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Characters with total 2 strokes[edit]

Radical 一[edit]

, , , , , , 𠀀, 𠀁, 𠀂, 𫠠

Radical 丨[edit]

, 𠁡, 𠁢

Radical 丶[edit]

, 𪜊

Radical 丿[edit]

, , , , 𠂆, 𠂇, 𠂈, 𠂉, 𠂊

Radical 乙[edit]

, , , 𠃏, 𠃐

Radical 亅[edit]

, 𠄍, 𠄎, 𠄏, 𠄐

Radical 二[edit]

, 𠄞, 𠄟, 𠄠

Radical 亠[edit]

Radical 人[edit]

, , 𠆢

Radical 儿[edit]

Radical 入[edit]

Radical 八[edit]

Radical 冂[edit]

Radical 冖[edit]

Radical 冫[edit]

Radical 几[edit]

, 𠘧, 𠘨

Radical 凵[edit]

, 𠙴

Radical 刀[edit]

, , , 𠚣

Radical 力[edit]

Radical 勹[edit]

Radical 匕[edit]

, 𠤎

Radical 匚[edit]

, 𠤬

Radical 匸[edit]

Radical 十[edit]

Radical 卜[edit]

Radical 卩[edit]

Radical 厂[edit]

Radical 厶[edit]

Radical 又[edit]

Radical 巛[edit]

Radical 廴[edit]

Radical 木[edit]


Radical 讠[edit]

Radical 邑[edit]


Radical 阜[edit]

, 𨸏