Kavadarci {prop} (a city in the Republic of Macedonia)  :: Кавадарци {m-p} /Kavádarci/
Kavala {prop} (city)  :: Кавала /Kavala/
kazachok {n} (kozachok) SEE: kozachok  ::
Kazakh {adj} (pertaining to the Kazakhstan) SEE: Kazakhstani  ::
Kazakh {n} (a person from Kazakhstan) SEE: Kazakhstani  ::
Kazakhstan {prop} (country in Central Asia)  :: Казахста́н {m}
Kazakhstani {adj} (of or pertaining to the Kazakh people or the Kazakh language) SEE: Kazakh  ::
Kazakhstani {n} (person of Kazakh origin) SEE: Kazakh  ::
Kazan {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Казан /Kazán/
Kazanlăk {prop} (a town in central Bulgaria)  :: Казанлък
Kōbe {prop} (Kobe) SEE: Kobe  ::
Kōchi {prop} (Kochi) SEE: Kochi  ::
kebab {n} (kebab)  :: кебапче {n} /kebápče/
keep {n} (main tower)  :: главна кула
keep a cool head {v} (keep one's cool) SEE: keep one's cool  ::
keep in mind {v} (to remember; to be mindful of or pay attention) SEE: bear in mind  ::
keep quiet {v} (remain silent)  :: мълча́ {impf}
Kefalovrisi {prop} (Kefalovrissi) SEE: Kefalovrissi  ::
Kefalovrysi {prop} (Kefalovrissi) SEE: Kefalovrissi  ::
Kefalovryssi {prop} (Kefalovrissi) SEE: Kefalovrissi  ::
kefir {n} (fermented milk)  :: кефир {m} /kefír/
kegger {n} (keg party) SEE: keg party  ::
Kemerovo {prop} (city in Siberia)  :: Кемерово {n} /Kémerovo/
Kemi {prop} (city)  :: Кеми
Kennedy {prop} (surname)  :: Кенеди /Kénedi/
Kenya {prop} (country in Eastern Africa)  :: Кения {f} /Kénija/
Kerala {prop} (state in southern India)  :: Керала
kerb {n} (edge between pavement and roadway)  :: бордю́р {m}
Kerch {prop} (city)  :: Керч {f}
kerchief {n} (piece of cloth)  :: ша́лче {n}
Kerch Strait {prop} (Strait of Kerch) SEE: Strait of Kerch  ::
kernel {n} (single seed of corn or wheat)  :: зърно /zărnó/
kestrel {n} (any small falcon of genus Falco)  :: сокол {m}
kestrel {n} (Falco tinnunculus)  :: черношипа ветрушка /černošipa vetruška/, керкенез /kerkenez/taer
ketchup {n} (tomato-vinegar based sauce)  :: ке́тчуп {m}
kettle {n} (kettledrum) SEE: kettledrum  ::
kettle {n} (kettle hole) SEE: kettle hole  ::
kettle {n} (pothole) SEE: pothole  ::
kettle {n} (steam locomotive) SEE: steam locomotive  ::
kettle {n} (teakettle) SEE: teakettle  ::
kettle of fish {n} (predicament) SEE: predicament  ::
key {n} (biology: information to correctly identify a taxon) SEE: clavis  ::
key {n} (button on a typewriter or computer keyboard)  :: клавиша {f} /kláviša/
key {n} (device designed to open and close a lock)  :: ключ {m} /ključ/
key {n} (part of a piano or musical keyboard)  :: клавиша {f} /kláviša/
key {n}  :: ключ {m} /ključ/ , клавиш {m} /klaviš/
keyboard {n} (set of keys used to operate a typewriter, computer etc.)  :: клавиатура {f} /klaviatúra/
keyboard {v} (to type in)  :: набирам /nabíram/
keyhole surgery {n} (laparoscopy) SEE: laparoscopy  ::
keystone {n} (the top stone of an arch)  :: ключ {m} /klyuch/
Kōfu {prop} (Kofu) SEE: Kofu  ::
Khabarovsk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Хабаровск {m} /Habárovsk/
khagan {n} (title of imperial rank)  :: каган, хаган, хакан, кехан
khaki {n} (khaki green) SEE: khaki green  ::
khan {n} (a ruler over various Turkic, Tatar and Mongol peoples in the Middle Ages)  :: кан {m}, хан {m}
khanate {n} (place ruled by a khan)  :: ха́нство {n}
Khanty-Mansiysk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Ха́нти-Манси́йск {m}
Kharkiv {prop} (second largest city in Ukraine)  :: Ха́рков {m}
