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Hello. I joined Wiktionary on 1 January, 2006. My first edit was at 23:33 on the entry for softly. I am currently quite active at Wikisource on the WikiProject for the Diary of Samuel Pepys. I will probably not be able to contribute much until this is complete, but I hope to afterward. Feel free to edit my user page if you think you can make it nicer, but please don't vandalize. Leave any messages at my talk page or e-mail me.

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Obsessions, Analities, and What I Do[edit]

Anality - Something about which one is anal
These are some of the things that bother me, the things I love doing, and what I do even if I don't love it.

  • Categories for nouns, adjectives, verbs, etc.
  • Inter-wiki links (e.g. to the French Wiktionary)
  • Redirects for entries with accents
  • Foreign language entries
  • Pronunciation
  • Entry format

My Username[edit]

I chose Think Fast as my username because after just over one hour of trying to think of a username (and doing nothing else) I still didn't have any good ideas. "Think Fast" reminds me to make decisions without wasting time. It is not like I am trying to tell others that I am sneaky and you had better think fast or else you'll get hit in the face with a cream pie:) It's nothing like that.


Book List[edit]

On my talk page I have a "book list" of books that other Wiktionarians have suggested. If you want to, please suggest a book by clicking here. Thank you very much. I think it will be fun to see what a range of suggestions I get.

What I Am Currently Reading[edit]

1. Title: The Inner Game of Tennis
Author: Timothy Gallwey
2. Title: The Chip
Author: T.R. Reid
3. Title: The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking
Author: Dale Carnegie

Links for Myself[edit]

Cool Stuff[edit]

For People Interested in Languages[edit]

The days of the week in many, many languages

For People Interested in Numbers[edit]

The names of many numbers (the large ones are most interesting)

Entries I Started[edit]

Entries I Have Contributed To[edit]

Yes. I know the heading ends in a preposition.