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English 1-grams found in Google's "English fiction (2008)" corpus, which had no Wiktionary entry (any language) plus -in' words (see notes). Sorted by number of volumes/books the word appears in between 1950 and 2008.


  • -in/in' words are a bit messed up. lookin' was in the list as lookin (due to the import process) — I've added back the final apostrophe on all words ending with -in. It's possible some words listed as ending with -in' should just end with -in. Many blue-linked -in' words are included too.
  • *gendeman = gentleman — often the letter d represents a badly OCRed tl.
  • I excluded words ending in -in or -dy from the original list because of the above issues but they're included below.
  • hundreddollar = hundred-dollar. Compound words are often unambiguously hyphenated in the original text they were scanned from.
  • littie = little; "lndian" = Indian, i's and l's and I's are often confused by OCR.
  • retuming = returning; extremelv = extremely; c0uldn't = couldn't

top 400[edit]

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another 1000[edit]

sixtyeight mildmannered foward glasstopped vehemendy illadvised backto lightskinned onethirty goodhumour threecornered litteraire indifferendy wellfed dinnerparty selfsacrificing pointment george twentyfourth redeyed ofiice navyblue twelvethirty apparentiy greatgrandson smokingroom selfeffacing merrygo lnstead identi indepth closefitting cummings greenand faster'n andout seagreen midnineteenth knowwhat brownhaired twoweek illnatured nodiing theworld tenfoot espanol selfproclaimed vou're offguard bestlooking palefaced sciencefiction honeycolored andgold anodier inhand everthing sperrit twoinch starding bering thumbsup versity fiftyeight redgold litile ernment barbedwire therel selfreliant brownskinned hersel rolledup thousan breastpocket taining illmannered wellmade hundredand andblue goingson tration stateof diough onestory tically thirtyyear libbing everbody anvthing himsell alized tirely sixtyseven sandyhaired agains selfcommand societe hadbeen nerveracking everlastin' roundfaced frontdoor selfimage picter exceptin' modernday lissen eration oftheir halffull willynilly custommade arabic desper hatever nai've alloted darkgreen andyellow alread heavyduty rosycheeked sharpedged oudook crossexamined panion wellappointed protec distinguishedlooking collec ternoon sixtytwo woogie nighdy ization shorttempered wellremembered dependin' halfdressed fromthe begining andblood somediing andsome partic doubleedged marbletopped expensivelooking oldworld illiam thecentury esting ofdoors pictur eightyseven elysium goodmorning fruidess wellrounded seventyeight betterlooking ninning fumiture blondhaired highflown greeneyed goldenbrown obediendy pening fifteenminute whatyou pincenez areyou somethink hooing hisname emselves fiftyfour wildgoose whiteknuckled softiy alltoo redblooded glassfronted hatbrim wellproportioned halfgrown isself triflin' seventythree ifthey gation beseiged clo'es highnecked jected everybody'd selfprotection leaming lodginghouse instru resdessness goahead threemonth halfturned cowdung hell're selfdetermination fairskinned conveniendy highlevel hehind crossexamine xlviii thinlipped tremely threefourths connec bottie highpriced wellmuscled hunderd southland ha'n't cluding vation nished spoilin' fourinch structed hunnerd longfingered blearyeyed countty ratding someting alltime ecause taggle doggoned tached ottered scription ninetyeight halfan teatable throught quence mosscovered twolane epoque offworld outand sixinch onepiece wellequipped curlyhaired instruc halfforgotten athome firstaid twentyseventh threefoot [[1]] allembracing pinkand anklelength illconcealed openended casdes charley bettah rassed hongry allknowing t'ings preciate guished andcoming rusding selfgovernment acknowl sionally saltand rustcolored rockingchair betwen distin' descrip cently heardess monthold onelegged halfconscious modier lowlevel alongs ciently figgerin' difiicult senores worldclass ahnost wideranging allout gentiemen nibbing halfburied theart lightbrown selfdisgust eucharist reverendy hausted opennecked onebedroom oflove eminendy membering probablv soonto hardcase halfcircle derstood withthe husban fall'n ankledeep expectandy outang rais'd halfexpected surprisin' m'sieur spodess