Kharkov {prop} (Kharkiv) SEE: Kharkiv  ::
Khartoum {prop} (capital of Sudan)  :: Хартум {m} /Xartúm/
Khaskovo {prop} (a town in southern Bulgaria)  :: Хасково
Khazarian {adj} (of or pertaining to Khazaria) SEE: Khazar  ::
Khazarian {adj} (of or pertaining to Khazars) SEE: Khazar  ::
Khazarian {n} (an inhabitant of Khazaria) SEE: Khazar  ::
Khmelnitsky {prop} (Khmelnytskyi) SEE: Khmelnytskyi  ::
Khmer {prop} (the national language of Cambodia)  :: кхмерски език {m} /khmérski ezík/
Khorgos {prop} (Khorgas) SEE: Khorgas  ::
khorovod {n} (a Slavic dance)  :: хоро́ {n}, хорово́д {m}
Khrushchev {prop} (the leader of the Soviet Union from 1953 to 1964)  :: Хрушчо́в {m}
khutbah {n} (talk or sermon delivered in mosques before the Friday prayer)  :: хутба {f}
khutor {n} (a single-homestead rural settlement of Eastern Europe)  :: хутор {m} /hútor/
kick-ass {adj} (excellent) SEE: badass  ::
kick butt {v} (kick ass) SEE: kick ass  ::
kicker {n} (nautical: kicking strap) SEE: kicking strap  ::
kick scooter {n} (a child's foot-operated vehicle) SEE: scooter  ::
kid {n} (kidskin) SEE: kidskin  ::
kid {n} (young goat)  :: яре {n} /járe/
kid {n} (young person (colloq.))  :: хлапе {n} /hlapé/
kidnap {v} (to seize and detain a person unlawfully)  :: похищавам {impf}
kidney {n} (an organ in the body)  :: бъбрек {m} /bǎ̀brek/
Kiev {prop} (Medieval principality)  :: Ки́евска Рус {f}
Kiev {prop} (Ukrainian city)  :: Ки́ев {m}
Kievan Rus {prop} (medieval principality)  :: Ки́евска Рус {f}
Kievite {adj} (Kievan) SEE: Kievan  ::
Kievite {n} (Kievan) SEE: Kievan  ::
Kičevo {prop} (a city in the Republic of Macedonia)  :: Кичево {n} /Kíčevo/, Кичово /Kíčovo/
kike {n} (non-offensive) SEE: Jew  ::
kike {n} (offensive: Jew)  :: чифут {m} /čifút/, чифутин {m} /čifútin/
kikimora {n} (a female house spirit)  :: кикимора {f} /kikímora/
kill {v} (put to death)  :: убивам {impf} /ubívam/, убия {pf} /ubíya/
killer {n} (murderer)  :: уби́ец {m} /ubíec/, уби́йца {f} /ubíjca/
killer T cell {n} (cytotoxic T cell) SEE: cytotoxic T cell  ::
killer whale {n} (A sea mammal, Orcinus orca)  :: косатка {f}
killjoy {n} (someone who takes the fun out of a situation or activity) SEE: spoilsport  ::
kill two birds with one stone {v} (solve two problems at once)  :: (to kill two rabbits with one bullet) да убиеш с един куршум два заека
kilogram {n} (unit of mass equal to 1000 grams)  :: килограм {m} /kilográm/
kilometre {n} (unit of measure)  :: километър {m} /kilométǎr/
kilo-watt {n} (kilowatt) SEE: kilowatt  ::
Kim {prop} (male given name)  :: Ким {m} /Kim/
kimono {n} (traditional Japanese clothing)  :: кимоно {n} /kimono/
kin {n} (relative) SEE: relative  ::
kindergarten {n} (educational institution for young children, usually between ages 4 and 6)  :: де́тска гради́на {f}
kindred {n} (kin) SEE: kin  ::
kindred soul {n} (kindred spirit) SEE: kindred spirit  ::
kinesia {n} (motion sickness) SEE: motion sickness  ::
kinesthetics {n} (proprioception) SEE: proprioception  ::
kinetosis {n} (motion sickness) SEE: motion sickness  ::
king {n} (a male of a royal family who is the supreme ruler of his nation)  :: цар, крал
king {n} (a playing card with the image of a king in it)  :: поп {m}
king {n} (a playing piece in chess)  :: цар {m}
kingdom {n} (nation having as supreme ruler a king and/or queen)  :: кралство {n} /králstvo/
kingdom {n} (taxonomic division, below Domain and above Phylum)  :: царство {n} /cárstvo/
