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 m (invariable)

  1. The Latvian name of the Latin script letter Ļ/ļ.

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Etymology 1[edit]

Apparently borrowed from Latvian elle. Ultimately from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German. See etymology at Latvian elle.


  1. hell
Usage notes[edit]

This word in one instance is indicated as meaning "oil" (in the compound "almond oil") and with a different inflectional type (with "grade shift" – lengthening of the stem consonant different from inflection of the "hell" sense as shown above.) However, eļļõ of the "sieldõ" type seems to be a much more prevalent word to refer to oil.


Etymology 2[edit]

See eļļõ.


  1. 1st person singular negative form of eļļõ
  2. 2nd person singular negative form of eļļõ
  3. 3rd person singular negative form of eļļõ
  4. 2nd person singular imperative form of eļļõ