littleknown evidentiy wormeaten turbed oddlooking cotched uppance longer'n t'night oflight doctorin' magine blackmarket sponded yankee breadand topsecret portunity twentyeighth giftwrapped crissake oneand wellorganized badlooking thoughdess twoday tioning cabron alking preceeding geysered sarvice london decendy tantly cisely nection blackbearded andbreakfast stifflegged longestablished stoudy lations jusqu'a fiftyone paleblue leathercovered twentyminute hetween clared windowframe attrac floorlength smokefilled seventyfour exgirlfriend mately seventyseven fourand rusded illgotten twothousand rightl rayther instantiy meddlin' oflicer twolegged sumthin' shortcropped eryone fortyyear empting halfremembered fiftysix lndian slowlv threeand othing soakin' presentiy icewater hottempered washedout rected plussed fifteenthcentury nauseum mentary handker casion dell'arte cepting tighty goingto greatgrandparents selfimprovement themoment whiteman dodgin' tastic assing unsetded courtmartialed westem oudined highquality doublebarreled piness hadjust trving dreamtime thomas ofthose sefiora unnerstan britde semitism garded flattopped be'ind thenown timehonoured tations gallandy gov'ment subjectmatter bigboned freshfaced wellbalanced riting wresded selfwilled startingpoint ceuvre hurryin' termined solutely whitestriped titlepage rosecoloured evervthing wellearned speare appens offand hitand includ tially breakfasttable eventempered terested walk'd eightythree setders setdes selflove fourfoot contrairy wellconnected welltended ga2ing helieve stubbom consistendy citement importandy papiermache selfexamination fourhundred zactly lsland twentv rapidfire wardly elegandy andgreen yestiddy officiallooking roughand sei2ed creamcoloured muckety perate andwater panied fessor oldstyle nouses lently floorto ofcontrol onless essary commanderin' selfportrait tective theyll undemeath stubborness peachcolored whiteand ouldn't halfcentury sugges should'a steelrimmed wouldn'ta indirecdy yellowgreen ofwork footedly wand'ring andrun twopiece pelled encour tomorrer roundshouldered wellpreserved fellowcitizens uppermiddle everwidening brudder wither'd beasdy byside semitic twouldn't hersell america thermo poindess eightytwo twentyfoot notjust halfinch wellarmed diamondshaped tworoom byfour tenthousand halftruths ognized tiously christians riggin' tected selfassertion daugher cessful diligendy silentiy fivethousand iously castie limegreen unheardof erally lacetrimmed soughtafter lnside don'tyou niners lisdess andbutter greygreen skyhigh lectric againl secondguessing pleted bull'seye woodpaneled williams andyou derned inspite licious persistendy threehour selfpitying tionally sidetable difierent ilfaut anvone blackclad whisdes countryhouse nightvision doubleparked frangais rience tomouth safedeposit ninetenths golucky selfcongratulation c'etait hesitandy stoopshouldered wresding pleasel fiftydollar northem southem coppercolored illwill eightyfour roughlooking ficult wellheeled tiiere tiredlooking wacked selfhelp opportu ketchin' serieux selfcentred didyou widespreading halfsmoked hought oliveskinned hardcases sunstreaked erable dinary bluecollar stoney beyant inadvertendy maledominated fiftyfifty theclock shewas tience selfstyled numberone crescentshaped fessional selfsupporting suddenlv xactly independendy siderable quences crimescene eightfoot whicli ofbeing shortstory anydiing worldrenowned pow'ful alittle afterhours godsake ceilin' knifeblade fleshand samesex ridicu wellmanicured difliculty nmning sunday sidedly twon't sidering highpressure worldweary hardlv ninemillimeter landingplace driedup somet'ing whitebearded tlieir rended coatsleeve could'a harvesttime allaround marster boston greatgranddaughter beween m'sieu lightiy eamest rushhour wellchosen believ harrassment twowheeled twofoot aboutface fiftynine reponse mostiy brightcolored countrv cunnin' fergot allpurpose tellyou plished uncomfort omething yellowhaired lodgin' spects implicidy inally indians underthe long've closeknit grayblue fidence cussion holloweyed illhealth man'sland tunately ltalian lating thejob stuckup tenpound evilsmelling thoughtprovoking batdefield tomorra body'd oughly theshoulder zation borhood sweettempered looksee selfseeking fiftyyear sefiorita toldyou gen'leman relendessly sponsibility togedier

bottom of the top 5000[edit]