King Kong {prop} (a fictional giant ape)  :: Кинг Ко́нг {m}
king of beasts {n} (the lion)  :: цар на животните {m} /car na živótnite/
kiosk {n} (enclosed structure where cigarettes, magazines, etc are sold)  :: будка
kirby grip {n} (a hairgrip) SEE: hairgrip  ::
Kiribati {prop} (Republic of Kiribati)  :: Кирибати /Kiribati/
Kirov {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Киров {m} /Kírov/
Kirov {prop} (Russian surname)  :: Киров {m} /Kírov/
Kirovograd {prop} (Kirovohrad) SEE: Kirovohrad  ::
kiss {n} (touch with the lips)  :: целувка {f}
kiss {v} (to touch with the lips)  :: целу́вам {impf}, целу́на {pf}
kiss-ass {n} (someone who kisses ass) SEE: asslicker  ::
kiss me {phrase} (kiss me)  :: целуни́ ме, ба́кни ме
kiss my arse {interj} (go away) SEE: kiss my ass  ::
kiss someone's ass {v} (to flatter someone) SEE: brownnose  ::
Kiswahili {n} (Swahili) SEE: Swahili  ::
kitchen {n} (room)  :: ку́хня {f}
kitchen dresser {n} (kitchen cabinet) SEE: kitchen cabinet  ::
kitchen garden {n} (a garden used for growing fruits, vegetables for use in the kitchen) SEE: vegetable garden  ::
kitchen hood {n} (kitchen device) SEE: extractor hood  ::
kitchen sink {n} (basin) SEE: kitchen sink  ::
kitchen towel {n} (dish towel) SEE: dish towel  ::
kitchen towel {n} (sheet of kitchen paper) SEE: paper towel  ::
kite {n} (bird of prey)  :: ка́ня {f}
kite {n} (flying toy on string)  :: хвърчило {n}
kitty corner {adj} (situated diagonally across) SEE: catercorner  ::
kiwi {n} (bird)  :: киви
kiwi {n} (kiwi fruit) SEE: kiwi fruit  ::
kleptarchy {n} (kleptocracy) SEE: kleptocracy  ::
Klingon {prop} (the language)  :: клингонски {m} /klingonski/
knee {n} (blow made with the knee) SEE: kneeing  ::
knee {n} (joint in the middle of the leg and area around it)  :: коля́но {n}
kneepan {n} (kneecap) SEE: kneecap  ::
knee pit {n} (shallow depression located at the back of the knee joint) SEE: poplit  ::
knickers {n} (panties) SEE: panties  ::
knife {n} (utensil or tool designed for cutting)  :: нож {m}
knife {n}  :: нож {m}
knight {n} (chess piece)  :: кон {m} /kon/
knight {n} (person on whom a knighthood has been conferred)  :: рицар {m} /rícar/
knight {n} (warrior, especially of the Middle Ages)  :: рицар {m} /rícar/
knightlet {n} (small or petty knight) SEE: knightling  ::
Königsberg {prop} (former capital of East Prussia, see also: Kaliningrad)  :: Кьонигсберг
knit {v} (to make fabric from thread or yarn)  :: плета́
knock {v} (to rap one's knuckles against something)  :: чукам
knock down {v} (demolish) SEE: demolish  ::
knocker {n} (device for knocking on a door) SEE: doorknocker  ::
knock knock {n} (knock-knock joke) SEE: knock-knock joke  ::
knock knock joke {n} (knock-knock joke) SEE: knock-knock joke  ::
knot {n} (looping)  :: възел {m} /vǎ̀zel/
know {v} (be acquainted or familiar with)  :: зна́я {impf}
know {v} (be certain or sure about (something))  :: зна́я {impf}
know {v}  :: зная /znája/
knowledge {n} (fact of knowing about something; understanding, familiarity with information)  :: зна́ние {n}
knowledge {n} (Sexual intercourse) SEE: carnal knowledge  ::
knuckle duster {n} (weapon worn around the knuckles) SEE: brass knuckles  ::
knucks {n} (brass knuckles) SEE: brass knuckles  ::
Kočani {prop} (a city in the Republic of Macedonia)  :: Кочани {m-p} /Kóčani/
kofta {n} (meatball or meatloaf dish)  :: кюфте {n} /kjufté/
kolach {n} (kalach) SEE: kalach  ::
koliva {n} (dish of sweetened boiled wheat)  :: коливо {n}
