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Etymology 1[edit]

겄 ←

겼 →


(transliterations: RR get, RRT , McCune–Reischauer ket, Yale keyss)

  1. A Hangul syllabic block made up of , , and .

Etymology 2[edit]

Inflectional Suffix[edit]


  1. (indicating intention) will; intend
    • 집에 어요.
      Jib-e gagess-eoyo.
      [I] intend to go home.
  2. (indicating supposition) I suppose; probably
    • 비가 어요.
      Biga ogess-eoyo.
      It will probably rain.
    • 비가 벌써 어요.
      Biga beolsseo watgess-eoyo.
      I suppose it already rained.