fourteenthcentury vourself toheart altemative diflerent secondin' crissakes shippin' smardy aiting lowkey twentysixth mattre don'tknow onequarter notquite abruptiy cross'd houseparty willbe inarms ninetyseven manycoloured a'mighty would'a illtreatment demned mnning proaching straightback handme transl reflec busded alecks whiterobed deerhide pleasantlooking forgetme sciously this'n practi finallv anothers motherdaughter computergenerated redcheeked hardedged setdements letterwriting nition toknow welloiled oclock inyour twothree allseeing charlie fireglow quicklv abundandy deliverin' gettogethers anddeath blackrimmed knowit taylor never've andthirty complacendy selfdiscovery wedgeshaped withyou wailin' fellowcountrymen prov'd waistdeep havena jackin' partickler tonguelashing dryeyed quainted hardfaced heavin' whitecoated husded spoutin' fullbodied engineroom whitegloved fmally gendemanly secondbest whuppin' tshirt vanced sweetscented himselt selfhatred dustcovered concems wliich brisded lution fection anddown ofwhich mem'ry thunderin' burntout knowyou crystalclear breakfastroom goodfellowship michael selfdestruct vealed sergeantmajor thirdclass cafetiere gouted returnin' spiritualised sixtynine uation pecting cision dwellingplace hushhush else'd newspa toughlooking erence trimmin' ecriture isjust threebedroom diff'rent lifesupport tatooed wresde selfworth disgustin' tassles oflicers oflicial mumbojumbo thorndike bedand mysell hecome steerin' selfcontempt welltailored anudder fineboned intothe funnylooking fullthroated andtumble gunnin' thirdrate sharpeyed incher thefirst halfdrunk donnee loafin' doan't winkin' unpleasandy twentyninth peaceloving belore coachhouse lthough eightyeight starshaped simplv hundredthousand handlettered lndeed porary ciously dayold companero josded lowvoiced fellowcreature hubble coneshaped hangerson tfulness wellcut behindthe ltalia oftime seventynine noddin' peekin' magnificendy shirtsleeved erhaps overwarm inkstained largerthan knittin' cerning knicknacks sideby introd prettv weddingday quartermile lightblue rockstrewn evervone sperrits partin' lisdessly olivegreen tiieir ninetythree allpervading theenk redbearded o'clocks partibus wantto devilmay smashin' theywere firsttime choosin' selfjustification fourstory selfdelusion annees ditions giltedged likelv birthin' cheerin' pearlhandled perienced lowerclass hotfooting serv'd eastem thrashin' fiddlin' oudines mittee taxidriver fession troisieme emeraldgreen tainty idence liness shocky hitchin' blueveined serted pattems ofwater fmgers intemational tleman bloodspattered madder'n oncommon thirdperson chanst outloud senger lirtle tection skinnin' wellrespected themill twoseater eighthour scended illdefined halffrozen roastin' pleasin' guvnor manycolored illequipped hushand prancin' rightside orother massproduced hungup pitchdark toofamiliar subdety thewall darlint cannisters billiardroom ination thirtysecond shorely pifion endedness pantomine fected feelins sarved princi pocketmoney stringin' lastditch traflic nightwatch y'self mentionin' forseen silvergray bootsteps snubby tiently pinkcheeked havebeen tearfilled worlders pu2zled grazin' turkish ardendy ishment encoun trappin' mumblin' hasbeen onetwo howe'er knowthat tionary friday christmas p'ints squealin' strawcolored seventysix ninetytwo druginduced philoso ferget perfor ofthese danglin' browneyed lillies entertainin' slammin' ooking you'da dippin' irongray roundthe homerun drivethrough crosspurposes secondguess firstname steamin' truckin' halfcrown glassenclosed vellow doubledealing servingman langorous hundredfoot thinkyou temptin' quonset cordin' awaitin' secondgeneration illused selfemployed onewoman pour'd nickelplated teresting nowfamiliar j'avais companeros biddin' amiliar repeatin' possiblity swarmin' fullsized onetenth pensees stringbean formance cutbank peepin' leakin' historv vinylcovered anyting nearlv northsouth priate thousandyear shew'd j'aime thirtv kneebreeches garding 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starryeyed tightiy twelvehour whiteskinned welloff indepen ularly cident embarrassin' referrin' preceeded etemal gargon riends hammerin' bigcity beleagured ordinarylooking centurv revolu wittles litteraires incharge intendin' rolypoly fourletter halfcaste oftimes comfortin' consciencestricken cattie thatthe illhumour increas doubletake wellrehearsed b'fore trespassin' jiggery meanlooking lightcoloured sembled happygo pokery fmished littlegirl chanct earthern doublebarrelled morethan midmoming auburnhaired sixtyone onehorse champetre steadfasdy maining televison passengerside turing songed flatout honestto hecame yisterday illing iround wickedlooking twoman explicidy bornagain' sewingmachine seventyone afeerd certainlv martials airraid turbolift sawedoff cealed gen'lemen must'a goosepimples batterypowered wellmaintained iction efficiendy curlyheaded unlookedfor andmouse crossexamining tarily footin' ranning gallivantin' chocolatecovered togeth selfmockery enthusi sharppointed 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