kolkhoz {n} (farming collective)  :: колхо́з {m}
Komi {prop} (republic)  :: Коми
Komotini {prop} (city)  :: Гюмюрджина /Gjumjurdžina/, Комотини /Komotini/
Komsomol {prop} (Young Communist League in the USSR)  :: комсомо́л {m}
Komsomolsk {prop} (Komsomolsk-na-Amure, Russia)  :: Комсомолск на Амур {m} /Komsomólsk na Amúr/
Komsomolsk {prop} (Komsomolsk, towns and rural localities in Russia and Ukraine)  :: Комсомолск {m} /Komsomólsk/
Konstantinovka {prop} (Kostiantynivka) SEE: Kostiantynivka  ::
koph {n} (kaph) SEE: kaph  ::
Korea {prop} (ancient country or both Koreas as a whole)  :: Коре́я {f}
Korea {prop} (North Korea) SEE: North Korea  ::
Korea {prop} (South Korea) SEE: South Korea  ::
Korean {prop} (language)  :: коре́йски {m} [ези́к]
kosher {adj} (of food, prepared in accordance with Jewish religious practices)  :: кашер
Kosovar {adj} (Kosovan) SEE: Kosovan  ::
Kosovar {n} (Kosovan) SEE: Kosovan  ::
Kosovo {prop} (disputed region in the Balkans)  :: Косово
Kostroma {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Кострома {f} /Kostromá/
Kostyantynivka {prop} (Kostiantynivka) SEE: Kostiantynivka  ::
koumiss {n} (fermented drink)  :: кумис {m} /kumís/
kozachok {n} (dance)  :: казачок {m} /kazačók/
kph {initialism} (Kilometres per hour) SEE: km/h  ::
Krasnodar {prop} (a city in Russia)  :: Краснодар {m} /Krasnodar/
Krasnoyarsk {prop} (city)  :: Красноярск {m} /Krasnojársk/
Kratovo {prop} (a city in the Republic of Macedonia)  :: Кратово {n} /Krátovo/
Kraut {n} (derogatory: German) SEE: Fritz  ::
Kraut {n} (German) SEE: German  ::
Kŭrdzhali {prop} (town in Bulgaria)  :: Кърджали
Kremlin {prop} (the Moscow Kremlin)  :: Кремъл {m} /Krémǎl/
Kriva Palanka {prop} (a city in the Republic of Macedonia)  :: Крива паланка {f} /Kríva Palánka/
Krivoy Rog {prop} (Kryvyi Rih) SEE: Kryvyi Rih  ::
Kırklareli {prop} (city of Turkey)  :: Ло́зенград
Kruševo {prop} (a city in the Republic of Macedonia)  :: Крушово {n} /Krúšovo/
Krungthep {prop} (Bangkok) SEE: Bangkok  ::
Krung Thep {prop} (Bangkok) SEE: Bangkok  ::
krupuk {n} (prawn cracker) SEE: prawn cracker  ::
Krym {prop} (Crimea) SEE: Crimea  ::
krypton {n} (a chemical element)  :: криптон {m} /kriptón/
Kryvyi Rih {prop} (city)  :: Криво́й рог {m}
Kuban {prop} (the Kuban river)  :: Куба́н {f}
Ku Klux Klan {prop} (Ku Klux Klan)  :: Ку-клукс-клан {m} /Ku-kluks-klán/
kulak {n} (a prosperous peasant)  :: кула́к {m} /kulák/
Kumanovo {prop} (city in the Republic of Macedonia)  :: Куманово {n} /Kumánovo/
kuna {n} (currency of Croatia)  :: куна {f} /kúna/
Kunming {prop} (a prefecture-level city in southwestern China)  :: Кунми́н {m} /Kunmín/
Kurd {n} (a member of the people inhabiting Kurdistan)  :: Кюрд
Kurdish {prop} (language of Kurdistan)  :: кю́рдски
kurgan {n} (prehistoric burial mound)  :: курган {m} /kurgán/
Kurgan {prop} (city)  :: Курган {m} /Kurgán/
Kuril Islands {prop} (group of islands)  :: Курилски острови {p} /Kurílski ostrovi/
Kursk {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Курск {m} /Kursk/
Kuwait {prop} (country in the Middle East and capital city)  :: Кувейт {m} /Kuvejt/
kvass {n} (traditional Slavic drink)  :: квас {m} /kvas/
Kyoto {prop} (Kyōto, Japan)  :: Киото /Kioto/
Kyrgyzstan {prop} (Country in Central Asia)  :: Киргизста́н {m}
Kyōto {prop} (Kyoto) SEE: Kyoto  ::
Kyustendil {prop} (a town in western Bulgaria)  :: Кюстендил
Kyzyl {prop} (city in Russia)  :: Кизил {m} /Kizíl/