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U+ACA0, 겠
Composition: + +
Dubeolsik input:r-p-T

Hangul Syllables



  • IPA(key): [ke̞t̚]
  • Phonetic hangeul: []
Revised Romanization? get
Revised Romanization (translit.)? gess
McCune–Reischauer? ket
Yale Romanization? keyss

Etymology 1[edit]

거 ←→ 겨



  1. A Hangul syllabic block made up of , , and .

Etymology 2[edit]

(This etymology is missing or incomplete. Please add to it, or discuss it at the Etymology scriptorium.)


—겠 (-get)

  1. (indicating intention) will; intend
    집에 가어요. 
    Jibe gagesseoyo.
    [I] intend to go home.
    그러는 게 좋군요. 
    Geureoneun ge joketgunyo.
    I think I should.
  2. (indicating supposition) I suppose; probably
    비가 오어요. 
    Biga ogesseoyo.
    It will probably rain.
    비가 벌써 왔어요. 
    Biga beolsseo watgesseoyo.
    I suppose it already rained.
    여러분 중 일부는 알고 있지만... 
    Yeoreobun jung ilbuneun algo itgetjiman...
    As some of you may know,

See also[edit]

  • 거예요 (geoyeyo) (expresses intentions, future and probability)