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binary nouns; can be preceded by "a pair of ~"

class instances non-instances (non-binary plurale tantum in italic) notes
leg/waist wear pants (ski pants, track pants, underpants), trousers, trews, jeans, bottoms (pyjama, track suit), dungarees, pyjamas, overalls, coveralls, shorts, culottes, knickers, (camiknickers,) knicks, knickerbockers, bloomers, panties, tights, hose, panty hose, plus twos, plus fours, jodhpurs, slacks, Y-fronts, jocks, combats, cords, twills, breeches, chaps, chinos, corduroys, denims, pantaloons, rompers, boxers, briefs, clam diggers, drawers, pedal pushers, Levis, CKs, Calvins, Wranglers, undies, jockeys, whites (tennis, cricket), bell bottoms, salopettes, trunks, togs, bags, galligaskins, hip-huggers, hipsters, unmentionables, stovepipes, drainpipes, leggings, long johns, skivvies, smalls, step-ins, braies, BVDs, tightie-whities, shreddies,strides, scants, gruds, duds, kegs, flares, bootlegs underwear, suit (track suit, boiler suit, jumpsuit), g-string, bikini, (bikini bottom, monokini,) leotard, (unitard,) onesie, babygro, diaper, napkin, nappy, thong, tanga, banana hammock, costume (swimming), shalwar kameez, teddy, envelope chemise with separate hole for each leg; thus skirt, loincloth are excluded
eyewear glasses (opera glasses, field glasses, sunglasses), goggles, eyephones, binoculars, spectacles, bifocals, blinkers, shades, specs, blinders, cheaters, rims (hornrims) eyewear, pince-nez, lorgnette covering both eyes; thus monocle, telescope, contact lens are excluded
hinged tools scissors, clippers, shears, pliers, forceps, secateurs, cutters (wire cutters, bolt cutters,) nippers, snips, tweezers, pincers, tongs, callipers, hames, bellows, stairs (formerly), compasses (formerly) nutcracker, jaws of life, trimmer, pruner, tea ball, twist bar, hand grip with more-or-less equal halves; thus Swiss army knife, corkscrew are excluded
earwear earmuffs, headphones headset covering both ears; thus earpiece, hearing aid are excluded
breast support stays (hist.), jumps (hist.) corset, bustier, bodice, bra, brassière
facial hair moustaches (formerly), whiskers, mustachios, sideburns, burnsides, mustachios, handlebars, muttonchops facial hair, beard, tache, moustache "pair of ~" is now optional and increasingly rare
restraints handcuffs manacles, fetters, stocks
separable, but rare in singular waterwings, leggings, training wheels, stabilizers, high heels