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Etymology 1[edit]


겔 ←

곌 →


(transliterations: RR gyeol, RRT , McCune–Reischauer kyŏl, Yale kyel)

  1. A Hangul syllabic block made up of , , and .

Etymology 2[edit]

Of native Korean origin.



  1. layer, ply, texture (as of textile, wood, annual ring, wave, breath, temperament, etc.)
  2. verge, vicinity, chance, opportunity, moment (as of wind, sleep, dream, etc.)
    • 바람에 피리 소리가 들렸다. (baram-gyeor-e piri sori-ga deullyeossda.) I heard a flute sound riding on the wind.
    • 에 누가 우는 소리를 들었다. (jam-gyeor-e nu-ga uneun sori-reul deurEossda.) While sleeping, I heard someone crying.
    • 어느에 한 달이 지났다. (eoneu-gyeor-e han dar-i jinassda.) A month has passed unknowingly.
  3. (obsolete) wave
  4. (for short) winter
  5. (結):


Derived terms[edit]

layer, ply, texture
verge, duration, moment

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