Appendix:Australian English terms for body parts

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  • arse – as elsewhere in English, slang for buttocks (sometimes also the anus). American English spelling of ass is also in use.
  • bot – either the buttocks (an abbreviation of bottom), or to ask for an object (without any obligation to return), as in "can I bot a cigarette?". (Compare bum.)
  • bum – shares both meanings of bot (see above). Can also mean someone who is lazy.
    • to be lazy or unproductive, similar to bludge ("I bummed around home all day"). "A bum" is usually a lazy, unproductive and often cheap person (commonly used in the term "uni bum", i.e. a university student). Not usually a homeless person, as in the North American usage of bum, but the term "homeless bum" is gaining popularity.
  • cans - breasts
  • choppers - teeth
  • clacker - anus (from Latin cloaca meaning sewer). Also the single orifice of birds and monotremes (platypus and echidna) used both for reproduction and for the elimination of body wastes.
  • cock - penis. Can also be used as an insult "He's a cock". Also cock-head.
  • date - anus: popularised by comedians Roy and H.G. Date-roll can be substituted for toilet paper
  • dial - the face
  • donger or donga – penis
  • doodle - penis
  • fanny – vagina (same meaning as in British English), unlike North America, where it means buttocks. (The item known to Americans as a "fanny pack" is a "bum bag" in Australia).
  • family jewels - testicles
  • wedding tackle - penis
  • junk - penis and scrotum
  • freckle - anus
  • headlights - women's nipples (generally when erect). The term high beam is sometimes used.. e.g her headlights are on high beam
  • jugs – breasts
  • knockers – breasts
  • laughin' gear - mouth
  • mappa Tassie - a woman's pubic area; from "map of Tasmania"
  • moot – a vagina (rhymes with foot)
  • muffin-tops - hips
  • norks – breasts
  • nuts - testicles
  • old fella - penis
  • pie-hole - mouth
  • snag - penis
  • snoz - nose
  • schlong - penis
  • ticker - the heart
  • tool – penis; also used as a general insult e.g. Mate, you're a tool.
  • tuck-shop lady arms - flabby arms, usually found on elderly woman
  • wad - a vagina
  • wang – a male's member or genitalia
  • willy – penis
  • Boomer - penis

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