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board +‎ -er



boarder (plural boarders)

  1. A pupil who lives at school during term time.
    The student body consisted primarily of boarders, except for a few children belonging to the school staff.
  2. Someone who pays for meals and lodging in a house rather than a hotel.
    When I left for college, my parents took on a boarder in my old room to help defray expenses.
  3. One who boards a vehicle.
    • 2013, Douglas Meriwether, The Dao of Doug:
      I have found holding all doors open solves much of this problem, as late boarders can enter the rear and tag in rather than wait the time it takes to get to the front, particularly if the bus shelter or some other obstacle hinders vision and boarding.
  4. (nautical) A sailor attacking an enemy ship by boarding her, or one repelling such attempts by an enemy.
    The captain shouted at the crew to grab arms and repel boarders.
  5. Someone who takes part in a boardsport, such as surfing or snowboarding.
    A group of boarders swept past us as we climbed the side of the ski run.

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