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From Old Galician-Portuguese receber, from Latin recipere (to receive; to take back), from re- + capiō (to take).



  • Hyphenation: re‧ce‧ber


receber (first-person singular present recebo, first-person singular preterite recebi, past participle recebido)

  1. to get; to receive
    Synonyms: ganhar, obter
    Antonyms: dar, entregar
    • 1984, “Dar e Receber”, in Dar & Receber, performed by António Variações:
      Dar e receber / Devia ser a nossa forma de viver
      (please add an English translation of this quote)
  2. to collect or receive payment
    Synonym: recolher
    Antonym: pagar
  3. to receive (to act as a host for guests)
    Synonyms: acolher, hospedar, recepcionar
  4. to be hit by something
    Synonyms: levar, tomar
    Eu receberia uma bolada no rosto se ficasse lá.
    I would be hit in the face by a ball if I stayed there.
    O João recebeu uma facada.
    John was stabbed.
    (literally, “John was hit by a knife”)
  5. (telecommunications) to receive (to detect a signal from a transmitter)


Related terms[edit]